100 thoughts on “GoPro Skate: Streets of Tokyo

  1. each of you in the video need to learn how to skate properly such a waste of time to watch this video. THANKS MY LATER

  2. God damit Gopro! i do really love your videos but this is one of those great examples where i f***ing wish you'd just tell us the name of the songs you use not just the website where its from or at least the link to the used songs!!!!!! i'd really appreciate it if you'd notice my comment and take actions!!! thx
    a long time viewer

  3. Why are all my GoPro videos shaky? I usually use my dslr to film with a fisheye. But I had my GoPro in Philly and my bro and I tried to get the footage smooth. We had a cam caddie type handle and it was so shaky still. Tips??

  4. Hi GoPro….This is Travelzoo HK. We found this video really interesting and should impress our HK audience. Would you mind if we share on our facebook page, please? The gang is so cool….Thank you.

  5. Sick video and definitely learned some shooting tips from this. Im shocked they were able to use the drone though. Always thought they were banned in downtown Tokyo. I might have to telook into that before I drive back down there

  6. is 16 too late to start skating? I can do olies, pop shovits, 180s and a few other basic tricks. And I am not the best at riding at bowls and stuff because I have only skated at them about 3 times in my life. But I still manage to be able to ride at ramps and stuff. I haven't spent really much time skating in my life which I really wish I did instead I just ingnored skating because of the skate parks that where far away, had no friends wanting to go with me, didn't have a good skateboard and I couldn't afford to buy new shoes all the time. I've always have wanted to go with my friends to the skatepark and learn new tricks but never gotten a chance to do these things. Is it to late for me to become good at skating?

  7. バカだろ?石垣で遊ぶな、研磨された石は高価だぞ、他人の建物破壊すんな。道路で遊ぶな。街中の歩道の手すりは遊具じゃ無い。・・・日本に来なくて良いよ。・・ウッドデッキも痛むだろ。公共の場で遊ぶな。

  8. at 2:30 mark, can you tell me where that is shot in Japan? Traveling to Tokyo next Friday and looking for locations to do some surf skating.

  9. 公道でのスケートボードの使用は道路交通法違反の可能性があります!

  10. haha, this was really nice! I enjoyed seeing all the falls at the end to be honest, makes me feel better knowing that everyone has some awkward and sometimes hilarious falls once in a while, not just me =,)

  11. Man, I skated with Chris Cole's twin a week ago. He's in my last upload video. Took me 3 hours before someone helped me think of who he looked like. Looks just like him. Love the editing on this one. Very similar to my style. This is one of my favorites so far.

  12. The Australian guys comment about Leticia Bufoni being very surprised how an Outstanding Street Skateboarder she is, what he was thinking for a Female lame sexist way of thinking not cool she's a Skateboarder why bring gender into the mix ?!

  13. They for sure couldve found a better girl.. I see people at the skatepark doing more impressive shit than that. The only trick she did out of a grind was disguisingly sketchy. But this was legit. Great video for sure.

  14. スケーターアンチたまにいるけど

  15. Qotd:What's your favourite skate trick to do? Maotd:Ollies even though I can barely do it properly. 1st reply gets a follow on Instagram.

  16. "Ah yeah we just found Spots on the fly"…. next shot: " Ey yo you local here? Can we go to that one spot? that specific one? With the banks?"

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