HIFAJAT | Nepali Full Movie | Rekha Thapa | Aaryan Sigdel |Aayush Rijal | Nir Shah | Chhabi Raj Ojha

HIFAJAT | Nepali Full Movie | Rekha Thapa | Aaryan Sigdel |Aayush Rijal | Nir Shah | Chhabi Raj Ojha

Did you call me? Yes Take this notice to all classes What is this? It is a notice to expel Kriti
Go For smoking and indulging in other
undesirable activities, for breaking college regulations and encouraging other students
to do the same, and… despite multiple warnings
and complaints to her father continuing to break college regulations and tarnishing the reputation
of the college Kriti Thapa has been expelled
from the college Kriti is expelled? What is new about this?
Other colleges expelled her before Was she expelled before? It is no bi deal for Kriti to
be expelled from a college like this Kriti is our best friend If she is expelled, how will we survive? Who will we call our friend? Sunita, stop thinking about yourself Think what chaos Kriti will create
when she hears about this… Friends! I have a special announcement! We should rebel against
the college administration We are a democratic country But, here, our rights have been denied I ask not only to the college,
but also the government– There are many restrictions on students
although we live in the cyber age Can they expel me? No! No! Friends!
We must continue our protest! We must bring the college
administration to its knees Am I right? Yes! Old Principal! Kick him out! Kick him out! Autocratic administration! Let it die! Let it die! Old Principal! Kick him out! Kick him out! Autocratic administration! Let it die! Let it die! Student Unity! Long live! Long live! Our demands! Must be met! Kim’s expulsion? Take it back! Sir!
Greetings! What have you brought? Bills Which bills? Penalties and fines for all the
destruction done by Kriti What are you saying? 100 thousand as bribe to fix the lawsuit
for Kirti breaking glasses in her college 200 thousand for the fight
in the disco In total, half million This girl will never let me
live in peace Stooge,
can I ask you something? Of course, Sir! Is Kirti my daughter…
…or my enemy’s? A DNA test would make that clear
Should I arrange for one? Shut up! DNA test? I am tense Are you? Should I switch on the AC
or the fan? Do you think this fire will
be quelled by an AC or a fan? This fire comes from within
to reduce me to ashes Can’t you see the steam rising? This one has eaten by brain up! Here he comes again! Of course, I have to come! If you are burning from within
shouldn’t I arrange for water? Yes, yes you should What kind of water do you want? A tanker full, or a fire-truck full? A fire truck! Drench me from head to toe!
Go away! I will make a call and arrange Can’t I even take action against
an undisciplined student? What times these are! Rules and regulations… …discipline should
be enforced in the temple of knowledge, right? How long will we say that?
The students are demonstrating outside If this keeps up, it might
engulf the entire country She is right We must respect the opinion
of the students These are democratic times We have to go with the crowd My statistics show that unless we change our decision, we will
lose half of our student body If this keeps up, our college
might get shut down It is a matter of our livelihood
Please, Sir! You worry about your livelihood
But I have everything on the line I thought I’d make money by
employing cheap teachers and charging high fees But if this keeps up,
I’ll lose everything What should I do? Change your decision Enroll ten more students like
Kirti Thapa Our college will do good business Kim’s expulsion! Take it back! Take it back! Kim’s expulsion! Quiet! We respect your opinions We take back Kirti’s expulsion I apologise for my mistake One moment! In the interest of the college
and to keep our relationship cordial I want to ask you something– What sort of rules do you want
in this college from now on? Kirti- tell him what kind of
rules we want Should I tell them? Okay!
Follow me! Kirti! Do something! Help! Cut the rope! Do fast! You tried suicide because
your boyfriend betrayed you? Hey Juliet! Just because you
fell in love with a jerk, You shouldn’t try to die! Wipe your tears love..‘MmDrink Coke
It’ll make you feel better Got it? Where is the remote control
that made you wear a noose? Remote control? Yes, my darling! Remote control!
I mean- her boyfriend! He went back to the village to
marry the girl his parents chose Is that why you tried
to hang yourself? Stupid! You’ve never been in love
You don’t know what love is Some day you’ll fall in love then you’ll know what it is like Oh really? Me? In love? Kirti! What will your lover be like? Kirti in love? Impossible, darling! No way! No! Please Kirti!
