Hike Exit Glacier | The Alaska Life

Hike Exit Glacier | The Alaska Life

Alright so we’re driving along getting closer to the
glacier. we just see a date sign come by it’s said 1894 and that’s where over a
hundred years ago the glacier was standing so keep an eye out for those
dates on this drive to exit glacier! We just made it to the pass by the Visitor Center, look up some cool facts then hit the trail. So we just made it out here on the outwash plain here at the headwaters of
the exit glacier our goal is to make it to the very top which is a four mile
hike but before you go out on any Alaskan hike want to make sure that you
have good filtered water with you. Today we’re going to be using Sawyer’s squeeze
water filtration system get some Alaskan glacier fed water and get to hiking! Sawyer filtration products filter out the silt from the glacier and kill 99% of all
germs and bacteria so that way you can take good safe drinking water anywhere
you go! well guys this is the spot that we came
here to see we’re on top of the world you can see miles in every direction the
Harding Icefield and all of its splendor Hey big thanks to takes to Sawyer Products
for hooking us up with some awesome t-shirts and their water filtration system really
made this hike a breeze drinking some really good filtered water thanks a lot
for watching this video we’ll see you next time
on The Alaska Life

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  1. Great video coverage of Seward. Heading to Alaska in July with two back2back cruises and will spend a day in Seward. Won't be making it to Kenai though. ☹️ Last year, lived in Germany and was inspired by your Swiss Alps adventure to hike the mountain ranges in the Munich area and some bike adventures in Brandenburg. Thanks for making great content. Keep it up!

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