Havana Good Time In Cuba 2017!!

Havana Good Time In Cuba 2017!!

This is tougher than getting a cab in midtown during rush hour. What’s up guys Jon coming to you from Havana, Cuba. In front of the Malecon which leads into Old Town Havana. We’re going to be concentrating todays vlog though on Vedado. Which is a little bit more of a residential area. And I think a lot less touristy than Old Havana. So let’s get ready to go. The immediate thing that strikes me about this area is the amount of construction going on. You have the really new and then you have the really old right next door. Something else I really like about the Vedado district. Is that it’s a lot quieter and you don’t feel like there’s 100 tourists on every single street. And vendors shouting at you to come into their restaurants. This is where real Cuban people live. Havana has proven to be kind of an enigma to me. And it’s not just this neighborhood. I’ve seen it more downtown and in Old Havana as well. You have the mixture of the old architecture , there’s buildings that I think would belong in the French quarter in New Orleans. And then there’s some newer structures . So to me it feels like a city with a major identity crisis. So i’ve seen tons of old cars coming by that have taxi written on them. And I found out that they’re called collectivos. You just put your hand out and they’ll take you for about the equivalent of 20 cents to the center of town. I’m going to attempt to take one. Wish me luck. Alright he did it pretty well.Now it’s my turn. Somebody just gave me some good advice about how to hail it. Say La Habana. Instead of Parque Central. I told the driver just take me anywhere. I don’t care I just want to ride with a taxi. I had no idea what he was saying when I tried getting in. This is like a 50 cent ride to get to town. And you get to talk to locals, I love it. Nice to meet you. If I would have taken a private taxi. That probably would have cost me about 10 cuc. Which is about 10 dollars. Instead that ride cost me about 45 cents. And I got to practice Spanish. And it was a cool car. So definitley something to try if you come to Havana. Take a collective taxi. We are at an interesting point right now. This direction is Central Havana. This direction is Havana Viejo, Old Havana. The more touristy, more historical area. And we’re going to walk straight to the Malecon to try to take in some of the sunset views. The lady in the collectivo told me not to be flashing my camera much in Central Havana. So i’m kind of doing it on the down low a little bit. Sitting here really provides some perspective. Key West, Florida is just 90 miles that way. Really really not that far in the grand scheme of things. The sun has just about set. I’m starting to work up a bit of an appetite. There’s a restaurant I really want to show you guys. We’re going right back to Vedado. I got to go home.Took a quick shower. I feel so much better right now. I’m ready for dinner. I’m going to show you guys a spot that was recommended in a book i’ve been reading about for Havana. It’s called ArteChef. And it’s on the corner of calle tres and avenida a. And essentially it’s a cheap restaurant where culinary students get to work their craft. So for 3 to 5 pesos I think we’re going to eat really really well. This is so cheap. This is about a 1 cuc to 1 dollar conversion. I actually want to take this moment to recommend a book called the “Real Havana.” And I don’t get any money for pitching this book. I am going to put a link to it down below. I even e-mailed the author trying to do a collaboration with him. For this video, but he’s not in town . He’s a really cool guy. We emailed back and forth. So definitley check out the book, Real Havana. Again linking to Amazon below. Not an affiliate link. Has so many cool suggestions. Including this restaurant. So that’s why i’m giving them a shoutout right now. This is the first time in a while that waiters have actually checked on me. In a restaurant in Cuba. I’m shocked. That was by far the closest i’ve come to American style service in a restaurant in Cuba. And for a great price. I probably wouldn’t recommend eating their by yourself like I did. I think it would be better with a girlfriend or a date or what not. One more stop to go and I think you guys are really going to enjoy this spot. Last but not least on the Havana tour. We have a concert at bar 1830. Right on the malecon. It’s an excellent venue. A great bar, this should be a pretty fun night. Getting warmed up for the night. What a fitting end to my Cuba vlogs. Standing in front of an antique American car. But when I thought of Cuba and nightlife in Havana. This place is what came to mind. Restaurant 1830. Was really a lot of fun. I’m not a salsa fan.. I can’t dance. But still.. That energy was contagious. For all of you single guys out there. Tons of women in there for you to ask them to dance. Hope you enjoyed all of the footage. From Havana today. I’m putting all of the Cuba videos into one playlist. I’ve also got a couple of other videos coming out. About tips and tricks for Cuba. As well as should you should you not visit . My overall thoughts on the country. That’s all from Havana. Like, share, subscribe. Be a part of where you go. Thanks for watching.

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  2. Great video, no1 choice of music and havanna looks beautiful ! I like those old buildings – definitely one of our next destinations to visit

  3. Very nice! Thanks for taking us around the vedado district 🙂 Love seeing the historical buildings and cars!! Its a funny thought to tell a taxi to just take you anywhere, your just along for the ride lol

  4. Loved it bro. Its so crisp. You've covered pretty much everything I would have wanted to see. The streets and cars some how remind me little bit of some parts of my country. The food looked great and so nice of you to talk about the real havana book and suggesting the same. The end of the video was great where you talk about tons of woman waiting for you to dance 🙂 Good Job and waiting for more. Cheers!

  5. Interesting insights of the sights and sounds of a place got stuck in time yet paradoxically fascinating.

  6. Cuba looks like a great place to visit and was that a red cadillac that I saw great video ps I can't dance real well either

  7. Looks like you had a good experience… would be great to go sometime… Ill have to check out that book if I ever make it over there.