Just imagine! I don’t want to fall in love! Let’s have fun Okay My boyfriend will be like Spider man Stylish, He-man
in the Army He must be so smart
that he’ll fool the whole world Only such a man can be the
real hero of my life No! I am not the hero! I am the villain! I’ve come to rob you! Don’t move! Give me what’s behind the counter So–sexy lady! What do you think?
I’m not a hero! I’m a villain I’m not a hero! I’m a villain A fake gun!
Very clever! Hi! Smart boy! And brave I think you need money And you are ambitious So what? Stop it! When will you make enough
if you keep stealing small? I have an idea What? We’ll rob a millionaire He has a lot of money Okay. Who is he? “Iv father! What? Your father? 70% in Masters Skilled in computer usage Martial arts, horse riding
motorbike riding, swimming… Skilled in everything Where did you learn all this?
During a commando training? Yes, Sir Very good” You’re exactly the one
I was searching for, young boy. So–you are fixing to get
Kirti married? That is what it felt like
watching you interview him And Kirti is of marriageable age Stooge! I haven’t called him for marriage But for a job! It’ll be his job to solve all
problems that Kirti faces To stop all of her shenanigans
and bring her on the right path Don’t move! Do I have a bump? Now you do! Don’t try anything! Whoever tries to act smart
might lose his life Are you here for a job? Not for your job!
I’ve come here to rob! Give up everything you have Not your old shoes! Cash! Cash? That robber is Kirti! Make it fast! How can you laugh after
being robbed of so much money? Call the police! Why should we call the police? His own daughter robbed him A total off million What proof do you have
that it was your daughter? They were wearing masks Only my daughter knows that the key to the
safe is in the left pocket of my jacket That is the guarantee and proof Now, young man! Your work begins Go- bring back that money If you are successful… You have a job! MING. MING. The deal was to share it This is my share A deal is a deal It is my father’s money Let go! My bag! Give it back! My bag! Hey! Hey! What is it? Let go!
It is my bag! Return it! This money was robbed It is my duty to return it A poor man must be willing
to do anything for a living Give it back! Idiot! I’ll kill you! You can’t do what you’re told! Useless Bandit! Band“? How was I to know that your father
sent a commando to beat me up? He nearly killed me! Gad! What’s up again? Forget what happened Give me your number, please! Just meeting you nearly
broke my back… Giving you my number might
cost me my life What are thinking about?
Give me your phone number Write it 01–four is there four isn’t there Okay! 01–four is there four isn’t there… Hey!Arm.!Your robbed money is back There was so much money You could’ve run away with it Why didn’t you? A poor man is also very honest That’s why It is no small feat to bring
back money that Kirti had taken You’ve passed the test Right, sir? Right! You have a job now You’ll have to stay in touch with
my daughter and me at all times Protect me from Kirti’s damaging
ways, and bring her on the right path You’ll get 10% of the damages
you help Kirti avoid And 15 thousands in salary each month Are you interested? Yes, Sir A poor man must be willing
to do anything for a living Si” This boy looks strong like an ox He looks very capable Your worries have shifted to him
And Kim’s bad days have begun What you say gives relief
to my heart! Bravo! Bravo! Mom! You are very cruel I have to fight for love You don’t love me Go! I won’t talk to you! Hey! Baby! Why are you sitting all alone
in such an deserted place? Why? Thief! Shit! Idiot! What? Why did you give me a
wrong number? I am sorry Stop! So sweet! Do you want a beer? Sure Come on! Do you know young boy? What? Twenty years ago today My mother gave birth to me You understand? It is your birthday today So you are celebrating! That’s why you are drunk
Right? Wrong! Wrong? Wrong! You are wrong! Nobody arranges
birthday parties for me Nobody wishes me
a happy birthday Nobody! Do you want to wish me? Me? Yes, you Take it! Wait a second! Hey you! Thief! Bandit! Ran away to avoid wishing
me happy birthday! Did you see, Mom? How unfortunate I am! I have to beg for
a birthday wish Mom! At least wish me
a Happy Birthday! Say– Happy Birthday! Please! Make me happy! Happy birthday to you! Thank you! But- how did you get this? You stole it! What could I do?
