Game of Thrones: The Loot Train Attack (HBO)

Game of Thrones: The Loot Train Attack (HBO)

I remember looking
at “The Loot Train Attack”,I said, “This is bigger
than B.O.B”, and David and Den said, “how can
it be bigger than B.O.B?”I said,
“It’s bigger than B.O.B”.
It’s definitely got
a bit of that western feel but then you throw dragons
in on top of that.It then makes it an incredibly
complicated one to shoot.
D. B. WEISS:It’s like
a time travel movie where like,
what if somebody had a F-16
that they broughtto a medieval battle?There you have
Daenerys Targaryen unleashed for the first time in Westerosand she is going to show them
what she can do.
EMILIA CLARKE:With every time
that something goes wrong,
more Targaryen comes out,
more fire comes out.So she starts to take matters
into her own hands.
When you have
a big battle sequence especially one where you have
multiple points of view,you have to have to figure out
how you balance those
and what is this chief
point of view,
that you want to lean on.And I chose to focus on Jamie,that it was about beingon the other side
of a dragon attack.
Trying to hold together
his troops
in the middle of watching
the world change forever.
It’s just complete annihilation. Like, he just sees the horrorof so many men just burned
to ashes,
there’s nothing you can do,
which is scary.
She keeps losing battles,
and being weakenedwithout ever striking back,and there’s only so much
that Dany can take.There’s only so much that anyone
would be able to take.
We’re now left with our heroes.
And our heroes are on opposite ends
of this chessboard. WEISS:
Tyrion has the most complex…
set of emotions
about this battle of anyone,
because he’s got
the woman he serves on one end and he’s got his brother
who he loves on the other end. PETER DINKLAGE:
That is a real struggle for him.
Every piece of his being
is wishing he can intercede, but he can’t.And I’m seeing first hand,
my family lose.
BRYAN:She’s the aggressor,and Jamie and Bronn,through their P.O.V, we see that
it ain’t pretty conquering,and the hope is that
the audience doesn’t know
who to root for
in that sequence.
Something like “The Loot Train”
involves a lot
of different departments,all working at sort of,
the very extremes
of their abilities, I think.This was a difficult challengebecause there are
so many different looks
and phases of the battle
that come into play.
There’s a lot of continuity
to make sure that we’re in the right space,
in the right part of the processreflecting the right amount
of burn.
WEISS:And then, do it,in between the cracks
of everybody doing their job.
Because the entire sequence
is a wagon train,and involves 27 wagons,and there’re various bits
of dressing,
we have to reshuffle
the entire set constantly,
which means dressing
on 180 degrees,
or 360 depending on
the camera movement.
So, it means we have
to be very particular
when it comes to dressing
our burnt elements,
our unburnt elements,
our partial burnt elements.
There are so many stages
to consider
but it’s definitely
hell of a lot more fun
when it gets
into the bloody battle.
We have a dye that we’re using
which is an eco-friendly dye,which dyes things blackto make it look very charred
and burnt.
And we’re using several forms
of ash, as well, to dress in
and make it all look authentic,along with charcoal
and stuff like that.
Maybe when you’re watching it,
it doesn’t necessarily stand outand that means
we’ve done our job
because people just accept
this is the world
and that’s the environment.RYAN TOHILL:We are
the front line of defense,
and the detail is our job,
so we’re very happy about it.
When I get to a sequence like
the one we’re doing right now, Um, I take a deep breath
and go,“Oh, boy,
that is gonna be a lot of work”.
We had every toy you could possibly imagine
in the making of it.We had four cameras
most of the time.
Sometimes we had up to seven
or eight cameras.
We’ve gone through three
different tracking vehicles for different purposes on this,we’ve got basically
souped-up pickup truck
with really good suspension
for all our charges,
Dothraki charges,
and what have you.
We’ve got
another electric vehicle,
call that a shadow tracker,
and we got a jib arm on that.
Then finally, we’ve got,
a souped-up dune buggy
with a stabilized head on it
that takes all the bounce out
and gives us a nice steady,
smooth shot to use over
the particularly rough train.
We needed to sell speed
and we needed to shoot elaborate dragon,
points of view. To do those kind of shots, we’re relying on two different
camera platforms.One is what’s it called,
spider cam,
this is basically a camera rig
to a cable
run between
two construction cranes
and they can move the camera
very quickly
from one end to the otherand the camera can go
about 70 miles per hour.
