Hiking, Skiing, and Speed Riding in the Italian Alps

Speed riding is a mix
of flying and skiing. The way I try
to practice speed riding is using the wing as little as possible to be able to ski in places
that otherwise I could not reach. The trilogy of the 4,000 meters
started last year. I took part in Red Bull X-Alps and for the first time I was
in the area of the Matterhorn, I was crossing Mont Blanc,
which was a turnpoint of the race. I was focused on what I was doing,
but it was difficult not to look around
and see these fascinating mountains. I started thinking that I would have loved
to do something there and that’s how it all began…
that day, flying. I decided not to use the ski lifts, because I wanted to do this on my own, I wanted to earn the mountain. The first problem on Monte Rosa
was caused by weather conditions, it was very windy, and the wind
was blowing from the wrong direction. Despite that, it was quite hard to give up once I was on the top,
ready to go. The second time I arrived
on Monte Rosa, it was perfect. I inflated the wing safely, then you drop on a wall
of 2,000 meters and more, which is very steep…
a mix of ice, snow and rocks. I don’t think
that many people have skied there. When I left Chamonix,
it was warm… it was nice then I started skiing. There were crevasses
before reaching the hut. The following morning we left,
heading for the summit on the Italian side, the south-west,
and it was getting cloudy. The dangerous thing was that
I would have been in the middle of the fog without seeing where I was going,
at more than 100 km/hour. I tried to go as fast as possible. It was a great descent,
certainly a very long one, with a long flight in the middle. There I had to operate
the controls of the wing to be able to land on another ridge where I made a few turns,
I managed to ski and enter in the part with seracs where I wanted to fly
among these ice towers. The Breithorn is
a very beautiful mountain. You can ski a lot on it,
if you have the right speed because you can connect nicely
the two big ledges that are there. I knew it could be done in one day,
and we did it in one day. When I do something,
I try to do it as I imagine to. But this does not mean
that I am always able to do it. That’s why I train a lot
and I do what I do, because I try
until I manage to do it as I want.

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