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hi I’m Bella and I’m Elle and you
listening to Girl Talk where we talk about all these kinds of girl stuff like
slime makeup and TV shows food everything good girls like and today
we’re talking about our top three favorite TV shows one of the TV shows
that I like is fuller house it’s fuller house is the second version of full
house both shows are the same families it’s about family who goes who goes
through rough times but they still stick together my favorite character is Kimmy
who is played by aundrea barber I like her because she is goofy just like me
and she thinks outside the box and she’s always there for her family to make sure
that they’re okay and they check they check up on them every day and it’s so
cool it’s like my family I can relate to her because you know
she’s goofy and that’s who I am sounds like they’re meant to be connected
somehow I think that people would like enjoy the show not just kids but all
ages because it’s for kids and for adults it teaches them about family and
how you should stick together and how much your family loves you even though
they’re kind of disappointed in you or you did something wrong that they didn’t
like they still love you and that’s what matters
yeah and it’s just a great show and it’s on Netflix so it’s easy to reach it’s a
really good show and I would recommend it to all ages yeah equal let’s review
each show one of your favorite ships well one of my favorite shows and Liv
and Maddie my favorite character well I actually I like them both I can’t really
pick a change they’re both funny and live which he’s like sick of laughs very
funny it was hard things or songs or Shine’s
her right it’s very funny and Maddie’s to like sports and stuff you guys are
gonna like fashion one of my favorite episodes is what she’s like these shoes
oh yeah she even skipped her favorites for basketball it’s just like where this
is like I love these shoes my favorite shoes like have walk the runway you
haven’t even took lives deep in moment with our little oh yeah sparkly cheese I
think that limit Maddie is it just teaches you about sisterhood and it’s a
really good show I understand why you like it so much
yeah it’s the best show ever by Disney Channel yeah well anyways um Joey is
their older brother he’s really into cats which is very funny
he’s like for his Halloween costume he was a kitten with very humongous eyes oh
yeah how do you wear that show shirt that said Joey the cat it was like a
pageant oh my Joey Joey loves cat – Joey is the cat or something yeah something
like that anyways that episode was also really
funny yeah why do you like to live in value so much Wow I just like you
because it’s entertaining it’s very funny
like if you’re bored you don’t know what to do or you want to laugh you can
always depend on that show yeah yeah that’s great
whoo what’s character do the quest we look up to like who’s your figure that
you look up to it most um I’d be listened to live because she has great
fashion tips I’m not really that much into basketball so I don’t know about
that side of them she also he’s like proud it is so scary
which is actually not bad – but yeah she’s not cheering that’s kind of scary
below yeah well I can see that she’s taught you so many things because your
style is on point oh that’s my mom’s side
somebody good tips yeah well I have a lot of standard shows but one of those
one of another one of them is Alexa and Katie I’m not sure if you watch that but
it’s so good I watched it straight I watched it a second time and I’m
planning on doing that one when I get home but it’s about these two best
friends Alexa and Katie Alexa has cancer yeah
and her hair is falling out and she tells Katie SHhhh and she tells her what
she’s going through and how she can how she can help like Katie yes how can I
help and Katie decides that she wants to sit
next to her best friend so she does something crazy that is really real big
for his skits I would never do that like she do she shaved her head for her
cuz her hair’s falling out so she they had to shave her head because they just
wanted to fall out and have bald spots and you know like half hair half balls
yes nothing to shave their head and it’s really to me it’s really hard for them
because they’re going to high school and they don’t know how people react and I
can tell if they’re really scared that people will bully them or make fun of
them or not be their friends anymore why didn’t he Nia also shaved her head
well she shaved her head because she didn’t want her a left sided flow alone
and I can tell because I have well they were friends since they were babies and
I have a best friend too that I’ve known since I was a baby that I would do
anything for and I have I know how they feel like okay I know you’re going
through a tough time and I’m here to stick with you
um and I cried when she shaved her head for her best friend it was so hard for
me I was like wow but I’m sure that if I was in that situation or in a different
situation I would do that for my best friend too and risk my hair my beautiful
hair but you know it’s worth it because your friends are there no matter what
