Hiking & Climbing Approach Shoes by Black Diamond Review | Outside

Hiking & Climbing Approach Shoes by Black Diamond Review | Outside

– Hey everyone, Ariella
here, curator with Outside. Today we had an office
visit from Black Diamond, they’re launching a new
line of approach shoes, four of them, and we
have Kolin Powick here. He’s the climbing category
director from Black Diamond. He’s going to walk us through the line. Thanks for being here. – Thanks for having me. – So for starters, can you tell me a little bit about why Black Diamond decided to launch approach shoes. – Yeah, well, just like
anything that we do, we always want to try to take something that’s out there and create
something totally new and try to improve on it. And we all wear approach shoes, almost everybody wears approach shoes, most climbers wear approach shoes. And we felt like there
was a hole in the market for the particular features of approach shoes that we actually wanted. That’s kind of the fundamental reason why we decided to get into this. It’s also, obviously, a fairly obvious extension from our rock shoe line. You need approach shoes in
order to approach the climbs, we try to make everything
the climber needs in order to get up these things, so approach shoes just made sense. – Awesome, and so what sets this line of approach shoes apart from everything else that’s on the market? – Well, we’ve got some
pretty cool tech features. We really broken the line into
kind of two different worlds. We have a technical performance world, which is more of your
traditional approach shoe, approaching climbs, techmical features, technical climbing needed in these shoes. And then we have what we’re
calling our performance lifestyle models, which are your wear around the office, go to the coffee shop, go bouldering, gym, that kind of stuff. And within these, there’s
different features that set them apart and different features that set them apart from
what’s on the market already. – Awesome, so can you tell me a little bit about that these shoes are named, and what each of them
are going to be used for? – Sure. So, on the
technical performance side, we have two models. This is called The Technician. It’s really designed, I like to think, for less walking and more climbing. It’s obviously not a climbing shoe, but it’s designed with
a lower volume toe box, and it’s a precision fit. So, you’re actually
climbing some rock in this. It’s still very comfortable
for approaching these climbs, but you can actually climb in this shoe. This is called the Mission
LT, LT meaning light. It’s a very lightweight shoe, and it’s kind of more
walking, less climbing. So, it’s way softer than
most typical approaches out there, it’s very comfortable. We kind of think of this
as a speed approach shoe. So, If you have a light little pack, and you’re blasting it with some climbing, this is kind of the shoe
you want to wear for that. – Awesome, and there’s a cool
feature here with the laces, can you tell me a little bit about that? – Yeah, so these laces, the
construction of these shoes, the tying points of these
laces go all the way down to the strobel on
both of these shoes. So, when you tighten this shoe, it really encompasses your whole foot, and gives a really
form-fitting, precision fit, which is great for when
you’re climbing in this shoe. And then you can run this
one a little bit looser on your approach, and then
if you’re gonna climb, you can cinch it down, and you really get the full, like a 3D wrap. – Awesome. And then, is there any difference in what’s going on in the mid-sole of these two approach shoes? – Yeah. So, well these two approach shoes are very similar in the mid-sole, they have a EVA mid-sole, with a dual density cushion in there for more padding on the descent. This shoe has a skid plate, which provides a little extra protection during descents. The out-sole of this shoe
has this brake bar here, to help on descending
whereas this shoe doesn’t, it’s more flat, better for climbing. – And then with the lifestyle line, can you tell me a little bit about what different from these two? – Now these performance lifestyle shoes are designed exactly for that. They’re more of a lifestyle vibe. Wear to the gym, wear bouldering, wear to work, wear to the coffee shop. I wouldn’t think too many
people are going to be soloing 510 in these shoes, though you could. But it’s really different
family than this, that’s why broke them out. This one is called The Circuit, this one’s called The Session, and they each have a couple of different features
that differentiate them. This guy, The Session,
has this elastic heel. It’s really great for lazy people like me. It’s laced up, and you can just stretch it to put it on and off. It also can fold down if
you like, at the rock gym, if you’re gonna just slide your foot in, while you’re playing, pop your foot out, put your rock shoes on, do your
boulder problem or whatever. So, The Session and The
Circuit kind of bouldering sort of terms, as well,
that’s why we call them that. – And when can we expect to
see these shoes on shelves? – These will be late this fall, limited availability, and
then come January, global. – Awesome, well thanks
again for being here. – Thank you for having me. – Very exciting. – Thank you.

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  1. Ariella, I love you, but whatever anyone hikes in is always going to fill the role of “approach shoes.”

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