23 thoughts on “HIKING IN SLOVENIA – 1 month hiking in this amazing country

  1. Beautiful again… Pitty I only discovered your Project few days ago. I would have liked to join you for some days here in Switzerland or in Italy

  2. Caminante, no hay camino.
    Se hace camino al andár. ……
    Antonio Machado.
    Ánimo, desde un pequeño pueblo.
    Por el cuál, pasaisteis, en La Rioja.

  3. Very nice video , alot of unique shoots so thank you for it! I hope you enjoyed the stay, and come back one day !

  4. Small correction to your video description.
    You probably ment Krajinski park Rakov Škocjan (or. Rakov škocjan for short version) and not just krajinski park.
    Because we have a lot of krajinski park or if you translate Landscape parks.

    Love your video.

  5. This looked this a really positive trip and connecting with these beautiful people! Real wilderness amazing to see 👍🙏🙏 peace

  6. Fantastique j'y suis allé 8 fois et j'ai toujours l'impression d'arriver au paradis. Vraiment un beau pays. Encore merci pour ces belles images.

  7. I love Slovenia which is simply so beautiful. The people are so warm there. I wanted to do hiking but worried about my body.
    So touched when i see Paul and his determination.

  8. Hi from Slovenia. Thank you for this beautiful and inspiring video. We are really a small county, but with a big nature adventures. You are all welcome. Please feel free to question anything.

  9. The best presentation video of Slovenia. It can be seen that agencies and tourist organizations did not do it.

    Bravo Nill and Marie

  10. Thank you so much for sharing this BEAUTIFUL video- a GORGEOUS portrayal of my country Slovenia. I love your video more than other videos showing only Ljubljana and Bled. I love your passion for discovering hidden gems and your passion for hiking. I was so moved by this video I cried. Thank you. ♥️🥾♥️

  11. Dober dan, Zdravo

    This is beautiful "documentary"
    Vrlo lepo…

    Thank you/Merci/Hvala 🙏👍:)
    Miodrag/Michel Serbian/France

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