Hiking the Romsdalseggen (the Romsdalen Ridge) | VISIT NORWAY

Hiking the Romsdalseggen (the Romsdalen Ridge) | VISIT NORWAY

The hike over Romsdalseggen
is magnificent with its stunning views
throughout the mountains. My name is Johannes,
and I work as a nature guide in Norway. In this video,
I will try to tell you what you need to know so you are prepared for your hike. The hike over Romsdalseggen
is approximately 10 kilometers long and lasts typically
between 5 to 8 hours. It starts by the parking lot
at Venjesdalen. This route is marked as challenging,
so you need to make sure that your body is up for it. Along the way you will bridge
approximately 1000 meters of elevation from start to the top. Please pay attention to the weather. Use sturdy hiking boots
for the best comfort possible for this challenging hike. Leave your jeans at home,
and use weather- and waterproof outer gear. It might be wise to bring
an extra pair of woollen socks just in case your feet get wet. Don’t forget to check out our packing list
for an optimal mountain experience. On the way down,
the road tends to be slippery – so it may be a good idea
to use poles for extra support. You might also consider
to join a guided tour. However, if you don’t hike with a guide, remember to stick to the marked path
and use a map. Although this is a challenging hike,
I promise you it will be worth it. The views at the top
are just stunning! Just listen to your body,
and remember: It ́s not a shame to turn around
and try to do the hike another day – if you get too tired. Have a safe hike!

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  1. I love this channel, it makes me want to go to Norway even more. I wish I could hook up with more like minded individuals

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