HILARIOUS Horse Photoshoot Fail!! โœจ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜‚

– [Woman] We’re done running. (laughs) – [Missy] Oh my God! – Oh, yeah.
– Yeah. (Missy shrieks) ♪ The show of my life ♪ ♪ Let’s live it ♪ ♪ Live Forever ♪ (lively electronic music) – Ah, it’s hot. Hi, hot, hot, hot. Good morning, good morning, guys! Finn, what do you say? Say good morning! – Morning! – [Bryan] Morning! What
are you doing this morning? – This! – Whoa! Good morning, guys! While daddy was making
some tea this morning, Finn has been working on
his Hot Wheels tracks, huh? – Yeah! (Finn vocalizing) – [Bryan] That’s so cool! And you’ve got some horsey friends to help you out today, too? – Luna, Luna.
(dog yawns loudly) – [Bryan] Yeah, Luna. – Yeah. – [Bryan] Yeah. OK, you gonna get it
to go under the horses? – Yeah. – [Bryan] All right,
let’s see it, and, go! Whoo, you did it! Good job, dude. (laughs) That’s awesome. Oh, right on to Luna, right on to Luna who’s got the crazy
face right now. (laughs) – [Finn] Hey, down. (yelling) – I am a zombie without my
morning English breakfast tea, you guys.
(Finn yelling) Seriously, it’s like I
love it in the morning. I don’t like to drink
coffee in the morning, because it makes me have to
go to the bathroom. (laughs) So I like to drink tea. But let me know in the comments below, in the morning when you wake up, what do you like to drink? Do you like to drink tea,
hot chocolate, apple cider, coffee, green juice? – [Finn] Chocolate! – Let me know. – Chocolate. – [Bryan] What are you saying? – Chocolate. – [Bryan] Chocolate? – Yeah. – [Bryan] You like to drink
chocolate in the morning? – Yes. – Yeah, you crazy. You gonna do the track on Luna? Whoa! Good job! Ever since we did the
Hot Wheels city video, which I’m going to put
up on the corner here, Finn has been obsessed with
the Hot Wheels now, too, which I love. He drags the track all around the house, and he’s always trying
to get the car to go somewhere cool, huh? Let’s see. Whoa! Good job! So today’s actually gonna be a fun day because Missy’s doing a very
special photo shoot today with her horse, and speaking of horses, I wanted to give you guys
a little bit of update on my injuries. If you guys didn’t see the
vlog a couple days ago, I fell, slash, jumped off my horse as he was galloping full speed, and it was very scary, but I am fine, I am healing. I’m super, super sore still. My whole right side of my body. All my scratches and stuff
are healing up pretty nicely. So see, there’s that one, it’s doing good. And then these ones actually
are already looking better and feeling better, too. So, yeah, that was a scary
experience on the horse. I got back on the horse. I probably will still ride the horse, but it was definitely an experience. And I’m just glad I’m OK. I think there are moments where you feel lucky to
be alive in your life, and those things shape it, and that’s definitely how I feel, too. I should probably brush this
hair today, though, huh? It’s looking kind of like a bird’s nest. You see any eggs in
there, guys? (chuckles) Look at this set up Finn just did. Let’s see if it goes under, K? – [Finn] OK. – All right, launch it off, dude. Whoo! Look it skidded! That was so cool, buddy! All right. I am in our closet right now because Missy just texted me saying she needs her blue
dress and her burgundy dress for today’s shoot with her horse, and she really wants them to look nice. So I’m gonna through them
in the steamer for her. By the way, I’m really hoping that this is the burgundy dress
she was asking for. (laughs) This is the newest one she got. So I’m gonna just pop it right here. Pretty sure that’s the blue
dress she was talking about too. But, honestly, now that I
look back at her closet, she has another blue and
another burgundy dress. Um, OK, guys, can you feel me? All right, well I think it’s these two. So I have these ones here. I gotta check the drain
tank, which is empty. And the then this is the
water tank, which is full. So I’ve got those in there, shut it. This is like the coolest
thing ever, you guys. I love that this is in
my closet right now. We’re gonna do a refresh, heavy. It’s gonna take about an
hour and seven minutes. And hold that, and there it goes. I seriously love this thing. It’s like a little, mini steamer, like a little, mini dry
cleaner right in my closet. And when they designed my
closet, I was very specific. I was like, “I really want a steamer.” And it’s gotten us out of
a lot of tough situations when we have to go to
an event or something. And we need nice clothes
ironed out quickly or cleaned quickly. It definitely comes in handy. Hey, look who’s home from school! Hey, buddy! – Hi. – [Bryan] How was your day at school? – Good. – [Bryan] Good? What did you do? – I saw a fire truck today. – [Bryan] They brought
a fire truck to school? – Mm-hmm. – [Bryan] And what else happened? – We saw all the cool
stuff in the fire truck. – [Bryan] Whoa, they showed
you all the stuff they use? – Mm-hmm. – [Bryan] And who was there? – A lot of firemens. – [Bryan] A lot of fire guys
who work in the firehouse? – Yeah. – That is so cool! You had an awesome day
at school, didn’t you? – [Ollie] Mm-hmm. – So tell me, Ollie, were there any dogs? Did they have any dalmatians? – No, they didn’t bring any dogs. – [Bryan] Aww! Were you bummed? – Yeah.
