Hiking to Rainbow Mountain Peru // Montaña de Colores

Why did I do this? So we just arrived at the base camp of
rainbow mountain, I guess is what you would call it. So we’re getting ready for
that hike, the ride, in let me just say this the ride in is kind of treacherous
but it’s amazing I mean it’s worth it doing this just for the ride end I would
love to hike that someday I’m not sure if you can if anybody knows if you can
hike into rainbow Mountain comment below it’s just amazing you start this hike up
I just want to offer a word of caution that you should not underestimate the
difficulty of this hike you’ll hide to an elevation of around 50 200 meters or
around 17,000 feet to put that in perspective Mount Whitney which is the
highest peak in the continental United States is at around 40 400 meters and
Everest base camp is actually at about 50 400 meters so rainbow mountain is
almost as high as ever space camp we felt the altitude almost immediately
so we’re about one minute into this hike and I’m already breathing heavy I don’t
know exactly how long it is because I’ve gotten different information some people
say 1.5 kilometers some people say 5 kilometers so I’m praying to the Incan
gods right now that it’s 1.5 kilometers because I’ve walked about 75 feet and
I’m breathing like I just ran a 10k even though I’m like walking about as slow as
you can walk what do you guys agree well there’s no question the scenery on this
hike is amazing what made this hike so wonderful was the amazing group of
people I got to experience it with famous Instagram star a bee pouch a Tavi
pouch on Instagram and on YouTube Sarah it’s also YouTube star she’s chronicling
her remote your journey we have the awesome cool psychotherapist Ally she
keeps us all from going insane if you’re worried about being able to do the
but you still want to go see rainbow mountain there is another option for
about 20 US dollars or 70 so leis you can pay for a horse ride to the base of
the mountain you’ll still have to hike from the base of the mountain to the
peak of the mountain but it’ll cut out most of the hike for you and you can
also get a horse ride back down the mountain this walk along the hike there
are these little rest areas that you can stop that there’s bathrooms yeah so sell
water and coca-cola if you really need a coke at 15,000 feet you can have a coke
at 15,000 feet I love rody die and what is it for to
see the mountain with more coals every time we are going to the highlands
very high places we do the a pajetta as a permission to get into these lands
because for us for the locals these lands are not old these lands belong to
the mountains they are like this security he got for the locals that’s
why every time when you will go to the highlands you will always see a pajetta
yeah we’re about three-quarters of the way up our guy says we’re almost there
uh-huh it’s a good workout for sure I figured I I think I’m in relatively good
shape but uh just walking this is testing my endurance the trail is
actually pretty easy I think it’s imposing altitude what you
think Eric’s about to post some radical mountain biking outside of Cusco so go
check out Eric’s Instagram for that content
so we’re getting ready to cross the snow line which starting to get colder up
here as we walk my friend Kai said here is the cold like Finland right here
Finland is colder theis is telling me I need to quit being such a baby
okay it’s probably really windy hopefully you can hear me on the
stairway up it’s actually a lot more crowded than I thought would be so that
kind of sucks but yeah I’m in a place becomes famous on Instagram that’s what
happens my guy just lied to me and told me is that the top I’m not that’s the
top one of my friends asked me to hike Kilimanjaro with him next year based on
this I’m not sure we’re headed to the top all right me and Eric visitor cop we’re
dying we’re gonna turn around are though sixty of the magnitude of this place
pretty freaking epic if you come if you come to Peru you must climb this it’s as
cool as the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu walk away from my name is Kevin and last year I quit my
job to travel the world full-time I make these videos every week so you are
inspired to work less and travel more please click here if you’d like to join
me for more travel adventures and inspiration

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