Future Surf Pro

Future Surf Pro

– No, don’t hit me! No, no! You got me! – We’re starting the day
off with delicious crepes, and we’re gonna have the best day ever. – Wanna try a bite? (baby cries) Oh it’s so yummy! – Adley does not want to try my crepes. (crying) – Okay, I’m gonna eat it. It’s yummy. – [Jenny] Are you eating crepes? – Get another bite – [Jenny] Good job. – Here get a bite. – [Jenny] Show the vlog! – Good job, get a bite. – [Jenny] Good job! (upbeat music) – [Shaun] We got all the toys today, Jenny’s got her board. Where’s your skateboard Cullen? You got a skateboard?
Jump on it, let’s see it! Dun nun nun nun Yeah! We’re gonna do some surfing, we’re gonna build some sandcastles, Are you gonna build a sandcastle Adley? Do you even know what a sandcastle is? Yeah, Adley’s having fun (laughs) but he’s got a boat out there so we might do some boat laps. Solid day at the lake, let’s go. Oh are you guys throwing rocks? Throw it! Yeah! And we’re throwing rocks. And we got a skim board, I just tried it, I think the water’s a
little deep but that’s okay, we’re just gonna give it a shot. – Can I try? – Can I try? – Yeah. You guys wanna try? Whoa! Right there, you ready? – Yup – Three, two, one, go! Yeah! Nice job dude, surfin’. Three, two, one, go! Whoa! Yeah look how far it went! Go get it! Oh they’re gonna get it
okay, you just play with mud. Should we build a sandcastle Adley? I’ll help you build the castle. Castle. Yeah. Good job, hey watch. Watch, watch, watch. That’s not a very good sandcastle, huh? Alright watch how far Nixon goes. Three, two, one! Yeah! Yeah! (laughs) I tried Whoa! Here we go, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! No, don’t get me! You’re gonna get me? No! No, oh! You got me. Adley I’m gonna get you. [Jenny] Bye Holidays. Hey! Don’t beat my baby. (laughs) – [Shaun] Can you blow bubbles? One, two, three. Oh good job! – One, two, three. – [Shaun] Hey, you’re falling! – [Jenny] I got you. – [Shaun] Yeah you’re stuck? Go like this. Bye mom, say bye. – Wait, I brought that tube out. He stole my tube. – [Shaun] Drop the ball baby. Ruby, where’s the ball? Oh good, do you wanna throw it? (laughs) – Okay, my turn! Okay Adley, watch, watch. Whoa! Go Ruby! So this is another one
of the lots on the lake. They didn’t build a house,
they just landscaped it so it’s a chill place
to hang with the family. Whoa are those bubbles? – Yeah, big ones! – Wow! It’s pretty. – Look at me Adley. – Okay, never mind. – Good job, you did good. – She sat on a horse. But she didn’t want the
horse to move, huh? Nope. Okay, pet the horse. Are you petting him? Good job! Do you want to go horseback riding? No? You just wanna pet him? Are you climbing a ladder? You can do it, you’re a good girl. You can do it, here, I’ll hold your bum. Wow, you’re so brave. Oh good job! Whoa! This place is beautiful. Guys,
I’ve always wanted a horse. Let’s convince Shaun to get me a horse. You got it! You made it, good job! Watch your head! Watch your head! Woo good job! (sings) Happy birthday to you! Yay! (Shaun makes boat engine noises) – Look who’s here! Whoa! And it sunk (laughs) – Adley’s new toy she
got for her birthday, she hasn’t even played in
the bathtub with him yet. Adley’s had a long day of
swimming and horses and animals, now she’s getting a bath,
and we’re gonna chill out, watch a family movie, and call it a night. But, the video isn’t over,
I have one more big surprise for the very end. It’s your birthday and you’re
gonna make it on the vlog, what kind of shake did you go for? – I got German chocolate. – German Chocolate. Well hey, happy birthday
bro. Have a good one. We’ve got shakes and food and Sam and Samanico’s here. What are you guys doing? – Well, myself, my wife Sara, and Brandon, we’re all going up to
Idaho to see the eclipse and we figured the best
place to stop along the way is right here, just
north of Salt Lake City. – Aw yeah! We’re gonna be hanging
in the space station later Yeah, hot date. Are you ready? Welcome to town boys! That was a pretty good round. Oh shoot, someone’s there, I
think I just got knocked down. I’m just down here, – [Sam] Are you gonna
be able to climb this? Are you stuck? Just commit, commit. There you go. – Holy. Mad stuff is happening over that bridge. – You do not want any part of that. I don’t – Is that a guy right there? Just lying on the rock, dude? – 3 people left. – I see one of them. – Oh, straight up the hill there. He’s running towards that tree, see that up there? (gunshots) – Oh no, Ugh! – Surprise! Right behind you man. I didn’t think there was
anyone behind me, ugh (techno music) (dog barking)

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  1. Add ly. You are a good girl and you can do. A. Flip. And I can't. I. Wish you could live with me cuz you are so cute and adorable love khloe

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  7. Aww adore you guys are so good mom and dad he heee and today is my brother birthday ๐ŸŽ heโ€™s 6 now !

  8. I love you donโ€™t go swimming today but Iโ€™ll be careful I probably donโ€™t want to be dangerous there again sometimes can you probably will get hurt Iโ€™m trying to make your kid

  9. Jenny my mom told me when she was little she slept with the ๐Ÿด ๐ŸŽ I didnโ€™t really like the idea but I do you like horses she slept with the horse

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