So a few weeks ago. I went to this retreat slash camping as a staff member what our jobs basically were was to watch over the [kids] and make sure they don’t run off anywhere and to make sure they’re Participating in the activities like they’re [supposed] to you know just to get their money’s worth Sometimes these kids tried to hide in their rooms and stuff, but they never really 100% get away, well damn I’m making it sound like a prison. To be fair, the food they served there was pretty close to one. I mean seriously who serves spaghetti with ketchup and water Fucking disgusting, the price of a bottle of a ketchup is pretty close to the one of a pasta sauce, no? Jesus Christ(io) Not to mention the broken toilets and the constantly cold showers and also the mass amount of poison ivy that hasn’t even bothered to be cut despite there being so many kids running around there. Prison. Or just first world problems am I right? Anyways the first day was fine. Just fine. The second night though I realized a bunch of kids sneaked out into the hills at 1:00 a.m. I went to check it out for myself it was quite as hell. And I thought, nope! I’m going back. This is your problem now kids! The thing is I realized they lied to me You know I loved sneaking out myself, and if I wasn’t a staff, I would have definitely done it, too So I did. Third night was the last night. [I] decided to go with [a] group of a few guys since they did want to go. The girls seem to already be asleep or Doing their own thing so I left them alone. The guys I went with I’ll call them Blubs, Eggnog jeans Cheesesteak and cap kid basically I myself was going against the rules this time.. but it was the last night and I decided to be a rebel. So it was 2:00 a.m. We went to the hills to see the stars, but that night was foggier than usual.. So you couldn’t see anything plus the ground was squishy and wet. At that time Blubs and I felt like someone was watching us But the others of course just called us out. On being paranoid It was pretty disappointing so far But we didn’t want to just go back with nothing. So we thought of hiking at this time around with our flashlights We remember that there were deers, bears and poison ivy everywhere, and we thought twice about it I wasn’t about to let these guys get mauled in the middle of the night for me agreeing to make this decision so we just decided to look around the range of the hills But after a while of doing that we realized we may have stepped on poison ivy. While talking I knew I saw two figures Right on top of the hill. The first thing I thought was How are they seeing their way through without flashlights? I pointed out that I could vagely see two figures and immediately after that CheeseSteak and Jeans called out to them. We did a strobe light effect just moving our flashlights around and they just walked faster. At that point it started becoming kind of suspicious. With no response Jeans ran toward them like a madman and hollered like a psychopath. YE-AH What the actual fuck is he doing? And no shit those two shadows moved much faster now We called out to him to stop and he did. He actually did it twice but came back both times Good thing. He decided to follow those two back to the center and the strange thing was.. they were now walking completely off path, it was pretty clear now that they were trying to run away from us. Though That could have been said earlier. And Eggnog decided to act as a spy followed them at a distance so he went ahead without us. He ended up circling the whole center three times. The absolute Madman. When he came back to us He said he suspected one girl, but wasn’t entirely sure about it And what do you know it was my roommate. She explained to me that she thought the counselors were chasing after her and her friend And just thought they had to get away from us as soon as possible. Especially since they heard a girls voice the only part that freaked her out when I told her my side of the story is how, Eggnog bothered to even follow three times around the whole retreat center My other roommate assured her that he was a weird kid since birth who always wanted to be right about everything [and] that’s about it, moral of this experience. None. I just wanted to tell you guys a very anti-climatic story, which I hope you guys enjoyed anyways Thanks for watching!

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  1. Wait wait wait . Tabbes lives in the east side I think and I live in the east too. But there are 3 days on camp here and we something named green kill which lasts for three days. Does tabbes live New York or something .

  2. In the Philippines you have cold water since it is sssooooo hot everywhere and you need to shower with. COLD water all the time!

  3. Yep, this is why I don't do summer camps, because I am a very shy and quiet girl, who would rather be by herself, and if the camp counselor where to notice me sitting at a table by myself, with my nose in a book, and walks up to me, and asks me why I'm not with other people, I would explain that I'm just shy, and I don't talk much, because it drains my energy, and I prefer solitude, and the reason why I have my nose in a book would be, because reading is one of my hobbies, and I love to read, and I would also say that I'm an introvert. *gets shy and blushes*😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  4. James Charles: press’s this video
    Tabbes: so I snuck into the hills
    James Charles: spill the tea SISITER

  5. so are most people unable to see at 2:00 am because I sure as hell can although I know that I have good night vision

  6. Why does this remind me of that one episode of spongebob,were they think they kill the health inspector. So,they have to go bury them

  7. My little sister watches a show about a camp like this, she’s watching with me, (this vid) and said “IS THIS WHERE THEY GOT THE BUNKED IDEA FROM.!?”
    and I said “ TF HELL NAW”

  8. James' hollering got me rolling with laughter. I swear I love all of tabbes vids. So Entertaining and hilarious.

  9. when I went to camp me and other girls raided the boys cabins and wake them up!! I even went inside!!

  10. I like how she talks deep because I am deep also try and read this” 697 @43 5)3 /3#5 69757/34 3=34 “ if you can read that your a god

  11. You’re the type of person I’d hang out with and it just makes me love your content more. You’re funny and your stories are hilarious. If I could I would subscribe more than once.

  12. Is there a problem with kechup and spagetti and a glass of water beside you? Am i weird just want to know because i see a lot of ppl saying that spagetti and kechup is disgusting… I just reallly want to know. No hate…

  13. I went to summer camp my cabin was filled with wusses if you went to the bathroom at night you weren't spoused to you would get told on

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