Halloween Battle! The Key Of Awesome #49

Halloween Battle!  The Key Of Awesome #49

Oh yeah I smell candy corn and drunk women. Halloween must here GIRLS
On Halloween we rule the night!
Our boobs are squeezed our pants are tight! DEEJAY
I feel like Lawrence of Arabia right now, cus I’m seeing a lot of camel toe out there MARK
Inside the club it’s a treasure of chests
But outside in the line it’s a sausage fest TODD
The bouncer guards the door like hipster sphinx
This night’s is more annoying than Jar Jar Binks Hey sexy nurse, you could make me cough
Was your costume on sale cus it is half off MARK
We’re totally sexy we’re totally hot
What do those witches got that we ain’t got TODD
We’s could walk around all scantily clad MARK
Wait a second that idea ain’t half bad
It’s time to break free of Halloween oppression To be a sexy bee that is the question
Take the costume your wearing and chop it in half BUZZ
We’re putting the ween back in Halloween MARK
If we all band together then no one will laugh BUZZ
I feel like Charlie Sheen cus I’m “Hallowinning” MARK
Move aside bouncer lest you want to feel pain
You’re standin’ on the tracks of the sexy man train DEEJAY
Alright ladies put those hands up. I wanna see you! So we can show you out the door, That’s right make room for the guys!
It’s about 95 degrees sexius in here!!! Don’t be jealous cus the fellas really brought it this year. FRENCH MAID
You can’t be sexy No freakin’ way
You spoiled our night now it’s time to pay MARK
Yeah, Witches, Nurses, Jackie O,
A French Maid, A mermaid ,Marylin Monroe TODD
You’re dead in the water, we’re doin’ it better
We got a smokin’ hot Freddy in a tiny sweater MOM
I’m dressed up as a sexy mom
Wearing only a baby and five coupons BUZZ
I’m your worst nightmare a Sexy Buzz Lightyear JACKIE O
You might want to think about switching to light beer LIBRIRIAN
Shhh, I’m a sexy librarian CONAN
Well I’m Conan O’Brian Barbarian HOMELESS STRIPPER
I’m a homeless stripper and I’m lookin’ splendid
I’ll leave you horny, and a little offended PUMPKIN KING
You’ve awakened the spirit of The Pumpkin King By dressing up in costumes that are obscene
On Halloween’s you should be horrifying as hell Instead you’re out here whore-ifying yourselves
You guys are scary but in the wrong way Are you about to sing YMCA?
If I wanted you to be half naked outside I would’ve put the holiday in freakin’ July
Cover yourself for the love of Candy Hey, ladies, I was mostly talking to the guys. Need a ride home?
Have you ever ridden in an SUV limo I’ve got one right outside. It’s got a Jacuzzi, and I make a mean pumpkin cosmo Hey nurse lady. Where do you work? Slutty Sloan Kettering?

100 thoughts on “Halloween Battle! The Key Of Awesome #49

  1. Who's the sexy maid? She looks like Sweden princess Madeline, but I doubt that you actually got her in the show 😀 

  2. Like the part when the girl in the black say u can't be sexy no freaking way u spoiled our night now its time to pay than the guy in the yellow costume says witches and something else than at the end he says Marilyn Monroe

  3. Honestly, it sucks how sexualized Halloween gets. Not just for girls, either. Halloween is the time for tping some guys house and scaring the shit out of kids. But hey, if you wanna dress up in a bra and g string, grab a tail and cat ears and call it a night… I don't care. I just miss being able to actually scare people!

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  5. carlie sheen cause I'm hallowinning
    suppose to be horrifying as h*ll but you're out here looking horrifying as h*ll
    had me dying, so good

  6. "If I wanted people half naked outside I would have put the holiday IN FREAKIN JULY!" So THAT'S what July 4th is really about, independence from clothes.

  7. I'd dress sexy and I'd get sexy wit my fellow lady's 👯👩‍❤️‍👩💁🏿👮🏿‍♀️👩🏿‍⚕️🕵🏿‍♀️👩🏿‍🍳👩🏿‍💼👩🏿‍🔬👩🏿‍✈️👸🏿👩🏿‍🚀

  8. Jackie O Halloween costumes seem a little tasteless, cause I saw a girl dressed as Jackie and she had fake blood all over the dress during November

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