Hiking Mount Kosciuszko in a Blizzard | Backpacking Australia, Episode 2

ERIC: It just keeps coming down. Y’all can’t get over the fact that this is Australia Just met up with the crew from K7
adventures and we’re heading off to Thredbo and then we’re setting off into
the Snowy Mountains for our three-day expedition so should be really cool.
Everybody’s been talking about the weather, so that is definitely a primary concern but who knows.. it’s might be brutal might
be cold and windy and borderline hypothermic but you know it’ll it’s all
part of the fun of being in the mountains, you never know what you’re
gonna get. So we’re about to set off. So we just got to the lodge here at the base of Mount Kosciuszko, which is the highest point on the continent of Australia and
it’s coming down, so we were told to be prepared for some cold snowy weather. And here it is, it’s snowing, we’re down at the base and it’s already snowing so I
can only imagine what its gonna be like at the top. We’re gonna set out today
for day one of our mission here in Kosciusko
and we’ll be able to come back to some creature comforts tonight here at the
lodge but then tomorrow we go for a summit bid and probably some cold cold
wintery camping as well it’s funny the fact that it’s late spring here, it’s
not feeling so summer-y. So this is exactly what everyone
expected, certainly I expected, I knew that I was coming to a winter
destination when I was traveling to Australia… it’s actually the opposite. I was
not thinking that this was going to happen but pretty excited to be in a in
a blizzard, we’re going up to Kosciusko which you can’t really see right now
because it’s completely obscured in the clouds but that’s our mission and that
looks like for the next two or three days this is what it’s going to be like,
except for maybe stronger winds, so who knows. It’s gonna be fun maybe a little
bit of a harebrained adventure but hey, it’s the mountains out here. It’s not the easiest filming conditions
or I mean it seems, like, the water is just like the snows in your face and
just melting as we speak, not the easiest way to do it, look at this building up
here. So we’re trying to get out to this cabin here today. We’re having a good adventure as you can see the the
storm that we were told about is in fact the case, so it’s it’s a little
bit weird too a little bit hard to get to acclimated here just like yesterday I
was in Sydney and running around on the harbor with a t-shirt on and now we’re
in full-on whiteout blizzard so it’s been fascinating getting the talk with Richard, he’s an indigenous man here and getting some more of the
backstory and now walking with Mike here we’re gonna be going out to the cabin
and out for a good good day jaunt to get acclimated here in the Snowy
Mountains. So the Snowy Mountains are not super steep mountains but they’re really
beautiful. They’ve got these beautiful ravines and waterways and now we’re
getting into the gum trees or the snowy gums as I guess they’re called here, so
they’re really cool unique trees and you can’t really see Kosciusko, it’s all
obscured in the clouds right now. Well that’s the height at highest peak in
Australia that’s what we’re going tomorrow. We’re checking out these really
cool gum trees, it’s fascinating texture on them, really multicolored and the
weather’s been super interesting I’ve got icicles dangling off. This place is
pretty surprising, this is a fantastic tree. Well just looking straight up it’s
so beautiful So learning from Mike about all that’s
going on and then we’re gonna go warm up in an old cabin, get some hot tea later
that would be nice. Fascinating the way the ice is building up on the tree here. Yeah, so I made it to the Cascade Hut and it feels really damn good inside.
Basically we got a fire going, had some tea and crackers, biscuits as they’re
called here, and a perfect place to take refuge from the storm. We still have a
couple of miles to hike back to our Lodge tonight but this is awesome back
here so a beautiful day here amongst the gum trees… awesome Just made it back to the trailhead and
got off the Cascade Trail is so awesome so beautiful out there and now we’re
heading back to a lodge where we can get warm, start a roaring fire, dry off our clothes, eat a Thanksgiving meal and I’m super excited about that and then we’re
resetting because tomorrow, we’re likely going up to the top of Kosciuszko, the
highest point in Australia, and if we don’t do it tomorrow, we’re gonna camp
out and do it that’s following day so we’ll we will have to play it by
ear a little bit, but I’m super excited about summiting this mountain and
doing so this spectacular and kind of hairy weather.

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