Hempfling – Fairytale-like handling of a stallion – About KFH and his unique way

Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling He integrates the natural laws of wild horses into a kind of ‘natural body language’, that can be used with all types of horses Already Klaus’ first book ‘Dancing with Horses’, became a bestseller in more than 10 languages He explored wild horses in wilderness, observing and studying their language and natural behavior He uniquely combines the horses’ authentic freedom with the basics of classical collection Here we see him with Lippizaner stallion Ferdinand in a wild, non-fenced terrain after 15 weeks of training Horses for LIFE writes:
“I have never seen a horseman like him. You will leave his workshop and you will never approach horses in quite the same way again.” Lungeing at liberty is one of the most important essentials of his work New KFH website – New Offers With Klaus, the horse is free to join the person voluntarily – he replaces the whole horse herd The heart of Klaus’ work is the mental and physical development of the human being – to enhance his personal awareness Also horse assisted manager and leadership training is founded on his basic principles and publications Like no other being, the horse seeks a partner’s absolute confidence and security – only then he can truly connect One clearly sees the fantastic effect of the Magical-Lungeing which Klaus founded and evolved into a true art Klaus works the free horse from ‘back to front’, supporting the hindlegs to step strongly underneath – carrying the horse’s weight The result: the horse changes mentally and physically into a generally collected, energetic and powerful being The person now becomes a real mentor, an important supporter – even more than just a friend Like this, self-carriage and proud expression become permanent features of the horse’s own nature Bonding, Expression,
Freedom, Happiness Klaus works in accordance with ancient European tradition, in which a rider grows into such a personality, that the horse seeks and joins him And he becomes a real partner for that human, who discovers his own authenticity with his help On our YT channel you will find several informative videos also with aggressive and dangerous horses, changing into trusting companions Thus, his school is a true school of life More info: www.hempfling.com

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