Hiking the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook AKA the Culver City Stairs

The Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook is a 58-acre park along Jefferson Blvd just southeast of Downtown Culver City. The area acts both as a preserve for native wildlife and a nice little pocket of hiking space for the surrounding communities. Perhaps what the overlook is most known for is this set of stairs. The main concrete stairway that shoots to the top features about 250 ft. of elevation gain in less than a fifth of a mile. And these steps are no joke. Once you get to the top you can descend via an about 1-mile switchback trail that zig-zags down and across the stairs you just came up on. Well as you can see even one time up the stairs got me kinda sweaty. but a lot of people will do maybe one or two loops. Come up the stairs, do the switchback on the way down, then rinse and repeat. It was a little foggy on our morning hike, but on a clear day you can enjoy views of the Los Angeles basin, the Santa Monica Mountains, the San Gabriels, and even as far south as Palos Verdes. The overlook features a visitor center where you can learn more about the local habitat, but keep in mind hours are limited and subject to change. Also, depending on the season, you may have ample opportunity to check out the native wildflowers. Street parking is available on Jefferson Blvd, but it tends to fill up fast, especially on the weekends. For Expo line riders remember you’re about a 20 minute walk from the Jefferson / La Cienega Metro Station. Oh, and remember, no dogs and no alcohol. The Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook is open daily from 8 a.m. to sunset. Alright guys, hope you enjoyed the video. As always if you want to check it out for yourself I will leave some information and links in the description below if you’re watching on YouTube. Otherwise, I’ll see you later. Take care!

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