Hiking Guadalupe Peak – the Highest Point in Texas – Guadalupe Mountains National Park (#2/419)

Hiking Guadalupe Peak – the Highest Point in Texas – Guadalupe Mountains National Park (#2/419)

Today we’re hiking the Guadalupe Peak
which is the highest peak in Texas. This was our second day hiking in Guadalupe Mountains National Park – park number two on our journey to visit them all.
At 8751ft Guadalupe peak is the
highest peak in Texas rising up 3029 feet above the surrounding area. So for the Bowl hike you can go over
there and over here and the trail goes all the way up here some switchbacks here
and then around on the ridge and other side back. Suddenly we are in a very different kind
of scenery. Just pine forests around instead of exposed cliff edge. We have
reached the halfway point in terms of elevation and distance to the peak. So
have a short break, have some water have some snacks, have a rest and continue on. Matt: For me being scared of heights crossing
this bridge was still a little nervy. It’s solid though so I just didn’t look
down and it was fine. We are here! Finally! Diana: This was a tough hike. Matt: That was. Diana: I’m glad we made it to the top. The summit is marked by
stainless steel pyramid installed by American Airlines in 1958 to commemorate
the 100th anniversary of the Pony Express Stagecoach Route of the
Butterfield Overland Mail service. This was before Guadalupe Mountains National
Park was established in 1972 Oh maybe it’s not a geocache. It’ just a register. Eh, how does it open? Pull up there. Welcome to the top of Texas! Guadalupe Peak 8751. Oh yeah, that’s just a record book. It’s not a geocache.
Okay, let’s log ourselves in. Yeah. We made it to the top but now we have to make it back down. Diana: So what’s motivating you to get down now? Matt: Right now there is a cup of tea in the trailer with my name on it and I’m going
there and I’m making that cup of tea and it will be amazing. Diana: And you said you
wouldn’t want to make it and then bring it up here for me? Matt: No, no. I think you
should also come back to the trailer and I will make you a cup of tea as well. Diana: But it’s like a half an hour or something. Matt: yep It’ll take me a lot longer than half an
hour to walk down there, make you a cup of tea
and bring you back up. Diana: Okay, fine! You can see our trailer! It’s that one. We finally did make it down from the Guadalupe Peak Trail. It took us 6 hours 43 minutes. It was 8.65 miles long and elevation was 2919 feet. We are definitely not in our greatest shape, so this was definitely a hard hike. One, that we started with 5,800 feet elevation with almost 3,000 feet elevation gain, and the terrain was super rocky. But I’m glad we did it. The views are beautiful and
we made it to the highest peak of Texas! Tks for watching and don’t forget to
subscribe if you haven’t done so already. In the following episodes will be doing
more hiking in the Guadalupe Mountains.

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  1. I love this one! The views are amazing and I love the google map at the end that shows your route! You guys rock

  2. Hikes Guadalupe Peak 4 months ago and discovered an exploration team working for big oil out of Midland, TX and Houston's Energy Corridor scouting for areas to drill for oil alongside the Guadalupe Peak trail!!!!! That team then came further up the trail and made a turn off to go towards the summit of El Capitan Peak!!!!!!!!

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