100 thoughts on “Goodbye Joergen – LWIAY #0082

  1. "Cactus=cactus, carpet=carpet, toad=toad" 💀 bruh that's not what any of those mean it's watermelon, Redstone block, etc.

  2. “WHAT? You’ve never played Minecraft survival simulator? Pssssssssssshhhhh. You know it’s fun, right? I’m not supposed to give my opinion but it’s addicting.”

  3. Jeb_ and dinnerbone is true you can do it if you call a sheep jeb_ it will be a rainbow sheep/water sheep..! And if you call anything for dinnerbone then they will be up side down!

  4. it took 1 month and 2 days for "it's still ironic, it's still ironic" to become "this is totally unironic at this point"

  5. The fly was so excited to make an appearance in a LWIAY video that can’t control itself…

    But it got screamed at u_u

  6. If you name a sheep jeb_ then the sheep will turn rainbow ^^ I’ve tried it before. However I forgot what happens when you name an animal dinnerbone.

  7. Im finnish and you know finland is next to sweden and my dad mostly speak swedish so i know swedish very well!

  8. Ligit, I just came here to hear the intro, because that jingle been playing on repeat in my head for the past half hour.

  9. Pewdiepie follow a tip of lie
    Throw trident at mushroom: mush room died

    To get scute you need to kill baby turtle breed a turtle and kill bebe turts
    If you not want to not be dead on water do tthis if not……

  10. felix please do Dinnerbone and jeb_ they’re actually really cool take it from the more advanced civilization of 10 year olds

  11. calling a sheep “jeb_” seriously does give you a cool surprise no joke i’m not letting a sheep in your mine craft world die.

    don’t for get the underscore

  12. Hey guys!! I have a YT channel pls check it out. It is not rly good cuz I just started but pls just give me a chance it means the world to me

  13. Felix: "im a minecraft veteran"
    Me: u dont even trust true minecraft information. If he was a minecraft veteran he would know dat right.
    1:29 – 2:09

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