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On this celebrity watch collection advice,
we’re gonna be going over big money businessman Grant Cardone’s collection. [opening music] So this is a little bit different than a celebrity
watch review because some of these other reviews that I’ve done in the past where there’s an
actual score, it’s a bit different because I feel like those people that I’ve reviewed
are one, hardcore collectors that really have sought out some pretty heavy, amazing pieces
and they know what they want, and they’ve been doing this for a very long time. But this particular episode is gonna be a
little bit different. I wanna go over Grant Cardone’s collection. Now I’ve seen him curate some pieces over
the last couple of years and he’s really stepped it up a heavy notch with those Pateks that
he’s bought. I mean, I think everybody agrees that we would
have wanted to buy those Pateks right when they came out and they were just a little
bit over retail, but his commitment to the game with that heavy piece says a lot. And I wanna go over a little bit about his
watches and what I recommend that maybe he should be looking to buy as well. So I’ve seen several videos in the past where
Grant’s showing his collection and he’s got a couple of pieces. He’s got that Roger Dubois piece. He’s got a couple Franck Mullers, couple Hublots. I mean, look the first thing I wanna say is,
I’ve been down that route. I’ve done all of that. I’ve made those mistakes. I’ve bought watches just because I was like…they
were cool at the moment or you know how it is man. I mean, you know sometimes it’s an impulse
buy. Sometimes is just because you genuinely like
it and the watch that I love today might not be the watch that I love tomorrow. But the idea is to get as much advice as possible
and know where you’re going. And one of the most important things in having
a great collection long term is having somebody to advise you which way to go. So usually, these guys that have these really
heavy collections rely on a couple of dealers/consultants that guide them in the right steps to go in
the right direction in order to get this collection going. Not everybody has enough time to invest into
this game to know it all. They still need that person that’s gonna get
them the right pieces. That being said, you’ve gotten a good amount
of watches and those last two Pateks are really for me the crowning jewels of that collection. Some of the other pieces are not as great. Fine, no problem! Who hasn’t done it? Lord knows I have several that I’ll never
wear again. That PAM 164 that you have, great watch. I wore one and I beat it to shit. I mean I used it over and over and it’s a
great watch, not to mention Panerai was booming five years ago. I mean, it was really a different look of
sophistication at the time. Gotta love that jubilee band 36 millimeter. I mean, you could never forget the first good
watch that you have or the first good Rolex. That’s very important. I mean, you could never let that go. I’ve always said that my first good watch
I would get rid of every single watch, God willing never have to get rid of that first
one. That’s the one that you wanna keep closest
because for me it’s the one that means the most. That being said, I think there’s a lot of
room for expansion to some crazier pieces and we’re not talking about these off-the-wall
pieces. I mean, you’ve got this interesting Richard
Mille. The guy likes Richard Mille. He’s going around it, but he’s kind of like,
he’s not really sure if he wants to get these Richard Milles. I get it, you know, he’s standing there at
the end of the roller skating rink seeing everybody go by and looking for a moment to
step into the wood floor. But I think the problem with Richard Mille
is you just gotta know what you’re buying. An RM11-03 blues John Todd edition I just,
I think it’s overpriced. I think it’s crazy. I don’t see the value there. There are watches after all. Who puts a price on these anyway? But that blue John Todd is just too much and
it’s a blue watch. I think a rose gold RM11 is really the way
to go. I mean, you can’t go wrong with that. I get the standard RM 11 rose gold, titanium
sides, done! Pay a little bit over retail. We’re not talking about family heirloom here. We’re not trying to keep this thing till the
end of time. Buy the RM11, rock it for a while and dump
it with minimal loss. Can’t be as bad as the losses we’ve all taken
with these Hublots. I mean, wow! I had a client of mine lose $260,000 on a
Hublot King Power tourbillon he bought eight years ago right in the boom of things. You see, that was a little bit more easier
to see coming. Hublot didn’t really have any quality inside
of the watch as opposed to, for example, Richard Mille. Richard’s got a whole lot more worth. There’s a lot more going on there and they
haven’t necessarily whored out the brand like some of these others. So I don’t foresee them every tanking like
Hublot or a Franck Muller because one, they gotta a lot more money into them, into the
actual watch as opposed to these other ones. Now, nothing safer than a Patek and even in
today’s market, Pateks looking a little bit shaky. At least with the Nautiluses all being inflated. That being said, I think you got room for
a Celestial in your collection. The 6102 is stunning masterpiece watch. I mean, that’s something that money in the
bank. It’s not over inflated in price. Heavy, heavy piece. Good size too because not many of these Pateks
with the leather strap have a good size, but the Celestial for me has always been a favorite
and it’s obviously the perfect watch to wear with a suit and that of sorts. So you might wanna think about something like
that as well. I see you got some APs and that’s good. I mean, AP is one of my go-to brands, but
you might wanna perhaps maybe think about some of the ultra-thins Royal Oaks in tourbillon. Now, we’re talking! Something a little bit more heavy, a little
bit more sophisticated. Not so crazy like a Concept. You see the Concepts are not that easy to
wear, really bulky and not that easy in the market to acquire or sell, but the Royal Oak
tourbillons are definitely heavy pieces that are beautiful and timeless overall. I mean, I get it. When you end up buying a 40th Anniversary
Nautilus, you kind of thing yourself, “Well, what do I get now?” It’s a good question. Sometimes believe it or not you go back to
the beginning and start again, and get something maybe not so crazy and get some of the ones
you missed before. Now, for Rolex it might be a little bit more
challenging because it would go down more to personal reference, you know? Diamonds are not for everyone. I for one have worn watches with diamonds
in the past that are aftermarket, but the ones that I really are attracted to the most
if I was gonna go that route would be the factory stuff; and Rolex has some stunning
factory pieces like the GMTs and some of the Subs, the white gold exactly that comes with
the blue sapphires and stuff like that. I mean, those pieces that are heavy, heavy,
and they hold a lot of value, are exclusive, and they look really nice. Something about that factory diamond work
on Rolex is just, is on another level, but it’s also a great investment piece. “Investment,” I get it, but it’s not like
you’re throwing money away. Some of these other watches out there it’s
just pissing it in the wind. You gotta buy what you want, but it’s a lot
funner when you buy the right stuff. So in conclusion, Grant’s got a lot of potential
to have a heavy, heavy long term collection and we look forward to sticking around and
seeing where he takes and where he goes with this passion for watches. The guy clearly likes watches. I can just tells the way he talks about them. So feel free to comment below how you feel
about Grant Cardone’s watch collection and don’t forget to hit the notifications bell
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