Hi I’m Emi
and I’m Chad we haven’t done an outfit haul in a while
winter is now coming so we thought today is finally the time to
do a fall and winter outfit haul and Chad is going to give me a rating for
each one of them I will be very harsh
no you have to be nice oh I will be nice
otherwise the rest of this day oh it’s gonna be bad for me
no he will be fair yes I should be fair
and objective based on my excellent taste in fashion
as you guys all know we have quite a lot of items the first one is this one its quite casual, its just a sweater dress I’m gonna pair this dress with these boots! I’ve always wanted a pair that goes over the knee so I finally got them i love Jedi boots are you ready for this outfit? Yes I like the boots a lot, I’m excited not the dress? I can wear this dress for a long time, even until I get pregnant oh right, expandable! look at this, boing, boing boing simulation baby, boing are you ready?
ready! why you laugh?! it’s not pretty? it”s pretty
your walk is funny is my dress too long? no
supposed to have a bit of dude , this is…
no no no 1-10
I need to think how’s the tightness on this, do they fit okay? do they look okay?
they look good i give it…8 out of 10 the boots are 9 and the dress is a 7 so average it out to 8 i like the boots a lot, horse riding let’s bring it out whats this i think all of them, you should throw at my face this is quite cool yeah i like shirts
look very Chanel very Zaful yes very zaful and this one is like a table cloth used to shut up, it’s a sexy skirt dude it’s look like those naughty school girl outfit
(you zip up) you excited for this outfit? excited for the skirt second outfit it’s not as sexy as I thought i’m disappointed oh right i thought the skirt was gonna be like up to here yeah I thought it’s really short and tight, it’s quite loose, and quite long yeah if it’s a bit shorter and tighter dude, that one stop with your imagination with the incorrect sizing, it brings down the rating are the boots part of the outfit, or? you think they don’t match? they do kinda match i think cause of the color I was just gonna wear these boots every day during winter i give it like a 7.5? just…okay, if everything fits like perfectly, if the skirt was shorter and tighter then it might get a 8.5 next two, coming in hot i thought i’d keep this dress and try these two tops so this is the first one, dotty dot, you like? dotty dot, I like, it’s chic it looks quite tight i like tight look at that, it’s like for a 2 year old i’m getting a lot of shirts this time, I can wear (them in) summer, fall, winter, spring all seasons
smart next outfit its the same dress i told you oh i like the top
you like? i don’t like oh i don’t like that it’s filly yeah i don’t like the neck
it’s got a flower thing at the neck or should I put it like this? you’re like a flower and it doens’t really go well with (the dress) I’m not even gonna do the dress anymore
I’m just gonna rate the top i’d give it like a…. 5.5? that’s low she’s upset next outfit nice twirl i would say better than the turtle neck
i like polka dots, it’s quite refined, very paris i give that like a 8 not bad
on the top, i like great pick, emi
a wardrobe essential have I given a 9 yet?
I don think so (NO) dusty
oh, cool so the next one is another skirt, actually I think this skirt might go well with this yeah, not bad
what is this sweater?
that goes with this as well? can be cute? i think good things might come out of this next outfit why is it…(some parts are tucked in)? i don’t know, I watched this fashion tutorial, they said you put some into it what kind of fashion tutorials have you been watching it’s not nice?
no! so put all?
it’s too tight to put all but i like the skirt, the skirt is nicwe it’s very tight though
I like i cannot move much i like okay the skirt gets an 8 the top is kinda cute it’s cute, i like this
it looks comfy, is it comfy? i’ll give that top like a 7.5 i’m filming! next outfit what, why you laugh?! i really like it! why you laugh? you don’t like? wait why you laugh? cause the pants… or should I make it like this
it’s better. cause it covers that or something like this oh that’s better i imagine this style of pants – the top to be… tight? yeah, tight and flat
but it’s all crinkly cause it’s the expandable waist oh no, i wore them the other way
this is for the butt, that’s why it’s coming out nice, good job juju she has this thing where everything she wears is either back to front or inside out for socks, for shirts, for pants, for… shut up
don’t talk shit about me when i’m not there she’s right there is it better? do i look cool?
same very hipster? you don’t think? it’s not hipster, these pants aren’t hipster it’s like a pant version of the skirt that she was wearing you don’t like? no, it’s……it’s nice, it’s nice
I just would’ve imagined this to be tight i think overwall i’m gonna give this a 6 it’s like sweat pants for me this is 8 do you guys agree with me? do you girls love it too? the top is good
would you wear this yourself as well? it’s very comfy move however i want oh she’s dancing she’s kicking do squats
oh actually cannot it will rip the back next one are these next outfit oh i like it’s cool i love this the most so far so comfy
woah it’s making me dizzy and this one I can like…
and actually squat squat low, ass to grass this one is my favorite so far i think imma give this one overall a 9 first 9! great pick by emi and this top is super cute too good one
success is it gonna be a 10? and then this time, let me put on this jacket too would this work? i don’t know oh, works! you think?
well, works with the top for sure not with the pants?
maybe not too much with the pants go, next one next outfit i bet this is Chad’s favorite i like this
am I right? i like this one he likes things that are tight, yes
sexy yes
and short yes
shows off the body, I like i like these buttons up the side
that’s super cool i really like this one
rating? 10! really?
yeah, I love it dude, in heels…. good deal good deal cannot control myself go away damn girl oh should I wear this that’s spicy! put it on, try i also got this denim jacket but don’t know if it matches with this dress maybe not
not really by itself, this is pretty cool
give it a 8, I like it next outfit second last okay this is short
that’s short this will go well with the boots not liking the arms too much
really? it’s like royal it’s so cute
you don’t think I look cute? i think she looks very cute rate this honest, honest rating just cause of the sleeves, I give it a 5 is it that bad?
i think it looks ridiculous why, it looks like a fruit? it looks like, something like a growth yeah it looks like…there are some costumes – the sleeves are super frilly and they dance no, the king, the king is like this
no okay guys, last one okay, this is not so much for winter
it’s super summer-y i like it
it’s a bit loose (the top) oh cause my boobs are not
big enough excuse me, what did you say? they are not big enough for you? not big enough? they are perfect size for me you’re saying your girlfriend is not enough no, not enough to fill the shirt you put your girlfriend down no, my girlfriend is the most beautiful one imma try again looks okay
it’s quite 70s disco i think that’s 70s, I don’t even know this was nice, 8 inside 8? outside 8?
yeah solid everything 8?
yeah, good choice juju so that’s it of our outfit haul good job juju overall I rate your effort as 7,5 that’s not that great, I thought it’s 8 okay I give you a 8, good job juju fank kiu (thank you)
you are welcome so what do you think about my fashion sense in general urmmmmm you are what urmmmm
thinking! it’s like, clean and plain that doesn’t sound too great you describe me as plain? a plain jane (means a girl that is plain, ordinary and not especially memorable or special.) my name is not jane so you guys already saw the prices of everything
they are pretty affordable and there’s also upcoming cyber monday and black friday promotion which i’d put all the details in the description box below and that’s it! so we have a new ending we’re gonna show you guys
we choreographed it ourselves remember to
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