Getting High w Pro Skater Antwuan Dixon 2 of 4 – Epicly Later’d – VICE

Getting High w Pro Skater Antwuan Dixon 2 of 4 – Epicly Later’d – VICE

consume much alcohol [INAUDIBLE]. ANTWUAN DIXON: Got a
little cutie, huh? NEEN WILLIAMS: God damn. ANTWUAN DIXON: Fuck [INAUDIBLE]
my niggers, but you won’t talk about
girl was good. ANTWUAN DIXON: Yeah,
she was cute, huh? Happy birthday Herno. Happy birthday Herno. Happy birthday Bryan
[INAUDIBLE] Herman. Happy birthday to you. MALE SPEAKER: [INAUDIBLE]. BRYAN HERMAN: Hennessy. ANTWUAN DIXON: Happy birthday. Man. Cheers. [INAUDIBLE] chilling. MALE SPEAKER: What are
you gonna do today? ANTWUAN DIXON: I really
don’t know. I’m fixin’ to go to the store. I really don’t know, dog. I swear to God, I was asleep
like [INAUDIBLE]. MALE SPEAKER: It doesn’t seem
like he skates that much. LIZARD KING: Yeah. I hear about him doing shit
sometimes and shit. But he used to be able to go to
a spot, any spot you take him to, and he’d fucking get
a trick no matter what. ANTWUAN DIXON: Ha, ha, shit. Damn! ERIK ELLINGTON: I think a
combination of a lot of things distracted him from skating. MALE SPEAKER: Like what? ERIK ELLINGTON: I don’t know. I mean, there’s a
lot of things. I don’t really want to get
too personal with it. ANDREW REYNOLDS: I mean, I know
I had a conversation once with him about filming
a video part. And I’m like– pretty much his type
of skating. It’s not quantity that people
are really looking for. So I’m like, if you get one
trick a month for the time you’re filming for the video,
then you could go on and be a pro skater and make money
for a long time. That’s it. But then he says he’s
gonna get on it. I talk to him occasionally when
I see him and always say, like, let’s go skate. Or are you gonna skate? It’s like he wants to skate,
but it’s just– I don’t know. Like I said, that other stuff
just gets in the way, I think. MALE SPEAKER: How come we didn’t
go skating with Andrew? ANTWUAN DIXON: When? MALE SPEAKER: Today. ANTWUAN DIXON: What? MALE SPEAKER: Andrew
went skating. ANTWUAN DIXON: Oh,
I don’t know. [LAUGHS] I don’t know, shit just
got crazy, man. ANDREW REYNOLDS: He’s
just funny. Like, he doesn’t really
understand that a bad hangover is going to mess
up his skating. I’m like, well, just get up. [INAUDIBLE] just go wherever he goes. He’s like, I feel bad in the
morning, though, man. I’m just, like, tired
and shit, man. It’s like, all right. LIZARD KING: He’s rad
to go on tour with. Like, sometimes I’ll see
him fucking trying to fight me and shit. He’ll be my best friend, like
hanging out with me, buying me little toys and shit. And then next thing I
know, he’s wasted. And I say something, and he’s so
offended that he’s swinging at me, punching me in
the face and shit. ANTWUAN DIXON: [INAUDIBLE]. MALE SPEAKER: Did he
punch a cop maybe? LIZARD KING: Fuck, probably. MALE SPEAKER: And have you
been around him when he’s getting in trouble with cops
and shit like that? SHANE HEYL: Yeah. MALE SPEAKER: Are there any
stories you can think of? SHANE HEYL: No. No. I mean, the fight on the plane,
that was intense. That was the craziest
shit I’ve ever been a part of and witnessed. [SCREAMING] MALE SPEAKER: Knock
this shit off! Come on, guys. MALE SPEAKER: Hey,
knock it off. MALE SPEAKER: We’re just trying
to get off the plane. SHANE HEYL: And these drunk
assholes that were sitting behind us were just
being racist, saying dumb shit from– I think North Carolina
all the way to LA. LIZARD KING: And we’re
flying for so long. And then you see both those guys
get kind of restless and take their headphones out. And those dudes are like,
fucking blah, blah, blah niggers, go back where you
came from and shit. They’re laughing and shit. SHANE HEYL: We’re finally
landing the plane. Guy just keeps running
his mouth. And you hear that, bing, time
to take your seat belt off. LIZARD KING: Antwuan gets up. And he’s like, what the fuck? And blah, blah, blah. Boom. The dude slaps Antwuan. Instantly, TK hops over
his seat, starts smashing the brother. Dude’s face is bloody as shit. This fucking random black dude
from the front of the plane fucking comes running down the
aisle and takes out one of the dudes, too. He just starts pounding
one of the dudes. So it’s fucking TK, some random
