Hiking ABOVE THE CLOUDS! (Helvellyn, England)

Good morning adventurers. We drove into the proper Lake District this morning into like the actual park area. We’re about to go on a little hike or it’s going to be kind of a big hike I think Is it gonna be like the biggest hike we’ve done? Ah – that’s a good question it’s going to be one of the biggest. We’ve got all of our provisions in out bag, we’re ready. It is very early and I’m not feeling very good but i think it was mostly because the road – the roads are so windy – up here was so dang windy but… we’re going to meet up with one of our viewers who reached out to us over Twitter. He actually lives around here and he’s done this hike a few times so he’s going to kind of be, be our guide, on our way up. hopefully we don’t disappoint him with our lack of hiking skills. Hi, Tim- Hi, Eric – pleased to me you Allison, good to meet you This hike has officially begun, by the way this is Tim and Camilla. Tim’s done this like five times, he thinks, he can’t remember he host count. So many. So he’s going to be our guide he’s already given us some a proper hiking tips so we don’t eat shit while we were hiking up this thing. might be freezing out here but I’m burning up because I wore way too many layers. Got properly stripped down. Feeling a lot better. It’s tough when you’re hiking cuz you, you know you’re cold and then you get moving and then you’re really hot and then you get real sweaty Matt’s having a hard time you guys This is a straight up vertical incline This boy might be turning back I don’t know Taking a quick pit stop to catch our breath Get a little timelapse of this beautiful scenery He’s a Cheetah – Tim is showing us how it’s done – He’s a sheep, he’s a mountain goat. Look at him go – This boy is in his element. Think Matt’s getting delirious you guys – he just random – yelling random obscenities. He’s cursing the rocks. Hey you go it, just take it nice and slow. Leave you? We’ll never leave man behind – okay We are rapidly losing visibility up here but we’re hoping, that when we get up there. We’re going to be able to peek through the clouds a bit Oh my God you guys we found snow! Aren’t you guys so excited? Let’s do this – Break it open in the middle – do a little digging This isn’t even really snow anymore is it? It’s a snow cone It tastes fresh Wow this is cool I’ve never felt this before Guys, this isn’t snow, I’ve felt walking through snow – this is like walking through an icy Let’s get out of here We are almost at the top but we’re gonna stop and have a little lunch before we get up there. Alright, banana me – banana-phone Hiking fuel y’all Back at it. This is the most hardcore part of this hike. People are slipping and sliding all over the place – Look what happens if you slip Yeah, don’t slip. Because you’re dead. It is so wet and foggy up here . My camera’s soaked. We’re literally in the middle of the cloud. This is crazy. How you doin’ Tal? This is crazy guys – I can’t feel – It’s cold and it’s wet. I feel like I’m in a shower. It looks like honestly we could die at any moment. I mean, look what I’m standing on. That’s it that’s all there is. Eric’s going for the Instagram. I don’t know if I approve. There’s the top. Check it out. Is that awesome or what? We’re literally above the clouds finally. It’s so coool! Dude, awesome. Guys we officially marked something off our bucket list. I’ve always wanted to have a view like this above the clouds. We hiked higher than the clouds – yeah – that’s insane. – Look at this! Would you just look at it. This is insane. Look at this. Oh my God a sci-fi movie. Don’t know if you guys can really tell? The light is making some like epic shadows on the top of these clouds. Can you see it? So we just did the summit and now we have to go down and apparently this is a path down. Tim maintains this is easier than anything you’ve done now. I don’t wanna go back into the darkness. Who’s rapping? Hiker Tim. Where? I’m in nature’s gym. I’m sprinting like a shadow who knows I’m running right behind him. My legacy odyssey allergy prophecies written heavenly bodies and berry juice every hiker that ever did bother to mess me telling them terribly horribly I’m a celebrity honestly I’m the last of the hiking kings. There’s no other I brother don’t cry for mother I’m hiker Tim known globally you’re nobody at all. What just happened? – Hiker Tim just dropped the mic y’all. Boom! I’m honestly a changed man after that. -I am baffled. I am baffled at what just happened. We’re about to get all mountain goat up in here. This is where you don’t want to fall because you die. This is actually a pretty comfortable way of walking. You just kind of let your body do what it wants to do. Guys I twisted my ankle. Bound to happen sooner or later and i broke my microphone too but i promise i can fix it – poor little guy – Hey buddy. What’s your name? We’ve made it back to civilization. Or at least to a concrete footpath. Sheep wars! Look! Even more are coming. These two sheep are fighting and now all the other ones are running over there to get in on the action. The secret world of sheep, man. What the hell are they doing? You guys we just got home and there’s a huge spider in this living room so I’ve kicked the boys out so I could try to kill him but check him out. Oh look he’s moving. Oh you little jerk. – where is he? – Oh man he’s… he’s going for it That hike really took it out of me guys I’m like… jello legs. I’m ready to crash Yeah we, we looked it up and ended up hiking eight miles today – Yeah we did not plan on that. We should… well we should have done our research ahead of time but we didn’t. But! That’s probably for the best cuz maybe we would have gotten scared and turned around. But we finished it. – It was an amazing adventure – it was amazing – but now we’re going to call it a night. 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