*Wapoosh* Lets get roight into the news my name is jackspedicey 2 and welcome back to getting over it with bennett foddy i decided to play on low grapics setting This is the low graphics mode the… the mode is called Sexy hiking I thought it might make me a bit better at the game if I could play in low graphics mode And then I’d be able to do it a bit better because I sucked in it before We also have a fantastic knockoff of the x-files theme going on in the background (Pretending he’s a ghost but fails mimiserably) Okay, so this is sexy hiking this is a game that came out before Getting over it came out. This is the game that inspired Bennett Foddy to make getting over it. He even references this game a bunch of times in getting over it so it’s called sexy hiking and I think it’s supposed to be The same thing I can’t even select play oh Boi oh boi Oh, G- Oh, Jesus (Jack regrets his choice) Oh, my mouse goes off the screen. Oh no! I didn’t think anything could be worse than Getting Over It! Oh, I can move with the, with the keys! Okay, okay, so I can actually just move. Aw, if only I could do that in getting over it. What is happening? What? Was that a monkey?(No jack its an elephant) I’m dead already. Ohhh Boi. Ohhhh boi Oh, we are in for a fucking treat here today, everybody No, no! *laughter* How am I supposed to get up? No that’s not what you do! Get up on the fuckin’ tree! Okay, thank you simian friend!(Your welcome jack) Oh God I broke it. Oh god. What is happening? So I can’t- I can’t actually throw myself up. Okay, okay? I got this. This fucking sexy music Can do it I can do it no problem. No problem whatsoever if I just *weird noise* like that That’s how I’m gonna do it. *Weird noise* Nooooo! I feel like I’m about to solve a crime. *sings along with music* Okay, if only I can get my hammer- Okay, let’s do this… *Weird noise* Noooo! *laughter* Okay, okay, I got this. This is no problem. No problem whatsoever. I couldn’t do Getting Over It well enough, but I can do this one. No fucking problem. Watch me do. Watch me do. *Weird noise* Okay, I wonder. ‘Cause my arms are not attached to me. Okay, this part, this part, no problem. This part is easy Look no skills required. Oh god the slightest bump Sends you flying. Okay. Do not make a smell Yes Are you? Shitting on a pizza. I bested you. I beat your game. I could do it again. I’ll do it again. I’ll beat you You see oh god. Oh god. Do not break. Do not break on me get out over it get out of- YES!!!-NO!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Okay, no problem, no problem. Okay, yes That’s it- game is over! Game is over! Sexy Hiking? Sexy Hiking? More like Go fuck yourself game, this is actually easier than getting over it now. Oh never mind(It was at this moment that jackspedicey 2 realised this is way harder than getting over it) Do I have to push myself up and then go out over? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa- *sings along with the music* Seriously it sounds like someone is like, “I’m getting ready to watch some news anchors Tell me that 14 people died in a train accident today” News reporter jack: Good evening and welcome. On the Perpetuum bridge today 17 Badgers fell off They landed all over everybody’s cars. There was a bloodbath! How in the Jim Belushi’s nut sack am I supposed to? Whoa? Your boi got some fucking mad ups! Okay, just keep- just keep messing with it keep messing with it until it works If things don’t go your way in life. Just break them until they do(wise words with jack) oh god this- this mouse not cooperating with me is is gonna be a disaster WooZaa you got it you got it you fucking you’re in it to win it. Oh. Yeah. Oh. Yeah, Oh completely by purpose(Are you sure about that) Are you what the fuck are you are you the end of the level do I have to avoid you? Oh, please tell me I’m allowed to touch you. Am I allowed to touch you? I’m going to touch you. I’m touching you! Game: Well Done! Jack: What the fuck? *imitating the game* Well Done! *laughter* Thank you nev- da- discount Bennet Foddy! I feel very good about that! Awe. I was just about to say where did my awesome music go? And then this kicked in. Oh I’m much happier with this arrangement Okay, okay, Oh Mother of God what is happening to you what oh? Yes, that’s- that’s how we’re gonna do it. Come on boi! Come on discount pac-man Shimmy to the left. Shimmy to the right. Those are the opposite directions This music is really… REALLY making it hard to play because of this erection it’s giving me. Okay i’ma just- I’m gonna just get up there i’ma just get up there I’ma just get up there. Getting over it! Getting up there! Getting- Getting… groceries at the store for Mama. Getting- why does your face look like a porcupine’s anus? *laughter* Oh, I love- his feet go so well with that music! *singing along to the music* *laughter* Oh, he’s comin’ to steal your bitch! Oh, ohhhh. Oh. Ohhh! Ooooooh! Oh, no! The game does not have physics that wants to work. Oh, I could just do this. What am I fuckin’ rattin’ on about? Ooookay! I’m fuckin’ doin’ it mom! Here we go. Here we go. Fuckin’ no problem. Cheesy biscuits baby! Oh nooooo! Come on man! We had that! Okay, this is the fucking hardest part to do. What the fuck? I didn’t even hit anything I hit the edge of the screen with that one. Whoa, come on! Come on ya’ sexy hiker! This is, I mean, first I was like, “Why is it called sexy hiking?” but the more I play the more I’m starting to realize By far the sexiest