Hiking White Pocket, Arizona

Hiking White Pocket, Arizona

Kristin: All righty. Good morning from pretty close to Lake Powell. It’s a surprise to me that Lake Powell is
close to Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon. I didn’t realize. As you can see, I’m just not a spatially aware
person. Anyway, I watched as two people got stuck
in the sand over here yesterday. I tried to help push them out, but we needed
someone to come tow them. So my only hope right now is that I can get
out of here without issue. Woohoo, let’s go hiking. [music] Hey guys, I’m here with Mike Henrie. And today we’re gonna go on a little adventure. Where are we going? Mike: We are going to a place called White
Pockets on the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, probably one of the still secret places that
we like to go that most people do not know about. So it’s a great spot. Kristin: Awesome. I’m really excited. All right, let’s go have an adventure. Mike: Sounds good to me. You gotta remember this was flat and it was
all an ocean bed. So all of this white, these white grid shapes
and everything you’re seeing were the top of the ocean bed, and the water drained outta
here. And then you know in the desert when it rains
really hard and then it gets hot and it cracks, that’s what they think happened here. Kristin: Super cool. Thanks to the rain yesterday we have some
puddles here to make this even more interesting than it would’ve been. Mike: Way more. Kristin: Wow, this is an awesome alternative
to the wave. Thanks for the idea. Mike: You’re welcome. Kristin: It’s great. I can see why you like it out here so much. Mike: Yeah, it’s a great spot. Kristin: Wow. Look where I am right now. So there’s some tadpoles in here in this little
puddle that just appears when it rains, but it’s what kind of frog? Mike: I don’t know the exact name, but they’re
a… Kristin: Some kinda frog. Mike: Some kinda frog. Kristin: And they can lay dormant for 15 years,
was it? Mike: Fifteen years. Kristin: Fifteen years if there’s no rain,
but today, well last night, they got lucky. The really cool thing about this, well there’s
a lotta cool things, but one of the really cool things is how big it is. I mean, there’s a lot to explore, a lot of
parts of this look completely different from the others. It has its own like mini waves in it. I like the bubble-like stuff. I don’t know what to call it. Mike: Yeah, so all of your pentagonal shapes
if you notice have the small pentagon shapes and then the bigger cracks almost form another
pentagon. So you’ve almost got a double-tier of those
shapes. Pretty cool sandstone formations. Kristin: Well, there’s nothing in the world
like this. I can say that without certainty, but I think
it’s true. And it just like…it goes on forever. This is the Grand Escalante…the Grand Staircase-Escalante
that we’re in? Mike: We’re on the Vermilion Cliffs National. Kristin: We’re on the Vermilion Cliffs right
now. I do this in every video, I never know where
I am or what it’s called. But just the colors and the way that the landscape
continues to change and just undulate on the way out there, it’s just otherworldly. How many times have you been here? Mike: Over 200. Kristin: Over 200 times. Mike: And I’ve probably taken 50 photos today
still. Kristin: Yeah. Well mostly, a lot of ’em were for me, but. Yeah, this is pretty special.

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  1. I don't want to sound like a jerk, but to give a fair criticism of your travel vid, I have to say you should do more research so that you can be more informed when you visit places, so you can give more information. I mean how in tthe heck do you not know where you're at? Do you never look at a map? Spatial awareness is not that hard anymore with the wealth of information available. It makes you sound dumb to not know where you are.

  2. Nice video, brought back fond memories of when I was there a few years ago. Check out my gallery of images of White Pocket. http://esartprints.com/deserts

  3. Drones are not permitted in this area.

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