Gridwork for horses

Gridwork for horses

Instructor: Sit and use your legs. Instructor: Come on! Instructor: Sit, sit. Instructor: Nice! Instructor: Use your legs. Instructor: Nice! Instructor: Sit and look up. Instructor: Nice. Instructor: Come on! Instructor: Rein tension and canter. Instructor: Hold him, hold him, hold him, hold him. Instructor: Come on. Instructor: Come on, next! Instructor: Blend the elbow, please! Instructor: Keep the rein tension, keep the rein tension. Mom: Of course. Instructor: You’re weaker than anything Instructor: If we’re jumping at canter, you have to canter! Instructor: And between the jumps hold him a little! Instructor: And between the jumps, blend your shoulders and hold him a little because if not you fit in. Instructor: Use your legs! Instructor: Use your legs and still! Instructor: Come on, do it again! Instructor: Look up between the jumps! Instructor: Still, still, still, still. Instructor: What distance did you get to the first pole?

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  1. Wow great job ! Has Vega's Star still the same bit ? Because it was really good I found ! And sorry if you said it in the description I really don't understand spanish xD ❤

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