HEELS or FLAT? What roller skates should you choose?

HEELS  or FLAT? What roller skates should you choose?

become dangerous tricky ans sexy so let’s see if
you learned something today we’re gonna be talking about the differences in
between a flat roller skate and a high-heeled roller skate stay there and
enjoy the video ola youtube my name is Ricardo Lino and I’m a
wheel addict, it’s been a while since I’ve done product explanation and that’s what
we got to do today today I’m going to talk about roller skates and more
specifically I’m gonna tell you the differences between a flat skate and a
raised hill or a high-heeled skate this is a really common question here at
Leena’s ketchup or I’m pretty sure any other skate shop in the world a lot of
people show up and they want to buy a roller skate but when they see there’s a
raised hill or high heel roller skate and the flat skate they usually don’t
know the difference is they end up not just being lost because they don’t know
which color that they want to get and there’s so much color variety with
roller skates but they also don’t know it’s better for them so let’s talk about
a few differences when you have a flat skate like these it has some advantages
but at the same time if you’re learning it has some disadvantages the same with
raise deals so I’m going to start talking about these high heel roller
skate which is commonly used by girls but there’s a lot of guys that also use
it what are the main advantages of having a race your roller skate first
off because you’re a little bit higher in the back your weight is going to be a
little bit more in front which means that with a radial roller skate it’s
going to be a little bit harder for you to fall backwards which is the most
common and also the most dangerous fall on roller skates
so for beginners it’s easier to balance on a high heel roller skate usually
these type of roller skates don’t ever super
stiff boot there are some brands that make these skates with stiffeners which
means that inside these leather or these type of material that they use fake
leather whatever you wanna call it or whatever they use inside these materials
they have some some brands work with just leather some brands work with other
materials on the inside even plastic stiffeners that will make the skate more
supportive that’s commonly used for figure skating they use the stiffeners
more than a regular lifestyle skate that you will see in all colors like from the
pink to the black one to whatever I’m pretty sure you’re going to be able to
find high roller skates in a lot of colors when you use a roller skate like
these another advantage is when you go backwards it goes a bit faster but when
you go forward it also goes a bit slower but if you want to go faster when you go
forward because that’s how you go most of the times what skate should you use
that’s when you should get a flat roller skate when you use a scale like this
it’s not fully flat your heel is also raised a little bit it’s in between 1.5
and 2 centimetres which means it’s almost an inch a little bit less than an
inch but if you would be riding fully flat then would be actually super
dangerous because you would fall backwards a lot now one of the main
advantages about this skate it’s obviously power transfer you have a
lot more push you have a push a lot stronger when you use a skate like this
a flat roller skate also when you roll forward this skate is going to be faster
than this when you go backwards well I guess it depends on the way that you put
your weight this should be a little bit faster because it can actually put all
the weight on the on the hill but usually a flat roller skate is faster
that’s of course the reason why back in the day when speed skaters used to use a
roller skate they use the flat roller skate and another race Hill roller skate
right now another advantage of these skates is if you’re going to be riding
ramps a flat rollerskate it’s usually way more stable
how can I explain it is imagine this is your leg this is your tank this is your
foot this is your ankle right when you have a perpendicular angle or a more
perpendicular angle your joint your ankle is going to be a lot stronger this
skate is going to be more supportive than this by other words it’s going to
be easier for you to get injuries if you’re going to be doing mainly impact
stuff it’s going to be easier to get injured with this than with is also for
power not just for power transfer but if you’re going to be jumping the movement
that you can do with this skate specially if it’s not super restrictive
if you have a really really restrictive boot this makes no sense but if you have
a boot that allows you to do this movement with your foot on these boots
you’ll be able to jump a lot higher why well because you can actually push a lot
more does that make sense to you it doesn’t make sense to me it has a lot to
do with preference now something that you should know is that there’s a huge
variety when it comes to flat rollerskates so right here I have two
different flat rollerskates this one is a roller derby roller skate and DC’s a
ramp roller skate not all the roller derby roller skates are like these why
well because these one doesn’t have a hard shell doesn’t have a hard structure
inside this is mainly just like a shoe now a big advantage from these one too a
lot of the roller skates out there that people do it themselves is the sole on
this skate is actually hard a lot of times when you build your own rollers
case a lot of people do it advanced shoes or any other brand shoes most of
the times the sole is really soft so you’re going to need to put like a
harder insole on top the thing is when you do that you’re gonna have a super
stiff structure right under your food basically what you got is like hard
which is the which is the plate then you have a soft sole and then you have hard
again some people like it some people don’t
it’s up to your taste in my opinion I like this type of skate a lot more for
the type of skating that I do it has a hard structure which means that it’s
supportive also it’s flat I want F that many injuries you will skate like this
scaling wise I can get a lot more power out of this and it’s fast whenever I go
forward or when I go backwards it’s fast obviously again it’s easier to fall
backwards on a flat roller skates that but you should learn so in conclusion I
would say if it’s your first pair of skates if you’ve never ever skated
before and if you’re super scared of falling backwards or a steel roller
skate it’s going to be better for you mainly because it’s going to help you
from falling backwards that easy and it’s also a little bit slower when you
roll forward now when it comes to performance this is going to be a much
better roller skate in my opinion obviously you put more power transfer in
each stride it’s going to be a bit faster when you go forward and it’s more
supportive I know that I hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope you learned
something today if you have any doubts about what I said in this video well
just drop me a comment down in the comment section and I’ll make sure to
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and more important that anything else just don’t forget why we all started
skating and that is because it’s fun cheers guys and see you soon

