HALTI XPD 2 Hiking Tent Review – Camping in New Zealand

HALTI XPD 2 Hiking Tent Review – Camping in New Zealand

HIKING TENT HALTI XPD 2 On our world trip our home comes with us wherever we hike to. It’s like a seashell on a hermit crabs back. Which allows us to sleep wherever we desire. From our assembled two-room apartments terrace we have seen some of the finest New Zealand sceneries. One hike after the other. This two person tunnel tent is quick and easy to assemble. All three aluminium poles are clearly color coded. So during assembly you don’t have to gamble which pole goes where? The tent should be set up pointing the direction of the wind. Which makes the ventilation work the best possible way. The waterproof outer fabric and breathable inner fabric are all assembled the same time. At best our carry on home is assembled for sleeping in less than two minutes. The tent is anchored securely to the ground with wedged aluminium pegs. The tents ropes are very strong and have a handy tightening mechanism. Which allow stretching of the outer fabric really tight. Ropes don’t get tangled because they are separately stored in small pouches on the outside. Between the inner and outer fabric there is enough air space where the air can move freely thanks to the adjustable vents. This prevents moisture gathering in the inside of the tent fabric. This three season hiking tent is perfect for rapidly changing climates Thanks to it’s wedge shape the tent can withstand heavy winds. The waterproof polyester fabric and it’s rip-stop weaving have definitely proven it’s power under 3 days of heavy rainfall. Our two-room houses’ vestibule is very spacious. We use it as storage for our packs, equipment, food and hiking shoes. When it rains, we turn it into a kitchenette. Where we can prepare a delicious diner without getting wet. Useless space has been minimized to make the tent as small and light as possible Our travel home weighs only 3,7 kg The tent comes with small pockets for little things. Wet socks after a long hike can be hanged on strings found inside. Our bedroom is a bit low, so you have to hunch your back if you want to sit. That’s all forgiven, thanks to the wide space for comfortable sleeping. Two people can sleep in this tent extremely comfortably. Unlike hermit crabs, we don’t hide inside our home for safety. At dusk the tent is easy to pack and carry away. We grab our shell and head towards new adventures!

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  1. miten tiesitte että mihin sai jättää teltan vai jätittekö vain?
    telttailitteko vain uudessa seelannissa vai muuallakin maailmalla?
    oliko teltta koko reissun (alusta asti) mukananne vai ostitteko matkalta ja toitteko tesen mukananne suomeen myittekö vai postititteko?
    oliko teillä makuupussit/alustat koko reissun mukana vai vuokrasitteko?
    ja kyllä aloitin teidän videoitten katdomisen taas alusta sillä olette vaan niin hyviä tallettamaan fiiliksen ja maisemat ja tarinan videolle =)

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