and this your friends go do something nice for you you have to do something
for them back because they’re your best friends in Iraq yeah it’s just
sisterhood you know how you have that feeling that you’re best friends your
sister cuz you know for such a long time when you’re so close
that’s how Alexa Katie are how do I say this processing this difficult time yeah
these feelings and these changes and I just I love it and my favorite character
is Alexa because she’s really strong she doesn’t let people break her down and if
they do she gets back up and trying to get you know and I look up to her
because she’s confident she’s strong and I want to be like that I wanna be strong
like my mom like my aya everyone I just want to be strong and I don’t want to
not take no for an answer and you know like yeah I will not take that I I am
strong and I’ll figure it out by myself if I have to they always fucked Alexa
always finds a way to make things right and I want to be exactly my current and
she’s like a sister thing she’s just really confident and I love that so much
about her and about all your girls actually like the more time that people
watch this show they’ll start believing in themselves more because a lot of
people out there don’t really think that they’re strong you know they don’t
really believe in themselves and I see billboards for Lex and Katy everywhere I
go and ten I’m walking down the street I see those little things when the benches
are oh yeah I’m good as buzzards little thinking myself wow they’re really
trying to sell this because it’s an important subject cancer it’s really
important yeah exactly I watched the first episode where she Katie brings him
the doughnuts and she’s so yeah did you think I’d chokolate in front of this
yeah it’s real it’s really it’s a pretty good show and I hope that everyone
watches it so they know that it teaches a lot about confidence and how to be
strong and a lot of people don’t again a lot of people don’t believe over
themselves exactly that’s a great show to prove them wrong like you have I want
you to have these in your self you are strong you’re a beautiful and you have
to believe exact answer I love so much about that show and I would suggest this
show to all ages because a lot of it doesn’t matter how old you are
how would your hair color is a lot of people are different that they have
exactly ins and they think that true facts but maybe wrong because people
have different minds they’re not all the same because if people were the same
Danny at me yeah chaos because everyone’s like I want this up I want
this to this as well oh yeah and people think that arguing is a bad thing to do
but you actually learn from it so that’s what this this TV show teaches
you a lot about like friendship and how you have to stick together
bad battery I important and it goes for family to the bob of Alexa gives great
advice she’s like okay I know you’re going into high school and when I was
going to high school it’s a rough time but you’re going to get through this
it’ll go like like that you won’t even know how fast it’s gonna go cuz yeah
you’re gonna you’re gonna do this you have your best friend
standing right next to you that’s I love about this show again recommend it to
all ages can watch it let your babies watch it
maybe it’ll learn something maybe their first words will be Alexa Katie yeah
it’s a yes then the first one would be Alexa oh yeah their first word would be
Alexa your very first watching somebody sings got something into my mind what
does that fit yeah I would recommend this to all ages it’s a really good show
what’s I’m gonna show that you like I like this show called spirit some people
are like oh it’s really little kids but I’m actually teaches lessons about
friendship it teaches how you can be brave it teaches how to understand
people it teaches that even if someone is not the nicest you can still count on
them exactly yeah yeah their needs you who cares you still can exactly I tried
to have connection with them yeah like at first Prince and Abigail like but I
don’t like that girl she’s talking with Marisa and she has big poufy dresses and
Marisol was like I don’t like horses and horse riding and stuff but
I’m lucky also known as Fiona or something like that it’s like fan
something bantams Oh something Spanish I know anyways
lucky so she’s like wait this is John who I am but she’s never run in a horse
before she comes in these horse clothes oh my god oh she’s one of us but I don’t
really trust her that much exactly but then they go to the canyon where Lucky’s
dad mr. Prescott is bombing the canyon for the railroad and Geo’s who sank
something she’s never ran a horse in her life and this wild horse wild named well
she named it spirit because it has a big spirit um it comes picks her up and
she’s on she’s like falling off just terrified it’s going so fast it’s not
just like it’s going like this it’s like it’s fast for her first time ever and no
one’s guiding it it just was doing free exactly and then it like kicks her up
and then she’s she’s believing in her and she hold on tight though that’s but
