Hard Target (6/9) Movie CLIP – Uncle Douvee (1993) HD

Hard Target (6/9) Movie CLIP – Uncle Douvee (1993) HD

Here, drink. But do not spill.
[ Chuckles ] lt kill the grass. The place is clean.
He just left. [ Speaking Caiun ] [ Screaming ] [ Screaming Continues ] Get the fuck down ! Haah !
[ Speaking Cajun ] [ Douvee Yelling ] Hey ! Hold it ! Boudreaux is the target
we’re after. You are a fucking buffalo ! Move !

100 thoughts on “Hard Target (6/9) Movie CLIP – Uncle Douvee (1993) HD

  1. One of my fave lines in all movie history… Wilford Brimley as Uncle doovee…" oooowwee, good whiskey make jackrabbit slap the bear"

  2. 1:31 -> The way this scene was shot, Lance Henriksen looks like a vampire hunter who just shot a bloodsucker that was set ablaze.

  3. Does anybody know or have any close idea as to what Uncle Douvee was saying right before he released his devastating arrow?? Whatever it was, it was some fierce fightin' words….

  4. This is one of my favorite action movies, and I love this scene. I always liked that look by Arnold Vosloo's character right before he yells "GET THE F&CK DOWN!", and then the music that comes in afterwards!

  5. Went to a french language redit for this and the verdict from traditional french speakers was "You crazy fucks"

    But a guy more familiar with Cajun french says " eat fire fuckers/pussies"

  6. Man, I'm watching this with tears in my eyes… characterisation was once so much better in movies than it is today. Yes, today we have CGI, bombast and spectacle on a scale that wasn't possible until recently, but it seems like we've forgotten about the little moments, the ones that show the character's inner machinations and motivations, and leave us wondering just who they are and why they do or indeed fail to do what they do, don't do. Arnold Vosloo's performance is a prime example of this. There's nothing wrong with spectacle and what not, but man let's get down to character beats again.

  7. Anyone speak Creole from Louisanna that can interpret what he's saying? Not French language but Creole French. There's a difference.

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