Ghaseetaram Ki Bike- Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Ghaseetaram Ki Bike- Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Look at my new bike, but the problem is that I don’t have any experience of riding a bike. What’s so big about riding a bike? Come Ghasitaram first I will tell you about the bike’s hardware. Look here this is the gear, this is the handle, this is the tank. Oh my lord! You have broken my entire bike, what will I drive? I will not leave you, give me my bike! Oh sorry! Now I have explained everything to you, now drive the bike. Motu you keep holding the bike from behind, don’t leave it. I will not leave it, you just maintain your balance. Oh! So Motu has become Ghasitaram’s bike trainer. It is my duty to make the training more exciting. Hello! Who is speaking? I am speaking, Is Mishraji at home? Mishraji who Mishraji? No, big brother I do not know any Mishraji. Motu you keep on holding the bike, do not leave it. Oh my lord! Motu if you are standing there then who is holding the bike? I am gone. May all the medicines goes in your mouth, Ghasitey apply the brakes. Ghasitaram, apply the brakes. Mummy! Motu has not told me anything about brake, what shall I do? Hey, when did you fall down on the ground? When you were stuck on your phone, why did you let go off the bike? Sorry Patlu but there was a call from some wrong number. He was asking for one Mishraji. Patlu, who is Mishraji in Furfuri nagar? Hey why do you want to know who is Mishraji? You just concentrate on teaching Ghasitaram to drive a bike. Motu I don’t have any trust on you, if again you will let go off the bike from behind then? You sit behind me and support me. Ghasitaram why are you so afraid? Ok, I will sit behind you and give support to the handle. Last time around it was not much of fun. I think I will have to add some chilies and spices to my thunderous idea. Hello I am the same wrong number person, Is Mishraji at home? Big brother I understood that you are the same wrong number person. But I do not know any Mishraji. He is not at home. Oh my lord! Motu where are your hands? Ghasitaram wait for a while, let me finish my talk on the phone. Till the time you finish your talk on the phone I will get finished. Motu, catch the handle. What are you saying? Motu disconnect your phone, are you teaching how to drive a bike or are you talking on the phone? Oh my lord! If Motu keeps on doing this I don’t know when I will learn to drive a bike? Motu you have taught a lot, now I will teach Ghasitaram to drive the bike. Boss, now what will you do? The bait you had thrown is no more. Hey, John will be Don. In the battlefield whether it is Motu or Patlu, John the Don is not afraid of anyone. Now I will play the game not from behind but out in the open. Ghasitaram first of all while driving a bike your focus should be on the road. If your focus is right than you will not be afraid. And once your fear has gone you will yourself start driving the bike. Come-on sit. Hello I am the same wrong number man speaking. I have heard that Mishraji knows your friend Patlu well. If you can help me connect with Patluji than I would come to know about Mishraji. Ok, Patlu knows him, I will make him talk to you. Hey Patlu, listen! Patlu, there is a call for you. Patlu you didn’t tell me that you know Mishraji. Take this please talk to him. From this time onwards if you call here than I will come inside the phone and beat you. Oh my lord! Patlu stop the bike. Motu what was the need to hand me the phone on a running bike? Do you know while you talk on a running bike how many accidents happen? Ghasitaram, now you have to learn to turn the bike left and right. Well done Ghasitaram, now one round more and then you can practice carefully on your own. Look here this is the brake, If you need anything then not suddenly but slowly apply brakes. Hey, all the best Ghasitey. Hands up or else bullets will be fired, quickly tell me whether Mishraji is at home or not? Oh my lord! Help! Who Mishraji? What Mishraji? I don’t know him. Ghasitaram you are still not that much expert that you can drive the bike by not holding onto the handle. Now hold onto the handle and apply the brakes. I learnt how to drive the bike. Ghasitaram, bike is a wonderful thing, you can do big works with it. The work which cannot be done by a car or a jeep that can be done using a bike. The day you will become an expert bike rider like us, you will start flying the bikes in air. These Motu Patlu are thinking themselves to be bike experts. They are talking about flying the bike in air. Today I will see how much expert they are? I will teach them a good lesson. John, where are you taking me? Mayor Sir, Motu and Patlu think that all the work can be done with bike. They have the habit of helping everyone, today I will see whether they can save you using a bike or not. Motu-Patlu, I have abducted mayor Sir. If you want to save him, then bring one crore cash in a bag. On the other side of the river on Ghasitaram’s bike. If you don’t come then I will kill Mayor. Today I will see the expert driving of your bike. Patlu now you only think of a way to save the Mayor. My brain does not work on an empty stomach. Come-on Motu we will show him how to drive a bike. Go Motu Patlu go, save the Mayor and bring John to me. Oh my lord! What are you doing? My new bike. No! Number one Number two think, what should we do in such a situation? Running away is better. You thought, I did. Thank you Motu Patlu. Mayor Sir, come on the bike, we have to go home. Number one number two pick up your boss and take him, tell him Mishraji is in prison.

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