We also used a company
called Fly Camwhich is like a souped-up drone,
it’s like a small helicopter.
they were also able
to go very fast
and have a much more solid image
to be able to work with
than you would get
from a traditional drone.
So we can fly over things safely
and also have
interactive effect on the ground and capture all those elementsthat will have a dragon
either in front of the lens,
or above the lens.ERIC:
The battle is going to rely
very heavily on visual effects
at the end of the day,
there’s a lot of different beats
to the attack. Sort of like Cowboys
and Indians, and fire breathing dragons
all rolled up into one. ERIC:There’s Drogon
breathing lots of fire,
setting lots of things
and people on fire.
To give an idea, in Season Six,which was our biggest season
up to that point,
we had 11 shots that featured
Emilia riding the dragon.In “The Loot Train”
we have over 80.
It’s very new ground
that we’re trying to figure out
this dragon who’s,you know,
100 feet up in the air,
who breathes fire of a column
of 30 feet wide, that you’re like, “Okay, how the hell
are you gonna do that?” STEVE:We’ve got Emilia
on the back of a motion base
that’s animated to flyin concert with the animation
on the dragon.
So, that the thing
she’s moving on is moving aroundas if she’s really riding
on Drogon,
but in a stage in Belfast
in front of a green screen.
EMILIA:So being on
this theme park ride,
which is kinda what it is,
and you’re strapped in,then looking
like you are controlling it,
when there’s so much going on.You just gotta harnessevery single bit
of imagination you have
and just use it.I mean, can you even imagine
being on the back of a reptile
that’s breathing fire
at your command.
That’s huge! (DRAGON ROARS) One of the most complicated
shots was this strafe run where the camera is over
the back Danyas she is blasting the shit out
of this line of Lannisters
and loot train carriages.We had to have spider cam
fly a camera in real timeand in perfect sync with100 feet of ground explosions
that are huge.Sam is our FX guru
and he is kind of a mad man,
in the best possible way
and you know,
one of his responsibilities
is setting things on fire, Uh, which he’s really good at. The strafe run was, uh,
was 150 feet long,and had 15 rows of charges.We tested it in Madrid
back in August.
We only tested
the short section of it
minus the carts ’cause we
were still making those.
All the effects has to mimic is as though the flame
is coming from the sky,so we’ll always size up
the flame later in post
and we’ll shoot elements
of flame against black,
but Sam here has to make it feel
that the impact of the flameis pushing along,
so it has a travel to it.
we’ve been blowing things up
for many days but working out
the timings of that, uh, was quite a process. BEN BROADBRIDGE:In the end
we went with a fuel mix
and then explosives,
to give almost like a… machine gun sort of strafe
but closer together,and as each one explodedit would then engulf the next,
and the next and the next,
so you almost get
a seamless line of flame just going through. SAM:
Because it was only one take
there was a lot
that could go wrong.
There was a lot of missiles used
and a lot of, you know, a lot of pyro used as well,so it’s the excitement
of when the button is pressed.
SAM:It’s the euphoria
you feel afterwards.
Knowing the hard work
that’s involved
all comes to that point.
That’s the prize,
that’s the excitement,
that’s the reason.
George Martin’s often said
that the Dothraki
are kind of an amalgam of American Indian tribes
and the Mongols.Both peoples who are, you know,
are phenomenal on horseback
and they were just much faster,and so unorthodox
in their battle approach
that they could literallyride circles
around their enemies.
I think there was a line
in the outline that said, “and it’s– now it’s down
to Camilla to do her tricks”.I was like, “thanks D and D,okay,
where are we gonna go now?”
Let’s think of some ideas,
what can we bring
which has never been seen
on the screen before.
She said, “you know,
what about as the Dothrakiare coming down, if they all
just stood up on their horses
and started shooting arrows
at them?” And I thought, that sounds great
but that’s not possible. (LAUGHS) She said, “no, it is,
we build these special stirrups and we can do it.” ROWLEY IRLAM:So I sent
a team out here with the horses
and they started rehearsing
the action and shooting a previswhich was then sent back
to Northern Ireland
and then we could start
putting that in front of people.
CHARLIE:You got almost
a metal shoe
that you put your foot into,and then you have one foot
on the side of the horse and the other foot on the top
of the saddle.So we have
these guys standing up,
you know, we’re endeavoring
to try and you know, create something that somebody
hasn’t seen before. MATT:And it’s extraordinary,it’s like a wave rising up
from a still ocean.
