Helmets – Most Important Gear for Skiing and Snow Boarding

It’s really important to have a number
of things in line before you head out to enjoy a day on the mountain this time of
year. Want to make sure that your gear and
equipment is all fitting correctly, try to keep you as safe as possible. It’s
also important to have extra water and things like that in the car with you for
a drive that may turn out to be longer than you expect. But the number one thing
I really want people to remember is just to make sure they have a helmet that’s
fitting correctly. Having a helmet is a really important
thing to do to protect yourself from a variety of standpoints. We all think
about if we hurt our knee, it takes us out for the season, but if you have a head
injury it could take you out for the rest of your life.
I’ve personally witnessed a friend of mine have a severe brain injury even
while wearing a helmet. Had he not been wearing one, it would have been even
worse. The most important things to think about when fitting a helmet are making
sure that it really fits you appropriately. You want to go into the
store and try on as many different helmets as they have available. I know
it’s tempting to buy one online, but you’re never going to know if it fits
correctly. I really recommend having a helmet that
fits low and snug over your head. I want you to make sure that it doesn’t wiggle
or feel loose when you’re in the store, because if it does, when you have an
accident, it’s more liable to be pushed back. It’s also important to have a
helmet with adjustability in the back. This helps to ensure that the helmet’s
going to fit as snugly as possible. I also recommend having a nice solid
chinstrap to make sure that it stays on and stays fitting appropriately
throughout the day.

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