Going home (Lanikai Pillbox hike)

Say I think I can I think I can’t If you’re new here this is my husband Sione and I’m Alana We believe that life is full of limitless lessons and adventures our recent goal is to video and blog about at least 100 of them before the end of 2020 During our 14 and a half years of marriage Sione and I have lived in Hawaii, Utah, Nevada, and now in Washington state However we will always consider Hawaii to be our home If you’ve been following along you may have heard my step sister passed away and so we found ourselves going on an unexpected trip back home to Hawaii and while we were there we wanted to make sure that we squeezed in as much family time as we possibly could Those are my big little brothers oh it’s a hamburger We are going on a hike today and we get to go with a few of my favorite people You know Sione This is Who are you? Kekoa This is my brother Kekoa You probably remember Kawehi And then there’s my brother Ikaika and his wife Faith The hike is quite short and just under 2 miles but because of the trail itself I’d consider it more on the moderate scale of difficulty It is narrow and it can be crowded and it is good to take note of the fact that it can be windy and there is no shade until you hit the military bunkers at the top We’re hiking Pillbox and apparently the very first part of the hike is the most difficult part of the hike Gotta make it extra dramatic There were several times throughout this hike that Kekoa actually wanted to give up and go home He was hot and he was tired but because he had all of us around him to support him we didn’t let him give up Say I can do it I can do this Ok let’s go Go up there and drink some water We stopped every chance we could to let him take a breather and to let him celebrate every little victory Ready This is my Hawaiian paradise! Oh he’s got all this energy now The views once we got to the the bunker were amazing but more than anything we were all collectively just super proud of Kekoa for not giving up and making it to the top I’m doing super You’re doing super Yeah you did it good job say I made it I made it to the military part It is hard but it’s not hard when you reach your goals Yup you did it say I did it I think I did it Did you want to give up Like my dad and mom always told me if you give up and something is very hard for you keep trying Keep trying Are you proud of yourself Just proud of my sister that made it to the
flight and I’m glad I’m here for hiking Get to the bunker Do they have food service in this one I’m hunkered Oh you’re hunkering or you’re bunkering She’s hunkered in a bunker He made it You’re such a clown Alright I’m done Let’s get out of here Prison break And this guy’s scared of heights Alright some other heights not as high as the Space Needle but we’re pretty close to the edge This is what I mean like I’ll get close to the edge It’s not a straight drop so I’d probably roll a little bit before I’d actually fall so it’s not that bad So it’s not that scary We came We conquered It’s hot Going down is going to be a bit of a slippery slope We’ll see how we do You got this Come on Look you made it It is finished Welcome to the ground life Now you can drink lots of water Should we call the helicopter now Sit in some AC My mouth is dry Yeah ‘cause you’re thirsty While we believe that the life lessons we can learn from these mini-adventures are endless sometime they’re not as easy to identify right off the back However when we went on this hike to the Lanikai Pillboxes it became very clear very quickly by just observing my brother Kekoa what this life lesson would be A major key to success is to surround yourself with the kind of people who make it difficult to give up on yourself and your dreams Surround yourself with those that will support encourage and believe in you especially in those moments when you may lack belief in yourself Do this and it will be difficult not to succeed One two three Go Wow Did you see me the first time Nah I saw you and I was like oh that’s
just Sione and then I felt something

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