Hesteridning og Bitihorn

Hesteridning og Bitihorn

I’m Thor, this is Skogfar. Today we are going horseback riding. We’ll try to hike up a mountain as well. That’s not for me being a “forest father”. But we’re on a job trip, and hopefully I’ll be helped up. This is going to be exciting. …huge. We are riding next to Beitostølen, near Jotunheimen. The mountains where all the trolls in Norway live. The horses belong to Myhre gaard. And riding with us is Grete Hedalen. Myhre gaard arranges trips suitable for both unexperienced and experienced horseback riders. They have overnight trips in the mountains suitable for families as well. This was my fourth time going horseback riding. But Grete made me feel safe despite a slightly challenging horse called Alfred. If this looks fun, there is a link to the webpage and instagram for Myhre gaard in the description of this video. Let’s see… Have we made it? Yes, there it is. You have to be patient with me… There he goes! Me and Alfred. Can you come? We’ll lead him back. I got it off… He just ran out. Come here, let’s get inside again. Day 2. Today we are going up that hill called Bitihorn. We are now at about 900 meters. We are going up to about 1600 meters. We’ll hope this is will be OK. I’s pretty nice here. But yes… A lot of people. It’s going to be interesting to see if my legs will be OK. Last time I climbed something steep was with Kjetil. Yes, it was Kjetil in Finnemarka. No, Kjetil in Trillemarka. And then we were at Trollfossen. Also a steep climb. Now we have climbed a kilometer. We are at 100 and… No, 1111 meters. I’m so tired. This place is really nice. But… This isn’t a place for a hammock. I think that mountains have to reconsider
themselves on that. Very bad… Very bad hammock conditions. We are going up there. Up there. Whatever it takes. There are some of… There are some of our ladies trudging up hill. There you see some different sizes.
That tiny red dot… is… Monica? That large block is… Bitihorn. Now we have walked… …soon walked 2 kilometers. And we are at 1279 meters. We are climbing up to 1600 meters so… This is going straight to… It is three o’clock. It’s supposedly going be nice weather at five o’clock. according to yr.no (Norwegian weather cast). This is really hard. I have nothing more to say. Now we are at… …1358 meters. Now it’s really just straight up hill. Every time I have a look at my watch, we have climbed 10 meters. Now we have walked for an hour. And 2.66 kilometers. It’s only straight upwards. Hi! Then we’re at… Exactly at… …1600 meters. We have walked for 1 hour and 45 minutes. And it is an amazing view up here. There was a small climb down there which was awful. I thought I had to give up. I was exhausted. We’re going to make some food and… …some Drytech. It’s fantastic. What a view. There someone who’s hungry. This is so fun, because this is… It’s a… …kettle made of silicone, but the bottom is metal. That’s the kettle you talked about? The 1.3 liters. Yes. You pour up to the line. What line? There is a fill line. And then you use your spoon to stir it well. Fill line, it says. There you go. Then I can do one more. Now we have had some food and some coffee. And I’m perhaps a little… …a little cold up here, so we’ll start walking back downhill. Well… I’ve at least made it. I don’t know if I’m happy or not right now. I’m dreading tomorrow. Then I will… …I’ll probably be a little achy. When we are back at the cabin we’ll make some food. We’re going to cook dinner, and some will make dessert, and some will make an appetizer. That will be nice. See you again when we have reached the bottom of the mountain. This is our last day. And we were on that peak. There we were yesterday. And I really feel it in my hips. This wasn’t a very long video. But it was a short hike with colleagues from my work. Catch climbing ut Bitihorn. And horseback riding with Myhre gaard. This was a really nice trip. Now I’m really aching in my body, so I’ll be lying on the couch when I get home. Until next time, see ya!

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  1. See I never had you as a horsey kind of guy LOL That was a terrific effort to get to that peak and it was good to see how you had a captive audience when it came to cooking. great views and a huge well done mate, regards Matt ……PS….you should have at least done one shot with a cowboy hat on 🙂

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