Game of Thrones Season 6: Anatomy of A Scene: The Battle of Winterfell (HBO)

Game of Thrones Season 6: Anatomy of A Scene: The Battle of Winterfell (HBO)

episode nine, we knew that it was gonna have
to operate on a scalethat we never operated before.DAVID:We had a number
of night time battles,
we had a number of sieges
but this is the first pitched battle, or at least the
first large pitched battle.And so, something different
for us.
All of it is action with almost
no dialogue and lots of horsesand many extras
and the giants…
The amount of supporting artists
and the size of the crew, how many cameras they got going. IWAN:The magnitude of all
the sets and everything,
it’s unbelievable.It was hard,
it was a long, long slog. DAVID:Luckily we got
Miguel Sapochnik back
who is our meister from
Heart home in Season five.
That was basically a massacre. D.B:This is a battle,
this is the story of a battle.
We never done that before.They really wanted to kind of
get into the mindset of what it would be like to be in
a battle like that. KIT: It was fluid all the way
through. It morphed, it changedbut the most important thing
all the way through is…
it can’t just be a battle.
If it’s just a battle…
the audience don’t
have stakes in it, you know?
KIT:You have to be
following someone
so we decide to follow to Jon.♪ (ENTICING MUSIC) ♪ Ramsay… weapon all the way through
is antagonizing people. -(BLADE RESONATES)
-KIT:Drawing them into a trap,and Jon completely falls for it.D.B:He doesn’t account
for Ramsay’s…
…gift sets– psychological
manipulation, which Sansa warns him about! He’s kind of thought, ah,
this guy gonna do some stupid and honorable…
because he’s not gonna be ableto control himself,
so I’ll shoot his brother with
a bow and arrow.KIT:There’s no way
he can’t gallop towards
his brother, who is–
been shot up with arrows
and try and save him.So he falls into that trap. But he’s–
waited until Jon Snow……is within archers range.So that they can start shooting
him immediately.
KIT:He seen his brother
been killed,
so he falls into the next trapgalloping towards Ramsay.Yah! Yah! Every step of the way he does
exactly what he wants him to do. Yah! -(HORSE TRIPS)
-(NEIGHING) ♪ (DRAMATIC MUSIC) ♪ Probably one of my favorite
shot of the whole season is… DAVID:when we’re behind
Jon Snow and he sees that…
Calvary wall galloping towards
and part of the reason
it’s such a great shot, is that it’s all real. (BLADE RESONATES) DAVID:That’s 40 horses charging
full speed at Kit Harington.
Until the last minute, I stood
there facing off against thisCalvary charge, which is really
KIT:We’re a bit annoyedcause we think everyone
is gonna think it was CGI…
…and it wasn’t.Camilla, our horse mistress
kept asking every year, DAVID:she say,
“Give me some more stuff to do.
Like, this year was boring
it’s just people trotting
from here to there
on their horses.”
So finally we gave her enough
to do. I remember the outline, I went,
“Wow, ok, this is adventurous, how are we gonna deal
with this?” MAN: (YELLS) Charge! (INDISTINT CHATTER) CAMILLA:It’s the biggest amount
of horse requirement,
I ever had onGames of Thrones.We flew over in May to kind of
start discussing
How are we gonna prep it, CAMILLA:well, how many horses
we’re gonna use.
We decided on 80 in the end.
So when we first see both armies
we’ll use 80 on the Stark side
and let me see,
80 on the Boltons, so we’re using the maximum. CAMILLA:Then when we start
the clash,
we’ll split it in half.KIT:When we had horses charging
pass me,
those were all real horses. CAMILLA:I obviously worked
really closely with Rowley
putting it all together.And we make channels,
so it looks like
they’re clashing but they’re not
the horses are actually
just passing through,
you know… …like two foot channels
so that they could clear out. ROWLEY:We are gonna to make
that look as close as possible
to a collision without actually
colliding the horses. ROWLEY:So in very tight
we’ll have those guys crossand they’ll pull the horses
as they cross through.
We’re falling them onto a very
thick falling bed,so we don’t injure the horses
or injure the guys.
Um, but we’re gonna try to make
that something
that’s not really been done
before. -DIRECTOR: (YELLS) Action!
to feel crowded
and mayhem and like, you know…anything can happen any time.But I really don’t want anything
to happen any time,
I want what we planned
to happened, and it looked really cool and let’s not hurt anybody. -(HORSEMEN YELLING)
-(YELLING) To get across the field
and follow the horses,the speed at which the moving
move really, really fast.MIGUEL:You need a special rig
and the rushing arm is such
a fun machine……to work with cause its gives
you such dynamic shots.
a camera tracking vehicle, it’s a remote control arm. FABIAN:That sits on
a Land Rover in our case.
“The Battle of the Bastards”, we had a number of tracking
vehicles, one of which was……the vampire bat
with the rushing arm on it.
On a muddy slippery field
