Hermès | Super Sox and Lillie Keenan

Hermès | Super Sox and Lillie Keenan

socks is a nine-year-old Hanoverian gelding he’s BAE he’s very special horse to me he’s one that’s new for me to work with and I think he’s a very bright future super socks has a big personality he lets you know he’s present whenever he’s in the barn so he goes into the warm-up arena before he shows he can make a little bit of a scene uh and he really likes attention and make sure that you know that so his personality is a little bit loud but also kind and he’s very very confident in himself but he was a horse that really needed to find a rider that would work with him and not against him horses can have a lot of talent and ability but unless they truly believe in their Rider and that they work together and not against that’s only way that it will work so I would say that in choosing super socks I was just lucky that he chose me I come to Wellington every winter for show jumping at the winter equestrian festival my horses live at further Lane farm it’s a farm that is separated from the horse show however when you’re riding around the ring and when our horses are turned out they can see the show so we can hear the loudspeaker we can see horses going around the ring and competing so that’s really what makes this competition different I think that a lot of people believe in more control and having more power over the horse but I don’t believe that a horse can perform its best unless they are trying to perform for you and they believe in you so in order to do that you also have to listen to your horse horses they’re beans they’re animals and to really be able to tap into their natural tendencies and connected them with them as animals rather than just a worker I think usually I get them to perform the best for you I’m a big believer and less is more so with socks I’ve done that I ride him in a saddle that’s very close contact I use a very very mild bit and I try to really listen to his movements whenever I ask him to do something so we can understand each other I would like to say that I bring super socks with he brings to me which is happiness the horse that I enjoy riding every single day whether we’re just doing flat work or jumping or showing so I horse I look forward to working with and he’s taught me patience but also to be able to reap the rewards of the patience and the work it takes to get to the ring and work together in the training when I bought him his only eight so it took some time and I feel like the work I’ve put into him he’s really giving back in his performance I come to the stables at night because I want to feel like I have checked on all my horses and I’m the last to see them before I go to bed my horses are the most important thing to me and I feel like they do so much for us so I have to also do the same for them I want to make sure they all are comfortable at night the same way that anyone would want to be comfortable in their own bed have water and be warm it’s cold out and also if it’s very warm to not be too hot so even though I have a wonderful staff here and they all are doing everything possible to make sure my horses are as comfortable and can perform their best I like to also feel like I’ve been able to do it myself and you really can only trust yourself and it comes to knowing your horse I think it’s also very important for the partnership you

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  1. C'est magnifique et ça me redonne confiance dans les cavaliers de concours. Une vraie passion se dégage de se qu'elle dit et elle respecte vraiment ses chevaux. Merci pour ces superbes films et pour ces cavaliers magnifiques

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