– Yeah. So you got to meet a fireman and see what’s inside a fire truck? – Mm-hmm. – [Bryan] That’s so cool, dude. Well, Mama’s getting a photo
shoot done today with Nacho. You wanna go watch maybe? – No. – No? You wanna hang back? He’s like, “I just got back
from school, so I wanna chill.” – [Missy] Look what I just came home to. Are you guys cuddling? – We’re relaxing. – [Missy] You had a good
day at school? (laughs) Yes, I just got home. I’ve been getting beautified. I had my hair done, my nails, and then I ran in to see
if Bryan got my dresses in the steamer and I’m like, “I told you to put a burgundy
dress and my blue dress in. “Which ones did you put in?” Apparently, he put in a blue
dress that I’m not wearing. I’m like, “I’m not wearing that dress.” I meant this dress. I really like this one. I don’t know if I’m
gonna end up wearing it, ’cause it’s a little more
beachy than I was going for. But it’s so pretty. I’m not wearing that weird, blue one. – [Bryan] Go, go look at what’s in there. – All right, I’m gonna see. (high-pitched beeping) No, I am not wearing that blue dress. – [Bryan] Did I get the other one right? – Yeah, oh, wait, lemme double check. Actually, I didn’t look. Yep, that’s the right burgundy one. Not the right blue one, but it’s OK. I don’t know if I’m gonna
do the blue one anyways. I have another outfit option, and I don’t really need a million outfits. All right, keep steaming my
burgundy one at least. (laughs) All right, so this is outfit number one that I’m gonna wear as
I’m kind of riding out and getting to location. She might get a few pictures of me. Just in some shorts, this cute shirt, which kinda comes off the shoulder and also slides up to the side. (laughing) But actually doesn’t look
bad if it is up like that. And then I’ve got this cute,
little rose gold necklace. It’s kind of a chunky one. And hat, yeah, I definitely like this. I can do some with or without the hat, but I definitely need to
do my make up. (squeals) And I’m not very good at make up, so I’m actually gonna
have my friend Michelle, who did my hair today, do my make up, and kind of help me with my hair. – [Bryan] All right, we’re at the barn, and the horses are leaving
now to go to the trail where Brooke and I are going
to meet them to take photos. – Yes! – [Bryan] Billy’s like,
“Hey, you guys left me. “I wanna be in photos.” Look, he’s really trying
to get around you. Dude, he’s like, “I really
wanna go.” (laughing) Oh, hey, girls. (woman screeches)
– Woo hoo! – [Brooke] Who’s that
cute one in the front? – [Bryan] Oh, hey, cutie. – This is just how I always ride horses. (Bryan and Brooke laughing) – So I have got Brooke
and I to the location. I did my job. There’s the sun. It’s going down. We’re still waiting for a group of girls on horses to show up, and they have no way
to communicate with us ’cause there’s no service, so this is OK. (Brooke sighs heavily)
This is fine. You know that meme with all the fire? This is fine. (laughs) – I’m a little bit stressed out. There’s no–
– Where are they? – We have no idea. – We’re like in the middle
of nowhere right now. – And you can’t, we can’t
get a hold of anyone. – But look at this light. Oh, it’s beautiful. – You’re so positive. – [Bryan] I’m assuming she wanted to shoot under one of these trees. So she better get here
if she wants to do that. Oh, hey, guys. (laughter) – Nicholas.