This is all I know Anyway– cut the cake! Thank you! This is for you…
A birthday gift This isn’t stolen You’ve made me very happy Mom! Look at me! I’m so happy! Thank you! Cheers! Where is your mother? My mother? There– on the moon! So nice! Let’s talk to our mothers Okay Mom! Look over there My mom! I always come here
and talk to her like this You know? What? When I talk to her like this
It feels like I am with her What about you? I feel the same today Cheers, Mom! Hey! Hello! Good Morning! You stupid thief! Why are you in my room? This isn’t your mansion bedroom
This is my rented room Let go! I am sorry Coffee We were talking to our
dearly departed mothers You fell asleep in my lap Although we met as thieves I couldn’t leave a drunk
lonely girl out there on her own Sol brought you home You’re from a rich family You have money, luxuries You must be the luckiest
girl on earth Lucky? Yes‘kw sum we.!Whose mother died at childbirth Whose father doesn’t have
anytime to spare for his daughter because he is always
running after money Whose life was spent alone
in a boarding school How cans he be lucky? Does money make people
happy and lucky? If my mom were alive
I would’ve become a good daughter My father gave me money
and all kinds of luxuries But I am trapped in
a gilded cage That is not the life I want I am not lonely anymore
after meeting you Actually, you know… Me, too Perhaps because we share
similar histories I’ll drop you home No! It’s okay
I’ll go myself May I Sure? Thank you Bye! Hello! By the way, what’s your name? A for Aaryan Nice name And
lam Kirti Kirti Thapa Love you! Kirti! Where were you all night? Be aware of the times We live in the same house But it has been so many days
since we met or talked We met on April 10th, 2009
at 8:30 PM for a business meeting You were opening a company You needed my signature It has been 15 days since we met You’re probably in the mood to
take lunch and finish more business You are wrong, Daughter! Does a father need business to
sit and eat with his own daughter? Of course! A businessman either thinks of
profit, or spends time working Only then does he
become successful Isn’t that you principle Whatever I’ve done is for you You own all of my wealth You have failed to understand me A father wants to exchange his
feelings with his daughter today …To forget the past and make
the future beautiful… Not all wishes come true A young girl pined to hold her
father’s hand and go to school But you killed that dream
many times I waited many nights to talk
to you, but you never came Have you ever bought me a candy? Ever since I remember
I have been lonely I find loneliness natural now I don’t have any time for you I can’t help you with your wish! I am sorry! I should say sorry, daughter! I am the criminal here! I never tried to
understand your feelings Dad! What are you doing?
You said you’d take me to school Today,
I am very busy I have to prepare a report You go on your own
I don’t have the time Why did you promise me
yesterday then? You have to take me to school I said that because I couldn’t
be with you on your birthday lam a businessman A businessman either thinks of
profit, or spends time working Only then can he be successful To spend time on you is to
make a loss in my business I am very busy I’ll come to your school
some other day The car is ready. The driver
will drop you off No, Dad! You have to take me to school!
or, I won’t go to school Kirti! You’re become stubborn If you keep this up, I’ll have to
put you in a boarding school When you have to do all of
your work there, You’ll know She never lets me work Si” There is a special meeting at
the Chamber of Commerce Your presence is required I’ll change and be right out Look! What your brother
has brought for you Chocolate, colour pencils My kid brother likes to draw Mr. Aryan! Yes, doctor! To draw and to play with toys
the patient has to recover, no? Your brother’s case is
worsening everyday Please come with me Both valves are modulated Neither of the valves work There is a hole in the main vein You’re late depositing money Hospital regulations forbid surgery
without the deposit Surgery is the only option we have Prepare for the surgery I will bring the money somehow Hey you! You? Didn’t you take our money
and return it to my father? What are you doing in my car? I have to protect you from now on
and reduce the damages you do Your father gave me that job So you’ll be with me all the time Track where I go, what I eat
Whom I meet… right? Of course! A poor man must be willing
to do anything for a living I don’t like anyone interfering
with my personal freedom So, get out! No! This is my duty! My decision is final, too! You idiot! Kirti-look!Kirti–look! We have a new teacher This idiot has reached here! What are you looking at? Let’s make a fool out of him Think of something Okay You go to the classroom I’ll think of an idea Aryan! Hi! Aryan! Let’s go somewhere Where? A romantic place? Where? Anywhere! As you wish! Oh my God! What a beautiful place! Open skies Green mountains And a cold breeze Aaryan! Thank you so much
for bringing me here Sure? Of course! I want to keep this place
in my heart forever Come with me Come on! Do you know something? I always come here And think in solitude I wish I had a small
pretty cottage here Yeah right! Yeah And we’ll live in that house and you’ll cook for me everyday So funny! And what will you do? I will do! What? I’ll sit outside your cottage
and watch you all day Just like this? Just think about it How beautiful that world
of our love will be Is that possible? Why is it not possible? You’re so rich, I’m so poor Do the earth and the sky
ever come together? Do the earth and the sky
ever come together? Look! Look at the horizon Earth meets sky Do you see it? Aryan– let’s go meet
that horizon Hello! Arjun! Where are you? I am stuck between
life and death What are you doing there? I am watching a love scene
taken out of an epic poem And it is none other’s than
your daughter Kim’s What? Say that again Your daughter’s love scene My daughter is in love? Kirti is in love? My daughter is in love My daughter is in love Sir-you seem very happy? You are dancing in the office! Listen. Kirti is in love! Bring the files Can I say something? I’m seeing you this happy
for the first time You should share this happiness Right!
