GAL GADOT’S first REACTION to her ACTION FIGURE and freezing her ass off being WONDER WOMAN

GAL GADOT’S first REACTION to her ACTION FIGURE and freezing her ass off being WONDER WOMAN

[Music] Gal Gadot: I’m good, how are you?
Kjersti Flaa: Nice to see you again. Gadot: Good to see you, too.
Flaa: I met you for, um… Gadot: “Keeping Up with the Joneses,” maybe?
Flaa: Yes! Gadot: Wow, I’m SHOCKED I remember that. Flaa: And the thing is, when we met then,
you were like, “I met you before.” And then I was like,
when did I meet you before? And it was for like, ‘Fast and Furious,’
like a LONG time ago. Gadot: Wow. So, see, you have —
Flaa: You must have a really… super brain — Gadot: No, I don’t! That’s why I’m like,
“Ooh! How could that be?” Not at all. I have the worst memory.
I’m like a fish. Especially with people.
I can remember faces, but I will never… It’s just, you know,
you have a lot of presence. Flaa: And I think I saw in the bathroom
at the Golden Globes. Were you there? Gadot: Yeah.
Flaa: Okay. Gadot: [Laughs]
You see? And that I didn’t remember. It was out of context.
That’s probably why. Flaa: How are you?
Are you feeling okay? Gadot: I threw my back out,
but I’m good. Flaa: Jesus.
Gadot: Ehh. What can you do? Flaa: No more corset, then. Gadot: No more horseback riding…? Flaa: Cor– No, corsets. Gadot: Oh, no more corsets. Yeah, but I didn’t —
I think it’s from the pregnancy. Flaa: Oh. Gadot: You know? And then I just did one movement
that wasn’t good, like, two days ago, and then — [snaps] Flaa: Oh, two days ago.
Gadot: Yeah. Oh no, it’s fresh. Flaa: Bad timing. Oh. Anyway, so, we have to talk about your action figure. ‘Cause I just saw it out there, like this little — How — What does that make you feel like?
When you see that the first time, you’re like… Gadot: Weird. I think that I’m like, “Oh, wow,”
but then I don’t really understand that it’s me there. You know what I mean? I have
this buffer zone between seeing that it’s me and really get that
this is my figure over there. So it’s good. So I don’t pay too much attention to it.
I just think it’s cute and I move on. Flaa: How are you, kind of like — I mean, there’s such a big fanbase
out there for these kinds of movies. Gadot: Right. Flaa: Has it kind of sunk in yet,
what you’re about to — do? Gadot: Nope. Do, or like, experience? Flaa: Yeah, when it’s coming out, you know.
How crazy people are gonna be about this. Gadot: Yeah. I have no idea. I just —
you know, I’m just gonna play it by ear. And, uh, go with the flow… I don’t think this is something
that you can actually get ready for. You know, I’m used to paparazzi, and I’m used
to having people wanting, taking pictures with me, but I think that once the movie is out, you know, and knowing how much
people care so much for this character, it’s gonna be more… more intense, but it’s nothing that I can’t,
you know, get myself ready for. Flaa: We have to talk a little more
about what you’re wearing in it. Gadot: Okay. Flaa: I mean, that outfit
looks so painful. Was it? [Laughs] Gadot: It was actually not– not bad at all. It was very adjust– It was uncomfortable
when I was shooting ‘Batman vs. Superman,’ but I was hardly wearing the costume.
I wore it maybe for ten days of shooting. In this one, you know, we were shooting the movie
for six months, six days a week. So it was every day, almost. Um, so it was adjusted to my actual size, and it was from different– I had seven different,
um, costumes, from seven different, uh, fabrics, so — and seven different weights. So it was, it was really
not that bad. It was just cold. The problem was that it was cold and
we were shooting in the winter. In London. Which was kind of challenging, but we did it. Flaa: But your physicality, too,
is amazing, and — Gadot: Thank you. Flaa: I mean, you look so strong. Gadot: Thank you. I — I — Flaa: Have you always been so strong?
‘Cause I’ve read that you’ve been in the military — Gadot: Yeah, I’ve been in the military,
but I was never a fighter, or anything like that. But I think that you can’t fake power.
And you can’t fake strength. Especially in such a character, that it’s all about
her being the greatest warrior of all times. And I was very lucky to be working with people
who are super talented and knowledgeable about body and how to make the body strong,
and “all-mighty,” almost. Um, and it’s great. That’s part of my job,
is that I need to be in a great shape. Uh, so as exhausting as it was, I’m the type of person
who always tries to look at the half-full glass, and eventually I enjoyed it. And, I loved it. Flaa: So what do you think, now, for girls all over
the world. They’re gonna have, like, a new role model. Gadot: Mm-hmm. Flaa: What does that — What do you think they will
expect of the role model? What did you put into her? Gadot: I wanted her to be,
um… relatable… uh, ’cause at the end of the day,
she, she’s a goddess. None of us is a goddess.
Although you look like a goddess. Flaa: [laughing]
I was just going to say that. Gadot: But, uh, but we’re not. Uh, and for me, it was
really important to show her flaws. And that she’s not perfect,
and she has her moments as well. So she’s the strongest warrior ever, but
at the same time, she can be naive. And confused. But confident. But vulnerable. And confused. You know, all different sides.
She’s multi-faced. Just like we are. ‘Cause we’re not always in control.
And we’re not always in our element. Um, and I think that that’s what makes
this character so relatable, and also interesting. Because she is — she’s not perfect. And it’s okay. Flaa: Well, thank you so much. Gadot: That’s it?
Flaa: It was so good to see you again. Gadot: Thank you so much.
Flaa: I hope your back feels better. Gadot: It will be. Just rest. It will be in like two months, or so… Flaa: Hi there, thanks for watching my interview.
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    I enjoyed the movie and think she is the right choice..such a charismatic woman.

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  8. I like how some people were like "They should have picked a minority to play Wonder Woman," and I'm like, uh… Israeli? Grandparents survived holocaust?

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  18. Very nice interview. Subscribed. I thought your question about Wonder Woman being a role model a very interesting one. Gal chose to emphasize the "relatable" aspects of her character not being "perfect", but I find it more interesting to think about how Diana and Steve modeled a beautiful relationship between a man and a woman, based on equality and mutual respect. It is true that on several occasions Steve tried to "protect" Diana, but he didn't yet understand her true capabilities. Once he understood, he didn't try to talk her out of doing what needed to be done, like when they had made it through "No Man's Land" and she said, "I'll go ahead", and he didn't argue with her. He had learned that she was the most capable one to withstand the enemy fire and was the logical choice to go first. At the end when she tried to protect him, saying, "Steve, let me do it", he knew that they each had a job to do; he couldn't do her job, and she couldn't do his. While their respective roles in the story were very different, I find the mutuality they modeled in their relationship to be one of the most amazing and important aspects of the film. They provided role models which both young girls and boys can learn from and aspire to, not because everyone has to be the same, but because within the context of a relationship of equality and mutual respect, each person is free to be themselves and to fully embrace the power of their own uniqueness. I found their relationship to be amazing and profound.

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