Getting High w Pro Skater Antwuan Dixon – Epicly Later’d – 4 of 4

Getting High w Pro Skater Antwuan Dixon – Epicly Later’d – 4 of 4

ANTWAUN DIXON: Whoo! See my new teeth I got? [CHUCKLE]. That’s when all the
cameras come on. And then that’s when the
videos go on YouTube. Like, that’s all everybody
see, oh fight, oh this, this, this. That’s when I’m faded, just
like, living, like doing me, but you know what I’m saying,
just, like, whatever. That’s who I am, whatever
position I’m in. It’s always all eyes on me, but
niggas ain’t got to put it on the internet and shit. They just– MALE SPEAKER: You think
that that’s– ANTWAUN DIXON: –stupid MALE SPEAKER: –a little
one-sided? That like, doesn’t
show who you are? ANTWAUN DIXON: Why? What do you mean? MALE SPEAKER: Like, all that
footage, do you think that doesn’t really– ANTWAUN DIXON: Well, no duh. What, drunk and just fighting
and all that shit? No, that ain’t me. MALE SPEAKER: I think a lot of
people might say that, like the Baker thing, all the videos
and the ads, would be promoting the destructive
behavior. ANTWAUN DIXON: Shit. ANDREW REYNOLDS: I just tell
the truth about how skateboarding is. I like “Goodfellas,” but I’m not
going to go shoot somebody and chop them up. You know what I mean? Whatever. It’s like, people were bent out
of shape about the tour video because people
were doing drugs. And that’s the footage
Beagle gave me. What am I going to do,
candy-coat it and make it not what it really was? Just show what it really was. MALE SPEAKER: Do you ever worry
that Antwaun’s career could just cut short because
of going to jail? Like, for real, jail? LIZARD KING: Yeah, yeah,
like prison. Like, stupid shit. Yeah, yeah, I trip on him
all the time, man. But, I mean, even if I said
anything to him, he wouldn’t give a fuck. But it just sucks to think
that he has the sickest– dude, he’s the fucking best
dude on a skateboard ever. And he fucking got caught up
in that fucking scene, you know what I mean? MALE SPEAKER: I’ll
take aim for you. MALE SPEAKER: Blowing his
CO dude with smoke. MALE SPEAKER: That’s
your brother? ANTWAUN DIXON: And Beagle was
the last person that was with me when I’ve seen my brother. That’s real. ANTWAUN DIXON: My nigga. Like for real. Like for real. MALE SPEAKER: Who? Terry and your brother? ANTWAUN DIXON: TK, yeah. ANTWAUN DIXON: Hey, you already
know what that’s about, nigga. ANDREW REYNOLDS: That’s
what people say. A lot of people say he looks
up to his brother a lot. So that’s like, he doesn’t
look up to someone who’s doing good. He looks up to someone who’s
probably in jail for the rest of their life. ANTWAUN DIXON: Always. MALE SPEAKER: Make it work. ANTWAUN DIXON: Ain’t
that real? That real. Hey, ain’t that real? I’m going to take
your shirt off.

One thought on “Getting High w Pro Skater Antwuan Dixon – Epicly Later’d – 4 of 4

  1. Just a dumb drunk asshole who's throwing away a career and talent. Fuck his dumbass acting a fool and being a shit bag to the cops cause they doing their job. I hate ignorant black dudes acting like this and when he gets fucked with by the cops they use the race card. "Oh Im black and they fuck with me" type of bullshit. Giving his brothers that trying to do good a bad name. Numb fuck needs jail

  2. I love how he talks about being faded and thats when the cameras go on and the videos go on youtube. "But nigggas dont needa put it on the internet and shit, you know that aint all me". & then along comes fucking Vice doing exactly this. fuck you nazi dogs

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