But how? Listen- Give an extra month’s bonus
to the entire staff Alright! Shouldn’t you ask who she
is in love with before that? What do I care who she is
in love with? It is enough that my
daughter is happy In any case“ who is the boy? Who else? The scoundrel Aryan who
robbed your office You mean me, my daughter
and my wealth are in peril? Stooge! Yes! Bonus– cancel! Idiot! My father’s dog! Why are you following me? I have no choice This is my job! Is everything your job? Don’t you know you
shouldn’t spy on lovers? This the last warning If you follow me to do
your duty, I will… Aryan! He spoiled the mood Stupid! Take me to a romantic spot Okay? Let’s move! A poor man must be willing
to do anything for a living A poor man must be willing
to do anything for a living Oh my God! Aryan! This is a disgusting place I asked you to take me
to a romantic place You idiot! Kriti! Bad follows good
and dark follows light They complement each other You’ve seen one side
of my life I will introduce you to
another aspect of my life Aryan! Who is he? You have been kidnapped You are his prisoner You said you loved me You idiot You liar! Cheat! I hate you! I hate you! You saw my good side This is my bad side I needed a lot of money And stealing small couldn’t
have got me the money I needed And stealing small couldn’t
have got me the money I needed I took the contract for
bringing you here I did my part of the deal It is your turn to keep your word I want to get out of here
as soon as I can Why are you in such a rush? Rushed work invites accidents Whatever I do, I do well You dog! I hate you! You can’t escape from here Take her away! Whatever I do, I do well Whatever I do, I do well Doctor! Doctor! See–I have the money now Please treat my brother now I want to see him well
as soonaspossible Sorry, Aryan
I can do nothing You came too late Your brother has passed away Rahul! Get up! Get up! I came too late! I came late! Hello! Mohan! Your daughter Kirti is with me I have kidnapped her I have kidnapped her Kidnapped? Kidnapped my daughter? Good! Very good! Moron! How much did she pay you
to fake this kidnapping? This is her old trick to get me
to give her money This is her old trick to get me
to give her money It is getting too old! Tell my daughter to innovate! Idiot! Hello! This is Mohan Hey Mohan! People used to call you supercomputer You had a quick brain Your intellect allowed you to
win over my father’s heart Your intellect allowed you to
win over my father’s heart But the same intellect today
seems to have lost its power You can’t recognize me? Remember me– Whatever I do, I do wellSun“?You recognize me? I think you get the picture now Now that you remember… ,..l used to gamble
visit prostitutes, go to the casino ,..l used to gamble
visit prostitutes, go to the casino For those reasons, my father denied me my
inheritance and gave it all to your daughter and gave it all to your daughter Your daughter turns 20 years today I have kidnapped her to get my
inheritance back I have kidnapped her to get my
inheritance back Bring the property deeds and
come to my place Or, I will parcel your daughter
and deliver her to your home You tarnished my name lam cursed to call you son You are always intoxicated
and running after prostitutes I’d rather give my wealth to charity I don’t want to see your face Get out! Villain! Get out! Villain! I would rather send you– –to heaven! Whatever I do, I do well! Hello! Police! Whatever I do, I do well! Attention!
Don’t let the criminal escape! Handcuff him! My own son tried to kill me My own son tried to kill me But you saved me I don’t think I’ll live I’ve drawn up a will Please respect it Yes Lawyer, please read my will Lawyer, please read my will As written, I, Devjang’s grandson Bhupatijang’s son, Jainendra Basnet have drawn this will in all consciousness… Sunil! Don’t harm my daughter She is a piece of my heart I love her Now you see sense, huh? If you really love your daughter Come to my den within two hours with all the property deeds Otherwise-as you well know… Whatever I do, I do well! A parcel will arrive at your doorstep A parcel will arrive at your doorstep and it’ll contain your daughter’s corpse What happened, sir? What happened, sir? What happened! Si” Hospital! What happened to you! What happened? Arjun! See what’s happened to him! Looks like a heart attack!