dude, and Antwuan on a plane fuckin’ beating
two dudes up. SHANE HEYL: And we’re in the
back of the plane, and you can’t even move. People are screaming and
losing their shit. And they can’t believe that
this is going down. None of us can believe
it’s going down. And then you’ve got people
running from the front, trying to stop it. And it’s like, get the fuck
out of there, man. Get out. [INTERPOSING VOICES] ANTWUAN DIXON: He been a racist
the whole flight. FEMALE SPEAKER: We’re
humans, man. We’re humans. It’s all good. ANTWUAN DIXON: Y’all
motherfuckers shut the fuck up. [INTERPOSING VOICES] MALE SPEAKER: What came of it? How come Terry or Antwuan
didn’t go to jail? SHANE HEYL: Because those dudes
were in the wrong and there was witnesses for it. LIZARD KING: All these
people make reports. And they’re like, these guys
were just making racial slurs the whole entire flight. You should let these kids go. These guys deserved it. Like, there you go, you
got beat the fuck up. Later. That’s it. That shit was fucking
insane, man. And don’t get me
wrong, though. Antwuan’s one of the nicest
fucking people I’ve ever met, one of the most genuine people,
a caring person. ANTWUAN DIXON: [LAUGHS] piece of shit, faggot,
give a fuck. He loves the attention, man. ANTWUAN DIXON: I’m thirsty. LIZARD KING: Loves putting
on a show, man. That’s what it is, dude. He’s like a hijinks
show in reality. ANTWUAN DIXON: Whatever,
nigger. I got a wife-beater, nigger. A wife-beater, nigger. [INAUDIBLE]. Shit, man. What’s up, coz? Oh, oh! What you shaking your
head for, man? MALE SPEAKER: [INAUDIBLE]. ANTWUAN DIXON: What? Yo, what you, la, la, la, la. Huh, huh. [INAUDIBLE] bitch-ass nigger, coz. MALE SPEAKER: [INAUDIBLE]. ANTWUAN DIXON: [INAUDIBLE]. MALE SPEAKER: [INAUDIBLE]. MALE SPEAKER: He wasn’t
doing nothin’. ANTWUAN DIXON: Motherfucker’s
all, he works here, blah, blah, blah. Nigger, I don’t give a fuck. He wanna act like he a gangster,
he in the parking lot, then let’s see,
my nigger. I need that. Oh, you got that. It’s nothing. You know what I’m saying? Niggers ain’t turn down. Niggers get turned up, nigger. [LAUGHTER] ERIK ELLINGTON: I just think
that’s stuff that he’s working through, like personal issues
that he’s working through. And he’s got some of them. And I think that that should
probably just be kept between him and whoever he wants
to know about it. It’s not really my place
to talk about it. But everybody kind
of knows what. He can get into some trouble. ANTWUAN DIXON: Dixon,
D-I-X-O-N. MALE SPEAKER: Dixon. And what’s your first name? ANTWUAN DIXON: Antwuan. MALE SPEAKER: Antwuan? ANTWUAN DIXON: Yes, sir. I’m sorry, man. I don’t mean to cause
no problems. It was like, this dude down here
earlier, and he’s looking at me like, blah, blah,
blah, whatever. And I’m like, dude, don’t be
looking at me like that. You know what I mean? MALE SPEAKER: Right. ANTWUAN DIXON: I just came out
here for the skateboarding in the Phoenix Amateur Contest
for skateboarding. MALE SPEAKER: All right. ANTWUAN DIXON: I’m not
skating today because it’s an amateur contest. I just turned pro at the
beginning of this year. ANTWUAN DIXON: OK ANTWUAN DIXON: Get my shit? ANTWUAN DIXON: All right,
let’s do it. MALE SPEAKER: All right. ANTWUAN DIXON: Whatever, man. I don’t give a– ANTWUAN DIXON: Me? MALE SPEAKER: Yep. ANTWUAN DIXON: No, not really. ANTWUAN DIXON: Hm? ANTWUAN DIXON: No, sir. ANTWUAN DIXON: No big deal. I ain’t worried about it. I just came out with
a new color shoes. These are my shoes right here. I’m coming, Patrick. I’m coming. They called the police. [LAUGHS] Like that was gonna
do some justice. heh, right? ANTWUAN DIXON: No,
that’s good. [INAUDIBLE]. MALE SPEAKER: You recognized
Antwuan? MALE SPEAKER: Yes, sir. SHANE HEYL: Got kicked out. MALE SPEAKER: What for? SHANE HEYL: Because
Twuan got buck. Slow down, Twuan. This is starting to get
expensive, homey. MALE SPEAKER: Did you see
the broken window here? SHANE HEYL: No, I’d
rather not. Another day, another dollar. MALE SPEAKER: What do you do? Just send him an invoice? Dock his pay? SHANE HEYL: Just gotta slow down
on the Shake Junt trips. ANTWUAN DIXON: How
funny was that? Ha! Ain’t no homo, straight up. I thought I was gonna
be in trouble. Let’s go, dog. MALE SPEAKER: OK.

