High heel roller skates?!

High heel roller skates?!

[Door Bell Ringing] [Marawa] Oh no, this is Kevin
just arriving home probably… [Music] 5-4-3-2 Let’s roll! This is how we roll,
this is how we roll, this is how we roll! Let’s roll [Cheering] Yeah! Wahoo! Yipee! Hey Planet Roller Skaters!
Indy Jamma Jones here and today I’m really excited because we are at Marawa’s house. [Indy] So good to see you!
[Marawa] Hi! I’m so excited to be here! Yeah! That was smooth! Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for having us! Thanks for coming over. Of course your house is absolutely amazing As I would expect. So you were in our hula hoop episode If you guys remember the how to skate and hula hoop. But you’ve been doing some really
exciting stuff lately. I really wanted to talk to you
about the book you’ve been working on. Yes! I strategically placed them over here. The book is about that
really awkward terrible thing that sort of happens to every girl at some point, sort of between the age of– I mean we’re saying 8 to 12 is the target audience of the
book but it’s all about when your body just completely freaks out and you’re like,
“What’s happening”? So it’s called ‘The Girl Guide.’ It’s called ‘The Girl Guide’ and it’s 50 lessons in learning to love your changing body. My thing was that I never had a book like this–
like this is the book I dreamed of having And because–partly because if you CAN get a book like this it’s just like, you know, a medical dictionary. It’s really small font, and it’s just like these wordy descriptions that go on forever Whereas I was like I want to make
something that I would want to read Which is made with pictures. I love the visuals, right? My favorite –I’ve only seen a little bit
that you’ve put online but– the balloons for the boobs. [Marawa] Yes! That is such a great analogy! Where can people get their own copy? I think the easiest is Amazon It’s out in the UK and in Australia already It comes out in the US on the
1st of May so– Yeah, yeah we’re having a party, you’ve gotta come. All the like major book shops have it
or you can just get it online. That’s the U.K. version or the
Australian version and then the U.S. version is actually going to look like
that. The planet roller skate audience is all over so I’m sure you guys will be excited to see this in so many different languages. [Indy] Spanish. [Marawa] But this one’s Swedish.
That might be Finnish. This is Russian. Yeah and this
Chinese coming soon as well. So we’ll link that in the caption where
you can pre-order your book. Harper Collins! Harper Collins U.S. Oh wow, awesome! I know, it’s so legit. Ah, yeah, that’s amazing. Great, well, I’m nervous and also very excited because today you’re going to
teach me how to high heel roller skate. She actually skates in these!
If you see people with the picture wearing them the chances are they’re just standing or
sitting down looking cute. I get the same questions–
all of the same concerns. So for all the concerned people it’s a lot of
concerned people like, “This is the worst idea! You need to take these off! You’re gonna break your ankles! This is terrible!” “Blah blah blah, you’re so stupid
why are you doing that?” I’m like, “I’m a showgirl at heart so
I love wearing high heels and I love wearing roller skates but I would
never do it for like, hours, I would do it for like, you know,
20 minutes here and there [Indy] A performance. [Marawa] Yeah, a performance.
And a performance is five minutes. You know I’m not throwing myself into it, like I stretched our warmup, I know I’ve got really strong ankles I look after my knees, I look after my hips I stretch after I’ve done it so I’m not… I’m okay! She is a trained professional! You had these made, right? Yes, and that’s the other thing people always like, “Where can I get them? Where can I get them? I went to your shop and I can’t get them!” I’m like, “No, they’re not there!” I get the shoes–like these shoes alone were about $1,600. Wooo! These are a really nice pair of heels. Yeah! Definitely Charolette Olympia
who’s like my favorite shoe designer, she makes beautiful shoes the shoes. The shoes are really expensive
and then to make the frames is like another whole process.
I have a woman she works at the Royal Opera House and making
props and she’s like an incredible prop maker so she like has to weld all this
stuff and get the titanium and like weld the pieces and like break–uh–
like get a pair of skates and break the skate frame down that re–
and it’s like all in it’s like a whole process. Plus as someone who’s like skated since I was two, like I know what fun skating feels like and I know what skating in high heels feels like and it’s like, yeah. It’s more for the– It’s for the shock, I’m dedicated to the cause,