yeah that’s for sure if I would otherwise force how it hold on and it’s
your first time apples on my knee and you had no idea that you’re after you
don’t know how it’s gonna end like it’s gonna end well yeah god it’s gonna
happen and it’s the most dangerous situation to go in your to do your first
horse riding to go into a canyon that’s been bombing you don’t even know how to
ride a horse I mean wow what a risk-taker is that yeah whoa oh yeah
nothing so that’s right adults you probably know how to write I don’t know
yeah take a risk sometime hard hard and then the horse comes in dudes like
oh this is not a bike here I’m offering myself here oh yeah
yeah I watch I watch a couple episodes of that and I really haven’t been
keeping up but it’s from what I’ve seen it’s a really good show it is very good
like in one of the episodes ourselves like really mean she’s like always so
selfish but after they ask her and the birthday becomes prudence best birthday
cuz there’s no bee stings it just complete chaos but it’s like a fun chaos
exactly so yeah I also recommend that show like 90 percent yeah because a lot
of people even though they might be in the first scene yeah always gonna end up
really nice sometimes because they’re gonna burn when you’re like if you’re
selfish or you are mean to someone my mom tells me this is my ayah is
someone’s being neat you know they’re probably just Joseph you exactly but
then Marisol like she would come so nice study she was like on their sides even
then she never around the horse and she actually saves lucky like there’s a
winter storm and the everyone is sick and those two are the only ones who
aren’t sick I don’t have the flu that might kill you and they go in the
freezing cold Marisol is like I don’t want to ride a horse so she goes in the
back and they write off they say they get all the medicine they say the doctor
they save the horses and they go and then let me gets lost you know Mary saw
us she doesn’t go and just wait there for her she goes out she goes back out
again I mean even though you’re mean to someone and you still have to you can’t
even feel it happen yeah you can go up and save your friend you know like
you’re right Alice what who’s your favorite character and who do you look
up to the bus I’ll look up to lucky the most but I like prudence
she’s very country she’s very brave she believes in herself and scared like she goes to jump on to a
vine and then she just gets stuck in the middle of a canyon but lucky is also Wow
she went she jumped she could have fell into the canyon and died she’s a risk
risk too yeah yeah exactly she went she saved
Abigail and herself and her dad because her dad was on the train and they would
have found to the canyon so yeah I like prunes and lucky those two are probably
my favorite yeah even though people make fun of you or they’re mean to you
you can’t stop not being yourself because that’s how you are and if you
change something might happen that’s not according a plan it won’t be yourself it
won’t be you you’re gonna feel different you’re gonna feel weird even though
everybody else is gonna be like but you don’t feel like it because you’re not
being yourself you’re being someone else and just because you’re you’re weird in
a good way or you’re creative and people don’t like that who cares that’s to you
and you have to stay herself don’t don’t take advice of mean things out other
people think just stupid take the advice from your friends take the events from
good people don’t care what other people think
care what you think exactly and don’t even just at one point like someone’s
making you to you they automatically mean I think they give you advice yeah I
think before you do something thing like okay are they trying to set me up okay
are they trying to do something about know about they like the cousin he does
a bunch of nice stuff and then he steals all the money exactly he’s like oh I’m
gonna fix it but all he does this takes paint and draw a lightning bolt on the
little ride that you have to be careful who you’re friends with because they
might be friends with you just for your stuff like money exactly or your toys
your shell exactly because when you bring some times what I see people bring
stuff to school and then people want to play with it and then the person who
brought the stuff in school they hate what hang out and they’re like no but
then when they bring some stuff back like oh my gosh we should hang out you
can’t just be someone’s friend as for their stuff exactly often you have to be
friends with them just not because of their stuff because of who they are if
you really like this person be there Fred not because of your stuff like how
we became friends and real quick get him become my friends for my stuff exactly
your friends for your stuff family it came friends and a fifth naturally we
connected somehow we exactly I got to know each other and that’s that’s what
Fred friendship has to be that’s how it’s me you have to really know someone
to really like connect with them that I have to know you can’t speak okay your
friend doesn’t know nothing about them and then hang out other stuff that’s