All these guys
perfectly coordinated rising upand I love it, and it shows usthat the Dothraki
are horse masters
’cause we really haven’t had
that opportunity before.
You know so much
of these battle scenes now,has become visual effects
that I hope people realize that
much of this
is actually being done.
That’s really, you know,
stunt men, standing up
on horses with bow and arrows,
shooting arrows
and that an impressive
thing to see.
There’s something about a guy
on a horse, standing on a horse,charging, there’s something
pretty impressive where you go,
“Oh, that…”
You don’t just do that. CAMILLA:
We were kind of thinking
to do something Mad Max-y.You know when they come in
and it’s crazy, they’re coming in
different shapes,you don’t know where
they’re coming from
they’re just these absolute
mad men on horses,
and that’s what we tried
to recreate on-screen
for “The Loot Train” sequence. DIRECTOR: Ready, and,
three, two, one. Action! (MEN SCREAMING) This battle was the most
fire intensive one we’ve had. We’ve burned more stunt men
than has ever been burned in– in a single shot
and in a single sequence. The dragons have grown,
you know, they’re the size
of a seven four seven now.So, you’d think then
that the amount of people
they burn in one go
would increase.
We have potentially
the most burns, full burns, ever done on TV history, which is burning 20 men
in one shot.Which we have coming up.ROWLEY:And it was– there was
a few raised their eyebrows
when I suggested 20.But it wasn’t just
because it’s a record, although it is.It was because we just needed
to see the scope
of what was happening.So that was quite a challenge.The difficulty with 20 people
is just that you ramp up the safety aspect of it, because there’s more people
in harm’s way, there’s more that can go wrong. SAM:
That was quite nerve-wracking
for many reasons,obviously when you have
that amount of people collected
and they’re all on fire, they get that heat gathering
in the center,so I was really concerned
about the guys in the middle,
and I wanted to make surethat we get the guys
on the outsides as far away
from the guys on the inside
as quickly as possible.
We’re using TAMAR poppers
it’s basically
like a camping cylinder
and we put it inside
a metal cage
so that the shrapnel
won’t hurt anybody,
and we basically put
a pyro charge on that
which explodes the gas popper,creates a 15 feet fire ball,and we put one of those
with each performer,
it just means
when you light them
they really light.During this whole process
when you’re on fire, you do have to hold your breath
and that’s– that’s… The key point,
to keep your heart rate downso you can hold your breath
throughout the whole scene.
DOUG:Rowley is big on making it
as calm as possible, you know,
If someone’s on fire,
you know, it’s quite a high
adrenaline thing going on,and saving your breath
is very important,
so you’ve got to be calm.You know, we are a show
that doesn’t sit on our laurels
so we do try
and top ourselves each year
although we seem to make it moreand more difficult
for ourselves as we go on.
NIKOLAJ:There’s just
the fear factor, of course,
that we see… a man on fire,
never mind 20– twenty guys in one go, it’s–
it’s pretty…it’s scary.DIRECTOR: Ready,
and three, two, one. Action! Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve!
Out! Out! Out! (EXTINGUISHERS FIRING) DAVID:You know, when we start
making these huge battles
it’s so hard to imagine
that we’re ever going to finish because there are
so many moving pieces,but it’s ultimately just,
y’know, one shot at a time
and then figuring it out
from there.
The cameras and the actors
and stunts, and…it was very much an
“all hands on deck” sequence
as much as we’ve ever had,and everybody did
an excellent job
of fitting
all the puzzle pieces together. ROB MCHLACHLAN:
This is big cinema,
and to get to work in
all those genres
all rolled in to
one fantastic world,
that’s the part I like. You never know what
they’re gonna throw at you, you know, last year we completed
“Battle of the Bastards”, and it was like, “Oh yeah,
how about this year?”So it’s good, they always
up the ante, and I love that.
ROWLEY:It naturally
gets bigger, this show,
it just does, It’s not me
doing it, it’s– They write it. It’s a unique challenge in that
you’ll never really be ableto do that kind of thing again
and, you know,
the next time I get to work
on some other show
it’ll be so boring, y’know, where’s the cable cam,
where’s the, y’know, five cameras
on the 20 burning guys?

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