like I love doing show. So have actually performed in these on stage? Oh yeah, loads of times. Loads of times. While hula hooping? Yep. Oh my gosh Sometimes in the air, too. At the Mexican wrestling show I
like skate and hoop and then they like lift me into the air and–
oh like once we did a Cinco de Mayo party and like was smashing a pinata and like skating–
I’ll send you the video. [Indy] I was about to say, can we get a clip of that? Alright cool, let’s try! Before I stand up, I think I need to practice walking in just heels first, because I’m much better on skates then I am in high heels, so step one. Also i’m gonna roll out ’cause look how fun this is. You can just…look, see? Get my shoes real fast. Are you ready? Yes! Okay, we’re gonna look at skates but I’m gonna make you look at my costumes too. Moving away. These are all head things. [Indy] Ohhh my gosh. All hand-beaded. [Indy] Whaaat? [Indy] Wooow! [Marawa] It’s magic. [Indy] Look at the detail. [Marawa] SO much detail! These ones stink so every time open it.
It like, smells like…smells like skates. And then these ones actually I really love too. These are a pair of Common Projects. [Indy] Oh wow, cute. And these were my Charolette Olympia wedding– she made me these for my wedding. [Indy] Fringe. [Marawa] Um, these are my lower pair because
I wanted to be able to skate all night. Almost twice as high. [Indy] Yeah. This is my favorite thing to do. This is my Carnival walking suit. [Indy] Ohhh my gosh. There’s like, it’s just got giant gems all over it. It’s like a lolly suit. I keep all my sneaky
shiny heels in here. Are we gonna get you some heels to practice in? [Indy] Yes. Would you like some really
beautiful clear, iridescent Vegas– That is exactly what I want! Because you’ve been in Vegas!
So this is a proper Vegas heel. So these are a good place to start. [Indy] Let’s do it! I’m very much a tomboy, so this is gonna be um– I wasn’t into heels either for a long time. Comfortable heels is number one. And then number two is you
can’t ever think about the heel. You’re just on your toes. Oh, you just think about like walking on your tip-toes. You’re always on your tip-toes. That’s how I do it. Because if you’re relying on your heel,
then you start seeing this. And then you see people walking like this. [Indy] Oh yeah! [Marawa] And I’m just like, “Oh God, get off your heels!” How do they fit? [Indy] Engage my core! Okay. [Marawa] Look how tall you are! So you’re on your toes. Bend your knees. Imagine you’re skating. It’s all balance, you want to be comfortable on one foot, comfortable on the other foot. Bend your knees. Alright. [Indy] Oh that was– Let me just do that. Oh wait. [Marawa] Don’t trust that foot, though. Trust it. Get your balance. Yep. Beautiful, there you go. Now go forwards. But just… …you can get an idea. And they’re quite–you can also feel they’re quite heavy. Yeah. [Marawa] Yeah. [Indy] Step one. [Marawa] Take it easy. Deep breath. Maybe even to start with
we could just stay close to the floor. and you can just push off. So you keep your weight forwards. On your toes. [Indy] Alright. [Marawa] Okay. [indy] Okay, okay, Not so scary. [Marawa] And then if you want to slowly,
gently kind of stand up… You’re much further away from the floor. [Indy’ Standin’ up. Here we go. Alright. Yeah. [Indy] I have to remember core. [Marawa] All core. Absolutely. Alright! I definitely need some practice before
I can make this look good. Oh yeah, that’s the one.
That’s all you need in the video, you know! Okay maybe I should just
focus on one thing at a time. I look so awkward from up here! This is the… [Camera Snap] [Camera Snap] Thank you guys so much for watching this
episode of Planet Roller Skate! Thank you for teaching me how to skate in high heels. Thanks for coming over! Yes, of course! A great time! And also you make awesome clothes like this shirt you’re wearing that you can get on HooperMarket.com And we’re gonna have some of these awesome made by Marawa tops up in the PlanetRollerSkate.Shop So go get yours right now.
Link is in the caption. And until next time… later skaters!

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    the book sounds great! is there a german version in planning??? it would be great…
    and wow im amazed how you rock these high heeled rolls
    i just couldnt…

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  3. Hi marawa, i found your book in finland at my local libery and i red it. IT WAS GREAT! I helped me a lot cuz im twelve and its hard it feeled that you understood me. So thank you.

  4. Overachiever 😝 But seriously those skates are GORGEOUS, with the sparkly wheels omg – to live for, this woman is great!

  5. The 290 that disliked are just jealous that they don't have high heel rollerskates and awesome friends like Amy and Marawa to try them out with

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