Getting Started in Cross Country Skiing

Hi I’m Kyla from tuja wellness and I’m here with John Gallagher from the ski school at the Canmore Nordic Centre I’m here for my first ski lesson, I’m not patient so I want to know five things you need to
know five things that I’ve got to know to get skiing we can get you going really well first we’ll talk about how to put your skis on
so if you want to stand with your feet on each side of the skis and we’re just
gonna slide your foot forward along top of the binding until your toe touches the block, then you’re going to push down, that was good the other foot, terrific, now we’re going to put our poles on so we should take our pole and put our hand up through the strap and make an O out of your thumb and your forth finger and put it over the top and the same on the other side, one
of the things that sometimes happens is you might fall down
oh I won’t fall
it’s important, really important when we fall to
fall on the softest part of our body mainly our bum, so you just wanna be a bit careful so from this position if you can point your
poles back behind you just bring your knee around near the ski and then stand-up that was excellent, the other thing we want to think about is being balanced, so we should balance on one foot at a time just like we’re walking so I just wanna stand-up, so to help us
when we’re sliding we just lean forward a little bit,
there you go Kyla the five things you need for
cross-country skiing and the rest is practice and John I’m going to add one more and that’s to have fun let’s go

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