Häng med mig ♥ Stallet (i samarbete med Hööks) ♥ FMA to the stable ♥ English subtitles

Häng med mig ♥ Stallet (i samarbete med Hööks) ♥ FMA to the stable ♥  English subtitles

Hi! Today me and my sister are going to the stable and I plan on doing a Follow Me Around and we have a very nice outfit which we’re going to show, this video is sponsored by Hööks this will be so much fun, I’ve had this outfit on my wishlist for such a long time but first…..waffles yummy we’ve been occupied with the bunnies the whole day, well, a few times during the morning rather we’ve been moving their pasture because the summerhouse is going to be built so we wanted to move them, but they didn’t seem to be happy so we moved them back then we made a bigger pasture but now we’re done and are going to the stable it’s 11 a.m. and I believe it’s March 30, it must be, it was 29 yesterday so I guess so it’s time to leave for the stable now we’ve arrived at our destination welcome to the stable we’ve got all our stuff we’re going up we should start with changing saddle pad, shouldn’t we? it’s a little rainy sort of drizzle, help, my cellphone is getting wet now we’ve changed saddle pad now we’re going to clean out the box Boppan is in this little pen at the moment, why it’s beeping I’ve no idea oops, what a sound, there she is here’s her box with poop I got an order from Ida that I have to pack the hay for tomorrow so that’s what I’m going to pack in this pink bag see if we can find….. where are you going to stand is the question there you can stand….very well, very well packing, packing “packa pappas kappsäck” (=packing dad’s suitcase) after this I’ll help cleaning out the box now I’m done packing sun, you’re burning – now I’m going to clean
– you are? tomorrow…there some things to do tomorrow as well shall I take the green one or the pink one? pink now I put you here, and we’re going to do some work here so nice she needs some minerals here we have minerals now I’m going to fetch 2 dl concentrates and 1 dl oats, be right back what did you say? 2 dl concentrates and 1 dl oats no, 1 dl concentrates! one?? – yes
– but it says two here – it says one, doesn’t it?
– no it says two and then she’ll also get some of this Hoof Builder it’s something extra she gets for her hooves because she doesn’t wear any horseshoes so we give her some vitamins and minerals for the hooves now I’m going to clean it’s already done good teamwork, my friend! are we going to Boppan now? Boppan… you are probably the one one who calls her Boppan that’s sort of dignified all our nice nicknames…. in that video in which they asked about Boppan there we mentioned all nicknames for her, I think the amount has increased after that where are you going this I’ll put in her trough what’s happening what’s happening now she’s leaving again, bye, bye now she’s ready to go out for a walk this video is sponsored by Hööks and that’s so nice because me and my sister, we love Hööks and buy everything from Hööks this collaboration will be going on in five months in which I’ll do videos when I go to the stable and show you a new outfit so this is the first outfit when I participated in Stjärnhoppningen (TV series) we were sponsored by Hööks as well so my helmet and riding boots are from Hööks the outfit for this video is this jumper, it’s cable knit and I love it, it’s yellow and it’s from their JH collection, very posh my breeches are also from Hööks they are black and look like this they give you a very good grip in the saddle and are very very very nice and they are very comfortable as well they aren’t so stiff and uncomfortable, they’re stretchy and tight, very nice the saddle pad is also from Hööks the colors are marine, white and yellow which matches the jumper and I really love this saddle pad, it’s been on my wish-list for ever when I saw it was available I sort of died because I wanted this yellow outfit and also the bandages are from Hööks, and they are yellow and match this outfit perfectly I feel like a little chicken very suitable for Easter no, seriously, such a very beautiful outfit especially on Boppan who is so dark the yellow’s really shining there are links in the description box for the jumper, the breeches, saddle pad and bandages sweet so, now we’re going for a walk actually the weather is quite okay it was raining a little earlier, but thankfully it stopped the weather considered my video now we’re going come on, Boppan now we’re back alive with sitting pains I’ve such a pain in my butt and my feet Boppan is happy she was very alert too alert you’re so beautiful she doesn’t want me here, I’m sorry, I’m sorry now we’re on our way home, the last things we did were we removed all the equipment from Boppan groomed her brought her to the pasture it’s so sunny and what more was it we did we fed all the horses with their lunch hay and now we’re on our way home I hope you all enjoyed watching this video, see you – byyyeeeee, say bye bye mom
– bye

100 thoughts on “Häng med mig ♥ Stallet (i samarbete med Hööks) ♥ FMA to the stable ♥ English subtitles

  1. Du som sitter och säger att det gör ont för hästen att ha bett osv, har du inte tänkt på att det gör ont för hästen att vara halt? Jag och min syster visade denna videon för våran mamma som är en specialiserad veterinär och hon reflekterade över samma sak som jag och min syster, Boppan är halt!

  2. du är bäst på häst men allra bäst är du på Youtube 😍😚😘😙😗😻❤💙💖💕💓💜💛💚💗💝💞💟

  3. Jag har alltid velat haft en häst men vi bor i en lägenhet jag vet inte hur jag ska göra men

    man kan väl ha en Box nån anan stans så åker man dit

  4. Asså dream samarbetet, att ha ett med hööks! Hööks om ni läser detta jag har 300 följare på instagram så skicka mej lite grejs😂

  5. Ni ger Boppen för mkt kraft foder. (No hate) Ni behöver inte ha padd till sadeln, det är användbart om hästen har ryggskada elr ngt sånt liknande, har egen häst så jag vet 🙂 Förresten vart köpte ni det som ni satt på hovarna? Om ni beställde, vilken sida? Tack för svar <3 🙂

  6. men herre gud! ni som säger att " du måste ta ut flätorna på boppan innan du släpper ut i hagen" ok, gör det på din häst…. men det är en ponnyfläta. om hästen skulle fastna åker flätan ut. Jag har alltid en "ponny fläta"/vanlig fläta på min häst på hösten och våren. då blir den inte lika skitig.

  7. Du la ju ut videon 31 mars 2016! Jag fyllde 9 då! Så nu när jag skriver detta är jag 10 år!💖💖💖

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