Hiking to Preikestolen (the Pulpit Rock) | VISIT NORWAY

Welcome to Preikestolen –
one of Norway ́s most famous attractions. My name is Johannes,
and I work as a nature guide in Norway. The hike up and down is 8 kilometers long –
and takes approximately 4 hours to complete. Along the way you will bridge an elevation gain
of approximately 500 meters. Be aware that some parts of the trail is a bit steep. The hike is of moderate difficulty. During summertime, the weather conditions
are usually good enough to hike. But remember:
even if the weather is nice at the parking lot, it may be rainy and windy at the top. In bad conditions,
please listen to the advise – given by the Preikestolen Foundation staff
at the parking lot. So what should you prepare before hiking Preikestolen? First of all: Don ́t start too late
– daylight is key. Remember to bring enough food and water
for your whole hike. Dress warm, use sturdy mountain boots –
and leave your sneakers and jeans at home. Remember to use wind and water proof clothes, and bring an extra set of dry clothes,
just in case you get wet. If you are uncertain about what to bring,
please check our packing list (video). Always check the weather forecast before going on a hike. It will likely will be cooler at the top than at the start. Weather conditions may change rapidly as well,
so make sure you have wind and water proof clothes available. You don’t have to walk Preikestolen with a guide,
but there are possibilities to join a guided tour. Have a safe hike!

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