just been horrible that’s really so what’s your last favorite show my last
favorite show is Amy back now I would suggest this to ages 10 and up because
it’s about four friends and middle schools will go through some dramatic
things and changes yeah I want to decipher tentative please do not watch
that if you’re being childish yeah it’s kind of dramatic and you will understand
but I think it’s a really good show because it prepares you for the real
world exactly but there’s like okay you’re just gonna happen dad like even
though my 9 I can understand the show and I gr can get with it I’m not just
like what what’s happening I don’t exactly like I’m mature for my
exactly like if you’re if you think that you wouldn’t understand this show some
whatever best if you just watch it to be like your brain will turn to mush if you
just watch it to watch it if you don’t watch it again advice if you don’t want
to take get prepared yeah because if you don’t know what they’re saying it’s like
gibberish to you exactly it’s like someone saying like no one out here
today is gonna understand me if I spoke like that the whole entire day is not me
so I think that Andy back should be this one turning up but it’s a really good
show it is brilliant see not its teaches you about friendship and it’s
not just about going through middle school and all these changes
there are some family problems in there too and it teaches you if you’re ever
ever going through this problem with your family
don’t worry because everything anything bad could end up really well exactly
and you don’t have to be afraid just if you are confused or you’re uncomfortable
with a family problem go to a family member talk to them about or go to a
friend even a teacher because your teachers there for you to have you mija
that’s with your teacher um that’s what I love about the show and my favorite
character is Buffy and there to catch you up a little bit the four friends are
auntie and tyrants Buffy and Jonah um axe axe Cyrus’s buddy um Buffy is
confident and she’s strong yeah and she stands by her friends and I
look up to her because that’s what I would do
I I fight for my friends if someone if I see one of my friends getting hurt or
they fell and hurt themselves just be like I’m gonna stand the situation my
god you help them because they’re your friends that’s what I’m there for
yeah your friends aren’t there just like take your stuff or exact talk to you
when they’re bored it’s learn there they go to help you through the problems
exactly they’re here they’re there to have some way and not make you feel
alone Oh anyways the others show I was talking about I finally figured out the
name lucky is Fortuna fortunate okay yeah
it’s remind us what that’s wonderful yes okay yeah Buffy is strong and there
was a loving like there was this one point in the show where her mom was in
the army and she found out that she joined the basketball team
yeah I about that her mom was coming home and Buffy Buffy was on the
best-quality was hard for her because there was no girls basketball to you and
she signed up for the boys basketball team and when I what I saw that look
okay she’s fighting for what she wants to do and on the boys are like oh you
can’t do it it’s the boy basketball team but I can do whatever she wants
exactly she’s fighting for her rights to play basket it’s like and the long
I’m going Rosa Parks would stamp it up first just because it’s just some weird
see you know it doesn’t matter where you send us about your race it is about your
color you can sit wherever you want exactly exactly that’s why I look to
Rosa Parks today but because I feel like they have a connection they fight for
what they want exactly they won’t let so they don’t take no for it and that
Marcos Mejia came yeah he had a dream and he make that dream come true examine
those the people are they still have different opinions in this world it’s ok
it’s up to you to make sure that you know what you believe in exactly and
don’t worry about other people because people right get in your head and they
might confuse you exactly if they get into your head you’re gonna become
someone else not you you really are don’t change Fred you wanna live for you
really are that’s what I think Buffy is trying to send a message in this show
like don’t be don’t be all Oh exactly don’t change for anyone because you’re
yourself Gabe you hard if you used to like uh if you were on the boys
basketball team in an area and then all the girls are like you should be doing
girly stuff like painting in here exactly don’t go on to their side and
ugh I wish I could do basketball exactly you don’t have to follow everyone if
they tell you to do something you have the power to say no I’m gonna do this
and I’m going to do it and you are like it or not our programs that you speak
with yes or no not yes it is hisses yes that’s why they invented dope just to
choose between those family if someone says jump off a building because your
friend did are you gonna do it no just because your friend into something you
have to do it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea that’s why I really like the game