hiking I’ve ever seen! and I’ve gone hiking naked! So I know a thing or two about sexy hiking. *New music starts* *Laughter* Feels like I’m (inaudible) for dracula No, there’s only one direction Not in might one direction not without Zayn hook there. We fucking go here. We go. Yes mad air mad ups my bro. Oh What there you go there you go fucking we call this the wishy-washy the wishy-washy look at that that Kind of broke the game kind of broke the game for a second, it’s fine fine. We’re back in it Where is Dracula I must find him to avenge my papa No, no you gotta get some fucking air Okay, okay, okay. I think I stopped breaking on me stop it. Stop it. You must stop this and then you go How many Simba famous hot dog now you had that you had that you lemon motherfucker but Yeah Yes, yes yes my boy my beautiful lemon face man No! Fucking bitch! Come on don’t play that sexy piano at me. I know what I did. I know what you did You didn’t do the thing I’m free finally doing it again eat there we go there your patience patience your bad one Patience no sudden jerks Especially you Matthew jerk Okay, okay simple simple watch oh Yeah, oh Jesus piano scared me stop Okay oi’m gonna swing from the chandelier *weird noises* oh amadeias Hoe Hoooe! Wooooooo!(Pink lightnin’)Trixie hobbitses stealing my rang Why does it work sometimes. They’re not all the time you’re gonna grab from here. And no craziness is gonna happen, okay? none of the spokes cares just Sit your fucking keister down There you go now. How the fuck? Nooooooo! I had it I had it whoa whoa Look at me go! What the fuck? Who am I (your Seán William McLoughlin) I okay looks like me looks like me I think it’s me. That’s me. I have never been able to do that before What is happening if I wait? How do I use that to my advantage here, though? Oh! Damn it all whoa whoa whoa this tactic actually fucking works, man It fucking no no when your fucking mouth is on the sree-Stop it! Yeaaa-Ohhh no! That was fucking amazing Everybody out there was like “I’m so wet right now geez” Geez Louise Papa cheese Oh Your boi is getting some fucking mad air right now Sandra Bullock oh Sandra Bullock does it but what about Keanu no Keanu didn’t do it. They don’t like Keanu um Okay, uh Vin Diesel Oh Vin Diesel got a bit of a Weird lump there in the middle. This is very reminiscent of Vin Diesel isn’t it in a weird lump? Okay, Ryan Reynolds Ryan Ryan, I thought you’d do it for me Chris Pratt okay, he got me up. Okay, maybe it’s cuz impressing other buttons oh *Trying to beatbox* That’s not it that’s not the reason that’s not the reason this game is driving me insane insane insane in the membrane Yes see now I’m trying to do my super technique platen pending TM jacksepticeye incorporated mine. Oh No way, what? Yes Yes, not fuck in you got special boi in you go oh god stop that How do we get over this part? That’s not the way channel channel your inner boss everyone out there Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie I got this I can do it the people believe In me keep that chant going keep that check go and I need it I need it right now in my time of need. That’s Why it that’s why I’m saying. I need it time of need needing it. Okay, okay? You weren’t chanting out enough oh you heard it. I heard it. Oh actually no I didn’t cause you weren’t tracking out enough okay ladies give it the old college try if the old Didgeridoo, see this part this part. I’m good at now this part im good at now see see you see oh Okay, see the secret is get your face nice and close to that get your get your legs going and then you go pop That’s it. That’s it. That’s how you do it right. Okay? Now brace your legs bowlegged And hu! Give up I can stand here You motherfucker all this time I had doubts all this time in my brain head Okay, that’s it. That’s the straw that broke Jack’s back. No It’s not no. It’s not no it’s not when life gets hard. You get stuck back in there again(wise words with jack). You get stuck Hey, whoa whoa whoa? Whoa put down that rubber hammer okay, pick up the real one. Let’s be fucking this be serious about this, okay Real hammer Real hammer these are the secret torture techniques that the government is hiding from you this right here this game This game right here Okay, okay Okay now don’t glitch don’t glitch and bitch just stand in there stand there like a Stand in there like a nice boi sensei Jack:Patience is the key to many abilities some consider to be unnatural Okay Okay, so how? Almost had it last time as well Can I just Yes my boi oh no oh no oh god yes Yes The end it’s right there Yes Yesssss! ho hoooo! level 2 Yeah level to it’s only level 2 I did it though Haha, we went your head as they always said said no one who won jackpot at gambling ever well. I’m gonna leave this episode here surprisingly doable a pain in my Absolute every being but very manageable and doable I can do this I can beat this You and me lemon man. You’d meet lemon legs we can do this alright Just fucking just hump hump your way to victory whoo see now. I’m addicted. I can’t stop play all right Thank you guys so much watching this episode if you liked it punch that like button in the face LIKE A BOSS! and high fives all round *waposh* *waposh* but thank you guys and I will see you all you dudes IN THE NEXT VIDEOOOOO! Hi it’s me Super Gamer48 so i made changes to the subtitle ’cause a lot of them are wrong so whoever subtitled this video i hope your ok with that. After everything it’s still you

