Hike This! Grouse Grind, Vancouver, BC

Hike This! Grouse Grind, Vancouver, BC

Hi I’m Kyla from tujawellness.com there’s something I’ve always want to try and when you’re in Vancouver you
absolutely have to hike this the Grouse Grind.
for the average hiker you can expect to finish the Grouse Grind in about an hour and 15 minutes, there
are those who run it all the time and finish it much quicker or there are those that need a lot more time I might die so I’ve made it to the quarter mark, pretty sweaty but I’ve gathered some great tips from the friendly people on the trail,
make sure to bring a ton of water wear some good foot wear and take your time, and keep going it’s not your typical trail, you’ve got lots of rocks big ones, small ones, tree trunks, man-made stuff you’ve got ropes to help you up along the way, and steps, and lots and lots of steps I’m dying half way baby, oh yeah even more there’s a ton of people on the
trail, from young to old, kids with backpacks and seniors and moms and dads it’s definitely worth it, you just gotta keep going just a little break at the three quarter mark
a girl’s gotta take a break you know just a little more water and I’m gone now back to the grind wow, it looks treacherous, it probably is it’s time to finish oh yeah alright we did it, we’re at the top, not done until you hit your chip though so I made it to the top this isn’t your typical nature serenity hike, it is a workout I need a shower, but first I’m going to enjoy my beer and the view

20 thoughts on “Hike This! Grouse Grind, Vancouver, BC

  1. It's been many years since I did the Grind.The challenge is worthwhile
    to anyone who hasn't climbed it.Keep up the good work.

  2. I did the grind today for my second time, 1h30min but I was hungover which slowed me down a lot! (I don't recommend a big night before). Last time was 1h5min. It's hard work but really fulfilling when you finally get to the top. 

  3. i guess my time would be much better if i wasnt lugging around a hiking backpack with 3 2 litre bottles, 6 bananas , granola bars and extra shirts and everyones wallets, car keys =p

  4. over rated tourist trap marketed for $$$ by the scheming scottish McLaughlin family that owns the mountain. They have raised by 400% fees on the mountain but have not improved facilities. What a joke. 

  5. The hike path was closed to public because of the snow when I visited 🙁 so cool to see a video of what it's like tho. Might have to try it if I can ever afford to go back. I hear locals run it in the morning before work, that is totally mental.

  6. This is my favorite summer time activity. Since 2001 I've hiked the grind once a week as long as the trails open

  7. The grind is addicting. The first time I did it I thought it was the toughest thing I’d ever done and never again. I’ve probably done it 500 times now.

  8. It takes lot of effort and work even if you run and go to gym regularly .Be prepared .Take breaks and don’t rush

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