of truth or dare they hack something staring into something really weird or
really dangerous yeah like if something is there doesn’t mean that word if
someone says each ink from a category in from time who’s gonna do that I mean you
can’t risk your life just fertile a weird word called dare or game my exact
it’s horrible and then truth why did they need to know your personal life
please just because it’s it’s like illegal if you don’t answer it’s not you
know I’m sure gonna go to prison this you know it’s exactly that everyone’s
like you’re lying if you don’t answer you’re not like you don’t answer it you
can choose not to play the game either because again you have the power to say
two words yes or no you do not only have two priorities say yes someone who’s
gonna be like choose there and then you can say no you don’t have to say yes
link if they say truth or dare which one do you want and then you you don’t
always have to say oh I want truth because they can go into like really
further into your personal life and if they promise sometimes people promise
you with oh I won’t tell anybody don’t worry cuz your crush I won’t tell
anyone yeah you’re gonna trust people that you really don’t have a connection
with exactly right go tell people yeah and even if you do have like a friend
that you can really trust you can’t always trust them what if they’re like
oh only tell this other friend that I really really trust her I know that she
went to but then they can go on and on and on then the whole school starts to
bully you exactly and I think Buffy is strong exactly and she won’t she won’t
let people bring her down she those characters that I ventured
Kimmy Gibbler for fuller house Alexa from Alexa Katie and Buffy from Andy
back those three people they all end up in it and they’re Strunk and they won’t
let people bring them dance actually or take advantage of them exactly they
won’t they’re they’re only word it’s not yes they’re only words or yes or no
exactly you don’t have to choose which mean this in not it’s not just for
chanting you know because sometimes feels like total it mom this just thing
is to everything I say that’s not true that’s not sometimes when when your mom
is saying no or your dad is saying though or any that family members are
saying though they’re just that is in you completely 100 percent okay that’s
even better than just saying Ethel because if they say mom do you think I
should stop knife in my hand and then they’re like
no sweetie you can’t see even though you want to be close with your daughter or
you might be close with your son doesn’t mean that you have to make them think
that oh yeah she’s closer to a yes luck just say them and protect them
yeah yeah exactly for people who are listening I’m fella now and this is the
part of voices and again we will be doing a lot of different topics of
setting yeah each set day it’s okay you can quell it okay generally say just
go L don’t you have one last show you want to talk about cuz you guys have
three minutes left so don’t you have one last show and then you guys will wrap it
up do you have breasts showed this one yes a series of unfortunate a little bit
right you’re there people always think that it’s really creepy but it’s a good
show to watch I mean you can be scared and you don’t have to watch it but you
have to listen to people they tell you tips from that show because the olders
there’s an older sister Violet boy that’s in the middle who is Klaus and
the youngest one who was Sonny and they all stick together their parents got
burned on fire by one of them is still surviving and they met the is a door and
Duncan they’re another family and their parents work hardest thing called VSP
and they’re all trying to like figure out what we have deep but what it really
stands for what they’re trying to figure out is volunteers of the fire department and one of the family members from the
quick Myers and the Baudelaires the Baudelaires are violet and the funds
and the clear eyes are as a door or Duncan and there is another 1000 are the
Quinn Myers that died in the fire too how does your favorite character in this
nation and this TV show I like violet even if something is about
to get her and really bad trouble like there’s this man called count all Olaf
who’s trying to steal violets fortune the Baudelaire fortune and she stands up
for herself he said oh I’m gonna marry you but it was a play they’re like oh
I’m gonna marry you for real and they actually did the whole entire real thing
but violet sided with her left hand so that she won’t get in trouble during the
play and so that he thought that you can
marry that he could marry her so I know he’s only crying because she’s confident
to stand up for her family and she doesn’t only think about herself she
will save her family members and what ages do you suggest
um for this TV show it’s kind of scary for kids like seven and under so I would
suggest maybe if you’re a mature eight year old but mostly I’d suggest nine and
over and over okay again I listen to the girl talk on the
power of voices radio and we’ll see you next time bye you

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