Hartpury Elite Equine: A Day in the Life

Hartpury Elite Equine: A Day in the Life

On an average day I normally get to the yard between 6:45 and 7:00 I will feed him then he gets mucked out
gets fresh water and a hay net for the morning I also have to
sort out hay for lunch time and hay for the evening. Hartpury give nutritional advice
for anyone that’s on campus with their horse.
This is every day, seven days a week no let up. I normally go back to my room get
changed, go for run, and then start lectures. The lecturers here are really good. All the lessons are interesting It’s always good to have lecturers that keep you focussed and entertained in the lessons. Coming to Hartpury was
really good because I didn’t have to choose between furthering my education and riding. Then at
some point depending on my lectures, I have a lesson with Nick Burton, who is the academy director. Well this is where I think the academy is unique in that we can offer full time education in the same time that they can pursue their sporting
ambitions. Nick Burton and obviously my lessons with Carl Hester have been a massive help. Having someone like Nick on the ground, too, as an
olympic judge it’s a really amazing thing. We have strength and conditioning, we
have sport psychology, and we have nutrition talks. All of that goes towards you as an athlete being the best you can, as
well as the horse. it’s really great being at Hartpury
because it gives you the opportunity to meet other equine students as well as people from other sports. It
just means we can help each other out. We are currently in
the library it’s really helpful because it’s only a ten second walk from the blocks. You can access the internet and use all the computers in there. There is printing, scanning, and copying facilities. And then strength and conditioning. Make sure you bend that back knee more. Good, other foot around the front. Hartpury College’s facilities are one of the best in the country. There’s 3 indoor arenas, one is the main competition arena. The stabling and all that side of the facilities is brilliant here. Rio is just on the walker at the minute
as a bit of a leg stretch this afternoon. Now he will be put to bed. I then come and do late-night checks at about 8:30. Then start again from quarter to seven tomorrow morning.

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  1. Hiya I was just wondering my horse has been stabled all winter and she has never been stabled before so we knew she would be giddy when we ride her so we let her of she is now just being naughty she is back in the field but cannot ride her because she bucks you of when you sit and go into trot we have had the vet out so see if any thing was going on inside and had a new saddle but has made no difference just wondering if you had and tips or advice that could help Thankyou xx

  2. she seemed to spend a lot of time in the library and the gym, surely she should be riding loads? you can't learn from just theory

  3. I'm 15 and been looking at colleges to go to, my friend went here for a little while and said she loved it. I've been here for camp and it's really good but I'm torn between here and reaseheathes. Is it a residential?

  4. do you ride your horse everyday? and do you get to learn normal subjects – maths english science etc aswell?

  5. Do the horses ever get to be in a pasture and be a normal horse or are they stuck in stalls all day except to be ridden?

  6. at the barn i feel worthless because i don't have anything to do i don't go out and feed i don't muck so i feel worthless!

  7. Is it just me..or does it seem that all the horses in the video are overdeveloped in the neck…as if tender in front hoof-fall ?

  8. I got lot of questions like if I want to join you do I have to already know how to ride the horse because I just know how to walk and trot.

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