over about five or six hundredyards of very fast horses that
was the vehicle to chase them
properly, and get the results
we wanted.
SEAN:It worked very well.The results were amazing. (INDISTINT DIALOGUE) JON:
Go! Go! Fellow your commander!
(WARRIORS YELLING AND SCREAMING) You’ve got two giant armies that
are opposing one another. STEVE:You know you’re not
gonna have more than
a few hundred extras on
one side or the other
so you got a lot
crowd replication. JOE:We had a lot of Calvary,
a lot of infantry.
Wun Wun, the giant is involved.Most of it would be photographed
but it also needed a lot ofdigital enhancement.STEVE:You’ve got things
happening that you can’t shoot
in any real way.
You got a giant punching out
a horse.We shot horses falling
and charging toward one another that we can use as elements,but we start to get into
complex areas that we haven’t
really broken ground
with on the series before,
where it’s funand exciting but also,
very challenging.
becomes incredibly compactall these combatants force into
this incredibly tight space
on the battlefield,
partly crammed in by bodies.
You got horses, you got…
you know, men by either side just piled up on this
massive hill.The body pile was absolutely
enormous in terms of it’s
scale and ambition. DEBORAH:All of those
prop bodies had to dressed
in the appropriate uniforms. DEBORAH:We had to have
the shields and the flags.
You then need to dress
the horses and their saddlery.
You need to make sure
that the correct sigil
is on the horse.Even though I know that all of
these bodies are fake.
DEBORAH:It was deeply moving.It’s pretty grim, it’s very
brutalizing to look at. DEAN:I never seen that
before ever.
DAVID:It comes from reading
real accounts of these
various battles both medieval–
and even more modern ones.
DAVID:You read accounts
of battles in the Civil War,
where their bodies were piled,
so they become an obstruction
on the battlefield.I think what I was finding
throughout filming this wasmoments of giving up.KIT:And the first moment we
found that was
when the crush startshappening and he just stops for
a moment. KIT: And then he tries to fight
his way back but he gets pushed over, he gets trampled. -(JON GASPS)
-(WARRIORS ROARING) Jon is almost literally
buried alive. DAVID:Beneath the bodies.KIT:He was being almost killed
by his own men,
not on purpose
but just in this wave of fear that kind of overcomes everyone
as they try to get outof the way of his incoming wall
of shields.
And then something drives him
to fight out,and in that moment where he
comes up and he goes for breath
he’s reborn, again in a way. -(BREATHES)
-(WARRIORS YELLING) (CLASHING) D.B.: Winterfell is a place
that really mean so muchin the context of the show,
and the episode is really about
bringing things home. (COLLISION) D.B.:The final act takes place
in the Winterfell courtyard
and it ultimately boils down
to Jon against Ramsay,and Sansa against Ramsay.IWAN:Always wanted to do
a scene with Jon Snow.
It’s really nice to get to
sort of……have the two bastards there
together facing off.
KIT:It’s a horrible moment
when you see your hero
go a bit too far. ROWLEY:The only direction
I gave to Kit was,
“He’s not human anymore. He doesn’t feel any sympathy,
empathy for this guy.” -(YELLS)
-(GASPS) (GRUNTS) We actually spent an entire day,ten hours with Kit on top
of Iwan
beating him. (CHUCKLES)I just shot it in every single
angle I possibly could.
KIT: What we wanted
to try to get with that was–that he just needing bread,he’s just flatting
this person’s face
and that’s what changed in Jon
for me. KIT:A monster has risen
in him a bit, which
I think should be unsettling
for the viewers.
There’s nothing he wants more
then to beat Ramsay to deathwith his own fists and then
he sees his sister.
I think Jon then realizes,
you know, as he’s about tokill him. He’s on the verge
of death.
SOPHIE:He realizes this is your
fight this your guy to kill.
Because he understands
what she’s been through. Where is he? IWAN:It’s a very justified
ending, so that Sansa has
the power in the end. Your house will disappear,
your name will disappear, all memory of you
will disappear. It’s such a strong moment for
her because all her life she’s been affected by these men
who have just done such terrible things to her. IWAN:It’s nice to get to do
a final scene with Sophie,
after last season. And this is the first moment
that you actually hear her say,“This won’t affect me
and I’m stronger than that”.
It’s my favorite scene. ♪ (DRAMATIC MUSIC) ♪ Her walk away, that final shot
was so crucialand just to get that little hint
of a smile just right
I think we ended up making poor
Sophie do it, you know,12 or 13 times in the middle of
the night.
DAVID:It’s not a big smile,it’s just a little hint
of a smile.
(RAMSAY GASPING) DAVID: Sophie doesn’t day very
much, but I think it maybe my favorite thing
she’s ever done on this show. ♪ (DRAMATIC MUSIC ENDS) ♪

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