48 thoughts on “HEELS or FLAT? What roller skates should you choose?

  1. What roller skates should should i get? HEELS or FLAT?

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    – http://www.bladeville.com
    – http://www.hedonskate.com

  2. I skate with the Chaya Jump skates and I fell backwards when I first changed from my raised heel skate to the Jumps and it hurt like heck but that's cuz I'm a garbage skater . My feet feel more comfortable in the flat skate to the raised heel boot though and the Jumps are fantastic I'm obsessed

  3. Great video! I wonder if you, in the future, could make a video about learning how to use the toe stops on rollerskates. I am a new skater and at first I thought standing and walking on the toe stops would be easy, I was greatly mistaken. Is there any tips and tricks on how to learn how to use them? Thank you!

  4. I had a high hell melrose chaya..maybe its too high for me..i fall backwards..i think i hit my tailbone it stil hurts now..

  5. Those Chaya park skates are sweet! I’ll invest in some in the future but I’m learning ramp skating in old school skates for now.

  6. Cool, I used to skate rollerskates like 25 yrs ago, before inlines (those that you tighten to shoes with leather bands). Wanted to try it again and saw a video about putting some frames to a UFS boot but now can't find more that the video… You know something about that?

  7. Great video thanks for the info. I been skating ramps for 4 months now and getting really good. Thanks for the video because my next skates i wanna buy are either chaya ruby or chaya jump skate i love them both just dont know wich one to buy yet heading more twards the chaya jump skates.😅 right now i have riedell R3 demon skates

  8. Thanks for your tutorials. I quit derby, but will change to more street- and rampskating. Which is the flat model you are showing here, Chaya Karma?

