Gear Review: Tecnica Forge GTX Heat Molded Hiking Boot

Gear Review: Tecnica Forge GTX Heat Molded Hiking Boot

Hey there, I’m Logan from Next Adventure, and today we’re gonna be talking about the Tecnica Forge and Forge S. It’s
the first outdoor hiking shoe with a customizable in-store fit. So, first off, we have the Tecnica Forge which is gonna be the leather upper. Then we have the Tecnica Forge
S which is a synthetic option. What’s really cool about these boots is that
they offer a custom adaptive shape fit to your foot. What this means is the
inside insole gets molded directly to your foot. As well as the ankle, heel, and
arch support all get fitted and molded directly to your foot in the store. Also
cool features with the boot, it comes with the Vibram Micro-Grip outsole, has a
Gore-Tex lining on the inside, as well as self-locking eyelets to really lock
down the fit of the boot. As well as it has a wraparound tongue which adds increased and easy comfort so you’re not adjusting that tunnel. So this is the
heating waffle that we use to heat our soles up to a hundred and eighty degrees, and then
do the same with the outside and inside of the boot. This takes about eight
minutes to heat up both of these and then three minutes for them to be
pressurized and molded around your foot with these these carbon systems that
inflate your shoes. All in all, a really cool boot. Another awesome feature is with all
the moldable parts as well as the insole they can be molded and remoulded to your foot whether it changes or you want a better fit. Just stop in to the store and
we can do it. It’s just an amazing boot for getting that broken- in feel
right out of the store. Our first customer, once it was molded to his foot,
said felt like it was walked in a hundred miles before he got out of the
store with it. So, it’s a really good awesome upgrade in the hiking industry.
So, in-store, we offer both for women’s and men’s the Technica forge and then
for this synthetic option for both men’s women’s we offer the Forge S.
Just a little burlier feel. This will be coming in at $249.99 and this will be
coming in at $269.99. Feel free to come in to Next Adventure and we can remould
these to your feet, or a friends if you want to hand them down to someone else. Just come on into the store.

3 thoughts on “Gear Review: Tecnica Forge GTX Heat Molded Hiking Boot

  1. Don't expect to keep your Tecnica hiking boots long term. Mine had few miles and very minimal wear when the midsoles just disintegrated.

  2. no one talks about sizing this is so annoying. Everyone says that one should choose either half or one full size larger is this tru statement ?

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