Hurry up! Looks like a heart attack!
Hurry up!Arm.!Get the phone! Hold him! Hurry up! Hello! What? Are you still at work? What? Are you still at work? Bring the deeds to me immediately! Otherwise– Hello! Hello! Shit! Oh My God! Kirti has been kidnapped! Beat him up! You took a suitcase full of money Now you come to save the girl? I’ll get the medicine Don’t cry, my daughter! I can tolerate everything I can tolerate everything but I can’t watch you cry, daughter! I can’t! If I could have held your hand
when you were a child told you fairytales and sung
lullabies to get you to sleep… told you fairytales and sung
lullabies to get you to sleep… You lost your mother at birth You lost your mother at birth You wouldn’t have to wander,
searching for relatives With my dreams unrealized… With my dreams unrealized… …nor would I have to suffer
between life and death. I didn’t know how to
fulfill my duties I didn’t know how to
fulfill my duties I couldn’t show you what
our relationship means Forgive me, daughter! Daddy! Daddy! Did you call me daddy? Daughter! I have been desperate all my life
to hear you call me daddy! You have given me a lifetime’s
happiness by calling me daddy! I wish I could live another
hundred years with this happy moment But, daughter… Life runs away from me No, Daddy! You can’t orphan me now! Daughter! I am that unfortunate father who never gave his daughter
anything she wanted I can’t now, even if I want to No, daddy! You’ve given me everything Who says you don’t love me? Daddy, you love me a lot That’s why you suffered a stroke
when you heard about the kidnapping The kidnapping happened
because of me, daughter! I tried many times to tell you
about mypast,to erase the rancor between us.. I tried to come close to you But you always distanced yourself We’ve finally met, …but I am in this condition Wait, daughter! I’ll give you something This diary contains my past
and my present After you read this, you’ll
understand everything Keep n! Arjun! Come here! Sit here! Once I am gone… My daughter will be alone Justasyou saved her today
from a huge catastrophe I give you the responsibility to
protect Kirti through her life Nothing means more to me than
Kirti’s happiness If she remains happy, my soul… Daddy! Si” Daddy! Washing away your sins? What are you doing? Washing away your sins? Washing away your sins? Washing away your sins? If you want to, you have to do what I do Just like me…
want to see? Do you want to wash away your sins? Here, take this! Wash your sins So you need money, don’t you? Does money grow on trees.. …or does it grow in soil? That I’ll put it at your feet? If you want money,
you’ll have to work that too, work well! I am willing to do anything Just give me the money for
my brother’s surgery You’ll have to make a girl
fall in love with you… …and bring her here I need revenge from her father Who is this girl? Kirti Kirti? The same Kirti with whom you
robbed her father It is her 20th birthday today Will you take the job? I will! I’ll sell myself if that will
save my brother’s life Kirti! I needed one million for
my brother’s surgery So I betrayed your pure love But I couldn’t save him I sold my heart’s relation
to save a blood’s relation But I lost both lam leaving this city
to repent my sins Oh God! You loved me! You loved me so much! You cheater! Thief! I loved you just as much If you needed money for
your brother’s surgery, why didn’t you ask me? If you’d asked me I’d have given you my life Why didn’t you ask me? Aryan is my first love He is in my heart He couldn’t forget me,
so he left the city I can’t forget him either Arjun, take me to Aryan! Please, take me to him! A wanderer in love… He might have gone anywhere We must find where he is I will need some time for that Kirti! I found out where Aryan went What! You found him? Yes! Let me know!
Where did he go? He went to his village Oh my God! I want to meet him!
Now! Please! Take me immediately! Okay, go get ready first Okay–you get the car outI’llgo get ready! Thank you so much! Beat him up!Arm.!Hello! Boss! What did you say? You couldn’t get it done
with your entire gang? Go after them! If they’re hiding under water
find them, bring them to me! Boys! Come! Jump! Sunil! What’s up! Chakradhari! Are you well? Who can touch this jungle’s king? Tell me- how are you? My very expensive package
is in your area Her name is Kirti Thapa! Her bodyguard is with her Should I have them killed? What should I do? No! I need the girl alive You decide whatever else you
want to do Don’t worry, Chakrey!
I’ll pay you tomorrow Sunil! We’re old friends!
