Get three coffins ready – A Fistful of Dollars 1964 (full scene)

Get three coffins ready – A Fistful of Dollars 1964 (full scene)

Adios Amigo..It’s not smart to go wandering so far from home. I reckon, he picked the wrong trail. Or he could have picked the wrong town. His big mistake, I think,
was getting born. If you want any work,
looking like that. you could try being a scarecrow. Oh, no, the crows are liable
to scare him, maybe. Hello Get three coffins ready Adios Amigo Listen, stranger.Didn’t you get the idea? We don’t like to see bad boys like you in town. Go get your mule.You let him get away from you? I see that’s why i wanna talk to you
about He’s feeling real bad. My mule. He got all riled up when you men fired those shots at his feet. Hey, are you making
some kind of joke? No. See, I understand you men
were just playing around. But the mule…
He just doesn’t get it. Of course, if you were
to all apologize… I don’t think it’s nice,
you laughing. You see, my mule
don’t like people laughing. He gets the crazy idea you’re laughing at him. Now, if you apologize, like I know you’re going to, I might convince him that
you really didn’t mean it. I saw the whole thing you killed all
four of them You’ll pay all right.
You’ll be strung up. Who are you? Don’t fire a shot. I’m John Baxter, sheriff. Yeah? Well, if you’re the sheriff, you
better get these men underground. My mistake. Four coffins.

68 thoughts on “Get three coffins ready – A Fistful of Dollars 1964 (full scene)

  1. This scene is perfect. That rising tension during the standoff with the bandits, the "My mistake, four coffins." line gives me chills.

  2. Whatta scene ! For the noobs out there 1964=1965 release and so on '65=66, etc…Don't forget " Once Upon A time In The West ".

  3. I remember watching this part and thinking "but there's four of them" and then he corrected himself in the movie, most movies would probably just let the continuity error go without a line or correction

  4. What I like about The Man With No Name is that he isn't cool, not all the time anyway. He's sent running by the gunshots *SPOILERS*

    He gets captured later in the film and beaten half to death, he has to see his one friend in this new town beaten down because he helped him. He gets knocked down, makes mistakes, but still ends up winning in the end.

    THAT'S what makes him cool. Doesn't matter what happens to him, he never gives up. But he's gotta get knocked down in order to turn the tables.

  5. "If you apologize to my mule I might convince him that you didn't mean it". Translation: "even after you apologize I'm not sure I'm not gonna kill you"

  6. Clint Eastwood rocks up to the old town road "My mule don't like people laughing" lil nas "man this nigga High on drugs get the fuck outta here with your dusty homeless cowboy boot wearing ass" and well we all know how that turns out lol

  7. My mule don't like people hitting the dislike button. He gets the crazy idea your disliking him. If you all hit the like button, I will convince him you really didn't mean it.

  8. If I'm one of the 3 dudes I'm thinking, he's either crazy as hell or he's one badass mutha fucker. Either way, I'm outta here!

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