Hiking to Smolikas 2637 m, Greece

Hiking to Smolikas  2637 m, Greece

After a long drive on mountain roads, we finally arrived at a place belonging to the church There was a sign “Official Parking” and we parked the car here. We will set up a tent. We have dinner. Playing Greek music in the tavern And we eat a goulash [freeze-dried food]. I was lucky today, I got a double portion. And now I’ll tell you more in detail. This is the old church of 1784 This is a churchyard. And in the churchyard, perhaps for the first time in our life, put our tent Here is the process of inflating the mattress Tomorrow we go up there on this mountain But this is not this peak Our peak is much higher and is located much further Behind this mountain ridge with snow is Mt. Smolikas The second highest mountain in Greece Tomorrow we will climb to it I must say that it was only dark light turned on here And we will have a full backlight on our “church campsite” 7 o’clock. We are going to Mt. Smolikas We are leaving now on the marking of the track These mountains are called Pindos Eh? Pindos! It looks like Smolikas will be climbed in the clouds “The summer” is over We are wearing everything we have Gloves, hat .. And we will climp the last 500 m We still have a little more left I see the summit We are on top – on the second highest mountain in Greece 11-30 We have come up according to our plan It’s a bit cold, but OK Legs are wet The snow has passed a bit Tomorrow we go there to that area. So we drive – the stone fell on the road side detour It was necessary to rent a jeep. This car is low-power for mountain roads

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