100 thoughts on “Getting High w Pro Skater Antwuan Dixon 2 of 4 – Epicly Later’d – VICE

  1. Fuck that id let that fucking shit stain die in a ditch with a smile on my face. He's not a genuine person your all painting a bullshit portrait of a mislead motherfucking shit stain

  2. I like how spanky gets kicked off for drinking a littel but antwuan drinks smokes and dosnt skate and he dosnt get kicked off

  3. Bro it’s so crazy when I was 8-9 years old I looked up to the baker crew, throughout years of skating and I come back to rewatch this, I’m 22 now. This shit is depressing man. So much for a trip down memory lane.

  4. Instead of laughing at the things he does and acring like hes a funny guy or the crazy drunk you should have asked is anything was wrong.

  5. I used to have issues like that. Been racialprofiled. Not all people are bad. ♡● nothing worse krazy eN

  6. It's just funny cause the other dudes don't wanna just come out n say yes a drunk ass hole cause they know he'll start shit with THEM lol

  7. They put the subtitles on everything he said that was audible and not everything else that was gibberish lol

  8. Dude there is something wrong with him some serious internal problems hes going through.. and his air head friends arent helping much either they just laugh at his antics and probably cuz they are scared of him

  9. Love the way friends & people around him using the word 'the other stuff' & 'not into his personnal life' .. this people shows some respect ..


  11. YouTube you need to get your captions in check. You put the wrong version of a specific word he was using and it's kind of ironic considering who you people claim to be.

  12. He's acting idiotic and the people around him are letting him self destruct. Keep up the bad work

  13. What a fucking loser,smh, what a shame ,addiction doesnt see in color, doesnt see social status, doesnt see privilege.

  14. Took his talent for granted. Sounded lost too. Hiding like a coward from the alcohol. Acting all tough like he’s the big man. No disrespect but wack skater.

  15. i fucking hate hanging out with people like antwuan. so god damn annoying wanting to talk shit and fight (usually people they could easily take out) all the time. and 9 times out of ten the guys a alcoholic. it gets really old really fast. cops get called then i have to worry about losing my drugs and getting dope sick. trying to maintain a massive opiate/benzo/weed addiction you have to carry hella pills and dope.i stopped hanging out with guys like this after the cops took my pills away one time. i was sick for a week and a half before more came in. fuck that sucked.

  16. Deep down he's a great guy. There are different type of skaters. He's a real G who said all skaters are nerdy? But I feel real sad cuz he's cut himself short Android move a lot of other skaters like Neal stop drinking and getting high because they put their skateboarding passion first. Antoine got a lot of talent that he's throwing away cuz he has a lot more potential then skaters. His brother is in prison and he a lot of issues just got to keep him in our prayers

  17. Gonna catch a fuckin 45 to the dome one day. Talk that shit to a real street person n see the the bitch Antwaun

  18. If you think that anyone in this video has ever done drugs you should be put in jail for the rest of your life. Black people do no wrong. General black population for president 2020

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