  8. Yeah! I like getting off the tourist-trodden path! Love the tip about collective taxis! And that music club, though! Me gusta! 😉

  9. now that was a pretty cool video…shared cabs are always a good option if one wants to interact with the locals….loved the sunset

  10. The collective taxi seems like a cool experience! Will definitely try it when in Havana. The city looks interesting and beautiful. One day, one day!


  11. I'm so excited because I'm going in Dec. great tips!! I don't like yo visit areas where there are tons of tourists. I love yo hang out with the locals because you can get a more authentic feel

  12. 01:07 – Talk about living out the back of your car! Haha
    Crazy to think just how close Florida is, and yet such different cultures (on the whole).
    Great advice with the cars, how cheap was that? And a great experience.
    One problem… you should have got your groove on at the end there! Haha

  13. Loved this man, really wanna go Cuba one day. The Cars feel like you've gone back to the 70's! Not a salsa fan either but loved the Latin music at the beginning. Slick and Informative, Nice. Sick Intro animation too 😉

  14. Loved this video. Man, so handy that you can speak spanish! Im sure it made it much easier. And you got to practice!

  15. A major Identity crisis? What are you talking about my friend? This amalgam of culture and architecture is what makes HAVANA SO AWESOME! Uniformity is quite boring… no?

  16. Aren't the colours of Havana really awesome? Did you smoke any of the famed cigars? Love the collectivos 🙂 They are cute.

  17. I love the cars there. Great they are getting their buildings together. I feel like I need to take someone fluent in Spanish with me because my Spanish isn't all that lol.This was awesome.

  18. Awesome video man, one of my favorites from your Cuba playlist! that taxi-collective cab looked really interesting!

  19. I am from Cuba from old Havana , I emigrated with 29 years old in 1998 ,19 years I haved return to my country ,I live in Chicago …..
    sorry for my bad English
    I miss my Havana soooooo much I crying right now ….

  20. Hey that's cool vlog you made here. Seems that you recorded this video almost the same time I was there with my gf and good friends. Absolutely different style of video making, but I hope you enjoy it and maybe see some different perspective of Havana: https://youtu.be/tqvqFxCqyXo

    The actual place you start your vlog is right below the 15 storey apartment building were we stayed for 4 nights at the penthouse with big pool : ) The yellow house with red balconies.

    Actually we made a roundtrip also to Vinales, Trinidad, Cayo Santa Maria etc. So this video is about beautiful Havana only. Anyway, keep up with your videos, good work!

    Btw, what's your equipment for video recording?

  21. how were you able to travel around cuba as a tourist and not under one of the 12 designated categories and w/o a tour group/guide?

  22. Thank you for helping us feel more confident to become more authentic travelers. Cuba is so under appreciated, undiscovered and misunderstood. I blame the irresistible low prices of the all inclusive resorts. I know so many people who have been to Cuba and none of them took the time to explore it. Those who did a bit went to the nearest village that had less to offer. They were disappointed because they did not take the time to research prior. I watched all your Cuba episodes and feel grateful. I feel more ready and confident to discover the real Cuba. Red books cover to cover. Looking forward to hopefully making lasting friendships with the locals.

  23. Gorgeous shots of the "real" Cuba!Havana looks like a beautiful city!Love the fact that you just took a Taxi without really caring where it was going.Brilliant video as usual mate!Also ,we'll make sure to read the book you suggested before going to Cuba.

  24. Havana's "identity crisis" is celebrated as Eclecticism by architecture and design conoscenti as well as Eusebio Leal, City Historian. Spare us your "enigma" tale. Havana is a one of a kind, tortured,ruined,Mediterranean in architecture, more like Palermo, Siracusa,Cadiz,Rome or Barcelona, to name a few….Much in ruins yet endlessly fascinating city in this globalized world. And there is no real construction in Vedado, it's all RESTORATION. Restoring what the Marxist butchers destroyed. To those of us who remember Havana of another time,this is the Post Apocalypse of Havana. Can't wait to go back.

  25. Also remember that the exchange rate at CADECA is .87 to 1. You can find one to one if you know people there and you can get 96 outside any expensive hotel….IF you are Cuban or Cuban American and friends.

  26. I'm a media specialist in Ft. Lauderdale. Perhaps I can help you with the technical aspects of your book. Thanks for the info. I'm going next month on our school spring break. So excited!

  27. I'm from Cuba and I can say you that the restaurant will be cheap for you but for the cuban people is very expensive.
    Marvelous video, I liked it.

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  29. Two questions:
    1) How can you tell if a Casa Particular is occupied?
    2) When flying to Cuba, is it best to pack electronics (iPhone, tablet, battery chargers, cameras) in checked luggage or in carry/on?
    Really enjoyed and learned from your video.

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  31. Looks like travel to Cuba for Americans is going to be shut back down again according to the news so good job seeing the place in that narrow window of opportunity 🙂

  32. That in not how real cuban people live,thas people are communist,people from the goberment…real people are working like a slave,that people are cederistas

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  34. Really good video, so informative, I like the idea of using the colletivo cabs as a way to tour around havana, but I think I will have to do at least one tour in one of those open top classic cars and pay through the nose

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  36. Great video and I absolutely love Vedado, Havana area but more importantly I love Jardines 1830…..Viva La Cuba 🙌✊🏾

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