Hiking Corona Arch Trail Moab, Utah 2017

Hiking Corona Arch Trail Moab, Utah 2017

is a primitive Legos hey good morning guys and welcome back to the vlog today we’re still here in Moab Utah we’re gonna go hike Corona arch with our friends Mark and Amy yes that’s right we are here with everybody else in their grandma so for some of you guys that think that everywhere we go doesn’t have any people you’re going to see some people today how are you guys ready to go hiking yeah all right beginning of the trail we got some nice stairs cut into it easy climbing not really wheelchair accessible not wheelchairs what if you have a nice friends and they carry you on their back I made it up to the top here of the first landing oh hey you guys can see the river down there and all the other Park in we’re going to continue on this way here we’ve got the train crossing so to stop look listen don’t cross this is a train coming I think that’s pretty good advice made it into kind of a new area here on the trail here we can see everybody heading up through this little Canyon right there we’re going to be going up there in just a second thank you very much sure how are they you do thank you what’s building there sir carne huh a little like trail markers trail markers these people spill it all the time sons of korah is back on track train has changed again a little bit and we’re basically walking on a giant rock put some cactus and brush oh yeah open on Wade oh yeah but this should do look prickly pear maybe I think so don’t fall jewels fall down to your death down there it wouldn’t really be your death but it would hurt a little bit so they got this cable here you can hold on to if you need to all right we’re coming up to a new type of area we’ve been walking on rocks for a while now they look a lot like this we look at this here’s a carne forest did you know that these are the type of legos that Adam and Eve used to play with no when his kids used to build Legos like this yeah there’s a primitive Legos we found something that we want to share with you see this guy’s right here sir yep this is called what is this stuff key moment P so they say that you can make tea out of this or you can just chew it for energy let’s give it a juicer it’s pretty bitter scent is good it’s like bitter herbs of real bitterness but it’s kind of cool at um yeah it’s a little bit good yeah a little bit because it gives you energy supposably or it just makes you really thirsty out on the which I’m going to go ahead and grab some more though for the road for the trail oh I got plenty of energy here’s a better picture of those cool flowers on the cactus check that out hey sir is there going to be some one Instagram lady All Right see you guys be sure to check out the Instagram Sara’s gonna have some awesome pictures from this hike there’s the artsy one in the family yeah she’s our Instagram er get the good eye right there is where we’re going guys that’s Corona art can you see it I’ll zoom in on it for you there now you can see it for sure but it’s kind of hard to tell it’s an arch though we’ll go check it out a lot closer tend to go up with the safety cable this is kind of like a little mini Yellowstone heck dome but super mini and if you fall here it won’t be to your death all right here’s a pretty cool overhang you got a arch right there and then the arts were going to right there we’re almost there guys look at it right there so close and there’s quite a few people there hanging out in the sliver of shade that it provides there’s about 40 minutes look ya know and we weren’t going very fast either that’s true everybody made it here it is pretty huh everybody else rest in here you guys are climbing up the law alright guys that is Corona arch here in ammo at Utah we hope you have a really great day and keep smiling [Music]

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  2. notification squaaad πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ, selamat siang dari indonesia keluarga pak martin 😊😊

  3. ada 3 tempat eksotis di amerika yg paling sering di jadikan tempat casting untuk dokumenter netgeo wild & national geographic
    1. Yellowstone
    2. florida (tempat aligator hidup)
    3. Grand canyon colorado
    apa pak martin sudah pernah ke florida melihat aligator???

  4. Nice place but also dangerous… Wild animals like cougars and rattlesnakes live there, don't they?

  5. Hello Mr. Martin..
    I realy love to wacth this video because it is an interesting experiences for me. Actualy, Is Moab a place as in the Scripture / Bible text? Thank you for your kindly answer.

  6. How cool.. dumb question – is the only way up on the rope ladder? I am new to hiking so not sure how I would maneuver that!! Looks like you only get the best views if you climb that ladder!! πŸ™‚

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