Let’s not talk money! Rest assured“ your work is done Kirti! Come!Arm.!Kirti!Arm.!Help me! Help me! Help me!OW.!Why are you sleeping? What will I do? Sleep, Miss! The fire is warm Sleep by the fire Disgusting! How can I sleep on this rock? I can’t sleep here I wouldn’t be able to sleep Sit up and talk Rest is dearer than the bed The fire is warm, you’ll fall asleep Just lie down and sleep On this rock? I won’t sleep on this rock And I am hungry too! I don’t care from where or what you
have to do for it, I want food! Aren’t you a cartload of trouble! Why won’t you shut up
for a minute? It is midnight in the jungle,
where will I find food? I am tired. I need to sleep. Sleep Miss, sleep! Goodnight!Arm.!Arjun, where are you?Arm.!Arm.!Where were you?
Why did you leave me alone? I’ll kill you! Didn’t you say you were hungry? I’ve brought food SitArm.!You’ve taken so much
trouble for me Here, take this You feed me I should feed you? My hand hurts I suppose” A poor man must be willing
to do anything for a living Here!Arm.!Arm.!No sudden moves Come with us! Hey! What? If you have the guts
untie my hands! Come on! What did you say? Subhash! I’ll fight him No Keshab! I’ll fight him! Go ahead! Put your weapons downArm.!Get up! Arjun, Get up! Arjun, come on! Get up! Ann”, Please!Arm.!Arm.!Get up! Come on! Where are you going? Stay here! Kirti! Come!Arm.!Arm.!Arm.!Help! Help! What’s wrong, Kanhaiya?
Why did you block the road? What are you saying? What did you say? Tomorrow? Temple? There is a festival at the
temple tomorrow? Of course, I will come! I’ll make a delivery to the city
and come early tomorrow I’m not staying in the city Wait! Wait! Take this money!
Buy offerings for the temple It is my village’s temple.
I love it too! Help! Stop! Kanhaiya! Where did you bring
these destitute from? What are you saying? We were stranded by the
river since last night What if something happens to him? Don’t worry! You are at God’s
home now… all will be well Take him to the rest house I will bring the doctor I’ve taken out the bullet The bullet isn’t poisonous Please hand me the milk Here He had bleed too much,
that’s why he is unconscious. If he can drink this medicine
he will be fine No cause to worry I will get him to drink it. Daughter, do not worry. Merciful God will help us all Kanhaiya! The girl must be hungry Give her some food She has been wet since yesterday Get her dry clothes You understand, don’t you? Go! Merciful God! God of infinite jest! We depend upon you! When he is conscious
please get him to drink it all Yes, doctor. 0k, I’m going. Kanhaiya! The boy is conscious! Arjun! Are you well? Kirti! Thank you! You’ve given me a new life Do you know something? What? We are in Aryan’s village! Kirti! Your father troubled me much And you too have troubled me. I will clear your accounts today Sin this paper! Bitch! Get her! Don’t let her go! Kill that bitch! Wait! Don’t kill her! Why not kill her? We still have to get out money Money! Money! Don’t kill her! Money! Money! Bring her here! Money! What’s wrong with your aim? Bring him down! Hey! Get her! Kriti! Aryan! I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry Thief! Scoundrel! How could you betray my
trust, leave me and come here? I wrote the truth and about
my desperation in the letter Yes, Aryan We learned about your
troubles from the letter Kirti knows that you had to
pay with your love to… raise money for your brother Aryan The duty to protect Kirti
is yours from todayArm.!We came together to this point But you leave without a goodbye It was my duty to bring you here I was only doing my duty Lies! You’re just telling lies. I know you love me! But you hide it by
calling it your duty Why? I know now how pure
true love can be… I loved for selfish gains How can a selfish man
like me protect true love? Hey, Arjun! You were doing your duty
so far, now do the loving It is your duty to protect
that true love now Give Kirti all the love
in the world!

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    Bcx, He seems as a real Army,
    Educated, Real man

  7. Hidi movi ma kati like aaaxa but hamro nepali move na like na cooment. Kina nepali move lie maya garnu. Hola plze. My best move.

  8. Hjaro fool bat ae mn wow kti ramro song n muvi pni atiramro aryn or rekha layi mn prne jta hajir grota

  9. yesto bakwas hiroine ko bakwas movie god plz yesto yesto hero hiroine chai plz ulti nai aauni jasto film ulti nai jasto hero hiroine

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