Hawaii’s MOST Scenic Place – Horseback Riding the Waipio Valley Rim 🏞 (DJi Mavic)

Hawaii’s MOST Scenic Place – Horseback Riding the Waipio Valley Rim 🏞  (DJi Mavic)

What is going on members of the Barrio It’s Jon coming to you from the Waipio Ridge Stables And who’s ready for some horse back riding? Guys if you’re new here I want to make sure you’re subscribed And have notifications turned on so you don’t miss out on any of our Hawaii adventures Alright today we are going to be doing horseback riding on the Waipio valley One of the most scenic areas on the entire Big Island of Hawaii We’re doing with Waipio Ridge Stables an awesome horseback riding group tour Come check this out So you’re going to put your left foot in Grab the front and the back of your saddle And pull yourself straight up And then swing your leg over They’re a lot like kids You might have to ask a few times Bye Adriana We’re about ready to leave We have the 5 hour ride, we’re also going to be stopping at a Waterfall So we’re doing the full day tour And my horse Danny we seem to be getting along pretty well so far. We’re riding along here in the woods to the first look out point And this reminds me a lot of the Pacific Northwest I really didn’t see to much of this scenery directly in Hilo So it’s kind of a nice change of pace And the shade is a nice relief to So far Danny has been really laid back Which I like Here we are at our first view of the Waipio Valley Waipio is valley of the kings You can see Hiilawe waterfalls , which is our highest free falling waterfall in the state. We’ve reached our first scenic point and it is absolutely gorgeous I can not even imagine what scenic point number 2 is going to look like if it’s better than this one. The weather is awesome , there’s shade everywhere . Horse is chill I really couldn’t ask for anything better right now How long has he been riding horses for He’s been riding horses for about 3 and a half years And he never has a problem He has the cowboy mentality If he flys off he always gets right back on I’ve ridden horses in Chile, Argentina, and Cuba And I have to say I think Danny is the most chill, laidback horse i’ve ever dealt with He’s made it very easy to film i’ll give him that This is the White Hawaiian ginger And it’s also similar to the honey suckle You can bite off the end Spit it out and then It’s full of Honey Like this That is sweet, wow It’s good Look at you Hawaiian girl Yes Your horse is a little bit more tempermental no? Like me Yeah She’s like me That’s my karma I’m also learning a lot about the history and some of the little cultural things about riding in front With Miley Great tour guide They said throughout the 15-1600s Their were close to 10,000 people living in this valley And Waipio is only about 700 acres It’s not that big It’s kind of amazing to think 10,000 people living in this valley You can see Maui above that cloud ridge right there The top of a mountain Next island I was just amazed hearing about the residents Of the Waipio valley down there How there is about 40 permanent residents Who live without wifi With barely any form of electricity It’s like going back a century Vivi it’s a type of guava That grows wild here Okay But you can eat it They’re a little tart But they’re yummy Next stop waterfall Horses need water breaks to You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make her drink We are arriving to the waterfalls, it’s going to be good to stretch my legs And we’re going to jump right in Although I hear it’s cold She stopped like every few feet To eat So I don’t know You’re a hungry horse Alright Danny So you can go ahead and dismount And I will take mr danny boy for you Now this is what I call a waterfall Lalakea waterfall, or nickname Ice pond Ice pond! We are stopping for lunch right here The perfect midway point To this trip We’ve got our lunch here Turkey wrap Some Hawaiian style potato chips I’ve never tried these before My favorite part of your videos Food And his favorite part to Let’s see how cold this waterfall water actually is Oh that’s cold That is cold That is cold But i’m going to go Traveling is about pushing your comfort zone So i’m going to jump into this freezing cold water Give me a thumbs up for doing this 1,2,3 It wasn’t so bad I thought it was going to be a lot worse I’m cold So we’re heading back from the waterfalls picnic Jumping into the water was quite the experience Cold but pretty refreshing Getting back on Danny My horse And we are heading back But this has been a really cool tour so far I’m liking how every thing has been organized And this is certainly a part of Hawaii that I hadn’t seen yet And it’s absolutely beautiful Ready Danny boy? Remember when horseback riding always lean back when going downhill I’m learning some good lessons today Now he’s going a little faster Yeah they’re always a little faster on the way home. That makes sense. We are on the homestretch right now Almost back This is how horses talk Final thoughts? It was amazing It was beautiful The view The horses It’s something amazing Alright members of the Barrio Hope you enjoyed all that horse back riding footage And of course the rim of the Waipio Valley Waipio ridge stables is a top notch group I highly recommend these guys And i’m going to put a link in the description below If you’d like to do the 5 hour horseback riding tour As well It’s really not as much riding as it sounds An hour 45 in one direction A break, an hour 45 back And plenty of time for photos and of course swimming next to that beautiful waterfall Guys got a litlte bit more coming up from the Big Island Make sure that you’re subscribed Thank you so much for watching Aloha So how long have you been riding horses for? I’m curious A long time? What’s your favorite thing about riding horses? Jump Just jump Just jump I’m going to get out if you do that again

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    What a chill spot for a horseback ride. And looks like you're getting the hang of the drone, great footage Jon 👌

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  5. Gorgeous waterfall, Jon. Looked crazy cold to me! Horseback riding looked like fun, don't know whether or not my butt could take it. Aloha!

  6. Great vlog Jon, I really enjoyed it! I must say those aerial shots were awesome and your vlogs are getting better and better! Keep up the good work!

  7. Ahhh so refreshing 🦋 great video. We just recently started horseback riding lessons , this would be amazing to do . Yep and horses mimic what you bring to them , sounds like spicy Adriana met her match 😂

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  9. Great video looks fun
    How did u find time to take the drone videos while on the horse? I’m thinkin of goin there this January n would love to shoot some drone shots while on the horse too

  10. You've got balls for going into that waterfall pond, albeit shrunken…I'll give you cred though. Way not to wuss out, guy

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