Fun Finds at the Thrift Store for American Girl

The first thing I’m going to show you is miss Marisol I bought her secondhand from a young girl who was no longer playing with her dolls And she wanted to sell them to get money to travel to France And as you can see your hair is a little frizzy a little dry. I’m gonna try maybe the hot water treatment on her But otherwise, she’s pretty good. She’s got a little mark on her face if you can see that Her limbs are Pretty loose so I don’t know if I can Fix that. I’ve never done that before, but I’m gonna sure try but we were glad to get her but When we went to our thrift shop yesterday we lucked out and found a whole slew of Our generation and my life items that we didn’t have and this is the first thing we found is The salon chair and it’s in pretty good shape It was $2.99 and We liked the colors a lot And we grabbed that and when I saw that it was in a buggy. They hadn’t even put it out yet and when I snatched it up and then I was talking to another lady that works there and when I did Someone else brought out a cart that had these sticking up and I recognized them from the my life set And I grabbed him and as I grabbed those other things began to kind of be underneath a whole bunch of other random stuff So I got excited and we started digging and my daughter just went crazy and was squealing and we were throwing things in our cart This was fifty nine cents that was in there These were 79 cents each But we grabbed the helmet too and they had this for 39 cents And then We solve this here, and this was 99 cents and inside Has some up the school Adams, I don’t think it’s all of them but we got The little math notebook It looks like the painting set I Know the paintbrush is in here The crayon box we were only able to find one of the crayons Here is the paintbrush Oh an eraser I didn’t even realize that was in there and the pencil There is the crayon and then it looks like the ruler really cute And the last thing I see is a Little phone I Thought that was great for 99 cents. So I love that And then I grabbed the crutches they were 59 cents. So why not? The dryer help we couldn’t find the washer they just had the dryer So now I’m gonna be on a search for the washer, but it was a dollar 99 But this was also in the basket 29 cents, so they kind of had it all surprised separately. Just Here was 29 cents campers guide We found a guitar for 59 cents And the locker It’s in okay condition. I think that it’s a little beat up. It was a dollar ninety-nine. There was something here I tried to scrape off but overall it’s in decent condition And it had one of the shelves in it. I guess something’s missing here Maybe the mirror you could probably comment and tell me what’s missing and it’s got some stuff in the back. You can see a calendar multiplication table and report card, so And then this was also $0.99 and this goes I guess with the salon chair and hit mark $0.99 and There were some items in a bag They had March for $2.99, so I had a whole bunch of different stuff first off we had some kitchen stuff so we had a colander and a kitchen scale We had two oven mitts now, I don’t know this one is red And this one is like a hot pink so I’m not sure why that is Also had these I think these are super cute. This is something that went with the laundry dryer sheets and liquid detergent Also have more kitchen stuff we had Like a pan and then the lid that goes with it and this one matches in a mixing bowl It’s like it matched as well as a skillet and a spatula One just one random hot chocolate I Think this is a syrup and this is a pear that was in there So here are some of the items from the Hair Care salon kit and we have the Hairspray and Then we have the brunette color and the blonde. I don’t know if that’s perfume and Shampoo, and it’s like a squirt maybe a lotion I have the curl iron the flattener and the hairdryer And there were just two curlers and this one is broken. So he can’t use that air Kerr thing and then we had a Dumbbell, then I think might have gone with one of the outfits This was in there, which I think goes with the backpack So I think it’s really cute like the little lunch bottles and then I would guess that this goes with the campers god It’s a little camera And that was it for in the bag and they had a marked 39 cents, so there’s that And then here’s the other set that was awesome also 39 cents a Little outfit they had marked women since it doesn’t really go together. It’s just the shirt Which might be all our generation it doesn’t stay on the tag and then these pink Fun fringe boots, which obviously doesn’t go with that shirt and then she brought out something while I was standing there talking to her digging through that like a crazy person and We got super excited and I’ll show you that next so here is item that One of the ladies that works there brought out because she saw me going through All right, we’re gonna have to move Marisol here She saw me going through all the stuff and she said this was marked as Salvage Because it had gotten wet and it was filthy. I Had to clean this up So it has been cleaned up since then But she brought it out and it had some things that looked broken and it was just kind of thrown in there But now it’s all organized and cleaned These pieces were in there and I recognized them from being a part of the The kit and they were broken apart So I thought well does surely aren’t broken and they weren’t they can be us just snapped him back in So there’s the ironing board and then it had the drying rack that you’ve probably seen all before And then it had all of these items here so It had boots in here And I don’t even know if I had the outfit that goes with You have to let me know if I do you because I’m not sure. Um, unfortunately there was just one of the riding boots But there is the cast it was also in two pieces So I guess I thought it was broken just and then these soccer cleats but I think are really cute – ballet slippers, no ballet outfit though and Then the to gymnastics shoes, so I had all of those. I’m just kind of tossed in there some of the random things so here is Another thing that was lifted Thrown in here that we had the flowerpot. It’s missing some of the flowers back and fix that like super easy with the mother and it had the trophy that I guess goes with the horses stuff a Swimsuit. It’s kind of cute little swimsuit and It had a pair of purple socks, which I’m pretty sure Go with this and the soccer cleats so I’ve got the complete outfit on that except for one What I’m assuming is the knee pad just had one This was actually tied on to the bow here So that’s kind of random two pairs of underwear a scarf And the brush for the horse For the marshmallows on a stick and I guess to make s’mores so that must go with the camping And this was one American Girl This is the only American Girl brand on my phone and I didn’t I don’t know if I had any pants or anything that went with it, but I found that and then that’s cute little set of PJ’s This must be just some off-brand because I’m not sure I’ve seen that this little shirt with the butterfly and the Purple leggings, which I’m not even sure they go together our generation. It’s a little hoodie and then it had some blue jean capris That I need to trim off the strings a little forum. So dress with the fur This is I guess the gymnastic up I’m assuming they’re wind pants that are missing but it has a little t-shirt that goes with it and the gymnastics leotard So, oh really cute. I think this was a horse riding this jacket I’m assuming this one with it a Little dance workout outfit So it’s got the little leggings a tank top that’s separate And then the little hooded sleeveless hood top so super cute But I did see the hangers and I said well how much she says well it was gonna go in Salvage so forty-nine cents and hums like Dill and so what was our total for everything? That we got at the thrift shop not including our doll that we bought from a friend but all our accessories we got for less than $18 and daughter was super happy and excited and Mom was happy because we scored a good deal if you enjoyed this video we have more on our channel that are similar to this and link below we has rooms that we like to design with all of our Deals and stills that we get when we route clearance shopping and 15 for American Girl Thanks for watching. And then I give this is sow

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