  9. TL;DR: it was easy to switch from derby skates to skates with heels but not the other way around.

    I started as a fresh meat in derby, but had to take three months off due to injury…then I started skating again on skates with heels but the boot was cheap (glued, could not afford the good ones) so it came apart and today I had to put my outdoor wheels on my old derby shoes and it was challenging to skate around indoors…I was definitely putting way more weight on my back wheels than I should, haha. Going out tomorrow in them, cannot wait to slam my butt and relearn the tricks XD. My friends are going to help me make my own skates with vans shoes soon (cheaper option, as I already have everything from the other skates, only need to replace the boot and add aluminium insole) but in the future I would love to own the Chaya karma AND Moxi skates with the Jack boot. 🙂

  10. I use them all – artistic skate, speed skates, and one I made from my last pair of shoes with no extra stability. The shoe skates did take some getting used to due to the softer sole, but you can find many "tennis" shoes with a harder sole that you can use as well. I love all 3 styles, indoor skating and outdoor, for all types of skating. However, I've been skating for 43 years, so definitely NOT a "new" skater! LOL Once you get used to one style, while the mechanics are slightly different as far as balance and such, it's not really that difficult to go from one style to another. I've been known to switch which the skates I use in a single session at the rink and often bring them all when we go.

  11. I’m still a beginner and Rn I don’t care about tricks or anything so would the high hill would be better in this case ???

  12. Could you show us the process of heta moulding these quad skates? I have wide feet and I'm scared to purchase something that wont fot

  13. What do you think of Impala roller skates? Was thinking of buying a pair. I havent had much experience on roller skates; I just want a pair for fun, and skating around the neighborhood/and around the home. 😊

  14. I fell on my bum today first time ever. I avoided many times before when that happened but this time I couldn’t. It hurts a bit. So I ordered heel lifts to add 4cm heel lol. And I felt strange when I was ordering that. Because in the comments, so many short people would like to look tall and and they are happy with that. I never thought of adding some height to myself as I have no issue with that

  15. I’ve got a pair of flat-ish? skates, the antik mg2’s, for roller derby, I’ve seen so many people use heeled skates for ramp skating, and it made me want moxis.. but now I’m wanting to get a 2nd pair of antik skates, for the park (wide trucks, grind blocks etc..)

  16. I am getting back into skating in quads after a 19 year layoff since my kids are showing interest. I grew up with a personal pair of derby style Riedell boot. I rented a pair of speed skates tonight, but the toe box was painfully tight! I wanted to know between the R3 boot, Sure-Grip Boxer Quad boot and Vanilla tuxedo boot, which has the best wide toe box or all they all similar in width?

  17. I'm thinking about getting roller skates for my birthday, I've tried someone's roller blades before and it didn't go well. If I'm not good at blades, would I be better at skates? Or would I be terrible at both?

  18. I just bought a pair of flat skates off of amazon, after having skated a while ago when I was younger. I haven’t skated in a while so I immediately regretted the decision. However I watched this video and I realized that flat skates are literally perfect for me because I’m looking into ramp skating, and speed. Thanks 🙂

  19. OK, I have a question. Can you have full heels and flats? Heels in the rink, flats in the park? Or do most peoples brains not work that way? Love any comments!

  20. Heyy thanks for this, it was really helpful. I’ve been skating for about 3 years now, my current skates, which were also my first pair are flats. I bought them completely by coincidence not knowing the difference between flats and heels, absolutely loved them but I’m now needing a new pair and was thinking of getting heels.

  21. Great topic! I've skated for years in both. I like the flexibility in my ankle when in a 'shoe'. I feel super light and agile in them, as if floating 👍 The Chaya Emerald is my best ever. Looks gorgeous and such great value ♥️

  22. Flat skates for ramps, heels for tricks and any time you don't want to fall backwards.

  23. Thanks, Lino… I want to build a pair of skates like a mid-top Vans .. it been a long while since I skated any suggestions on plate platform?

  24. Is the chaya skate you showed on this video good for roller dance? Jam skating?👀⛸⛸😊…thank you for sharing this video 💯👍🏼

  25. Thank you for this video!

    Note for anyone looking which one to buy: Chaya is awesome for wide feet, Impala for narrow/normal feet. 👍🏼

  26. Hi! I love to skate with my roller skates right now i have flat roller skates but i wanna buy a high heel roller skate to try another model. The flat and the high heel roller skates is from Rio Roller😁

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