100 thoughts on “GETTING OVER IT EASY MODE | Sexy Hiking #1

  1. So i´m a littlebit late to the praty, but i just downloaded the game to test it myself.. After 5 minuts of game, i already was in stage 3, or i should have been. So the game crashed on me and i realised, it changed my resolution to like 600×400 or something like that? Other then that, its kinda easy, although i gotta say, i found out a bug in stage two which made the first jump easy.

    edit: Wow i just realised, it didn´t only changed my resolution. So i run a 240hz monitor (yes i usualy have it enabled too) and normaly i do run my games at like 250fps. So i was playing my main game like i normaly do, but for some wierd reason, the game looked like it where running on 60 fps or something along those lines, i thought the game was the problem, deleted the file looked if it still was opened in the background (had a similar issue littlebit in the past). However i could not figure out what the problem was, so i restarted my pc, but i had the same issues afterwards. Then it hit me straight in the face, the game must have changed my max hz output for my monitro… Dang, what a stupid game!

  2. Jack, the lil guy u play as is actually is in getting over it. Matt shea noticed it, a lot of people have noticed it. At the end where your at the tower to go on the meteor, don’t jump off. Jump down then there is a rock with him on it. Sadly, he doesn’t have his hammer or his hands

  3. Think about this. Every time you fall the character screams at you; " UNACCEPTABLE!!!" like Lemongrab from Adventure Time

  4. Jack: getting over it easy mode!
    Also Jack: (spends 3 minutes and 15 seconds getting over the first tree then celebrating like he won 1000000 dollars afterwards)

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