– OK. – We couldn’t find you guys anywhere. (Bryan laughs) – [Bryan] Right, you ready? – Yeah. (pensive acoustic music) – Hey, Nacho. (laughs) Hey, dude. – [Missy] Be all day here. (Bryan laughs) (pensive acoustic music) – [Bryan] All right,
Nacho’s getting donned– – Oh, he looks so handsome!
– With some flowers. – Missy, look here.
– He says he’s gonna eat it! – [Bryan] You look so cute, babe. – [Missy] Don’t eat it, Nacho. – [Brooke] So I think we
should do some pictures of you without the floral crown on first because he seems interested. (pensive acoustic music with slide guitar) – [Bryan] You’re so pretty, babe. – [Brooke] I’m gonna get real close, OK? – [Bryan] Look at that flower crown, babe. – I really like this outfit. Brooke helped me pick it out. It’s actually probably one
– It’s so… that I think was in the video that we did. – [Bryan] It turned out good. – [Brooke] Yeah, it fits really well. We love that skirt! It’s so adorable. – [Bryan] Just be careful with that. Nacho might eat it right off your head. – I know, I gotta be really careful. – [Bryan] Perfect! – Missy, look down towards
your shoulder and don’t smile. Just right there, just really relax. Continue, and, Missy, eyes up at me. – [Bryan] Look a little bit. – [Brooke] That spot again, right there. That’s the light, that’s the light. We want that. – [Bryan] Perfect! – [Brooke] Whoop! (Bryan laughing) So, Missy, just keep
doing you and being ready. – [Bryan] (laughs) How is she bouncing on that horse right now? – I don’t know! (laughing) The same way she climbs a rock. – [Bryan] Yass, queen! (squealing) – [Male voice] Hold on tight. – [Bryan] Don’t fall back, babe. (pensive acoustic music) – Back by his neck. – [Bryan] Outfit change numero three. Looking good, baby.
– Hopefully. – [Bryan] Yeah, we are
fighting the sun right now. – [Brooke] Yeah, yeah, yes, 100%. – [Bryan] But Nacho is doing very good. Hi, buddy. – He’s doing great, huh? You’re better than my Nordstrom horses. (Bryan laughs) – [Bryan] Here’s your horse, my lady. – Thank you. (overlapping chatter) – [Brooke] Give him some
pets and loves like, yeah. (camera shutter clicking) – [Bryan] All right, we just wrapped. And look at Nacho’s mouth
is full of food. (laughs) (laughter) He’s so happy.
– He’s in a buffet. Stop it!
– He is so happy right now. (laughing) – He’s so cute. He was so good though because he’s like, “Sure, I’ll stand right here.” – [Bryan] And yeah, and eat all this. – Grab some of this and go. He’s happy. – You look great, babe.
– Thanks. – [Bryan] I think
they’re gonna be awesome. Good job, Nacho! We’re gonna let him eat this flower. – I don’t think he’ll eat it. – [Bryan] The flower
fell off the flower cart. He doesn’t want to eat it? – It smells too good. I don’t want it. (horse snorting) (Bryan laughing) OK, it’s done. – Check this out, you guys. Missy didn’t even put a saddle on. She’s wearing a bare back pad on Nacho. She rode all the way over
here on a bare back pad. And you’re gonna ride all the
way back on a bare back pad. – [Missy] I did. (people chattering softly) (camera shutter clicking) – Parallel to the body.
– Oh, OK, like flat? (Bryan laughing) – [Bryan] Sean’s on a horse. This is happening. – I’m on a horse.
– This is happening. – [Woman] We’re done running. – [Missy] Oh, my God! – Yeah!
– Oh, yeah. (Missy squeals) – [Bryan] Oh! Babe! – Oh!
– I’m OK. – [Bryan] Are you OK? – [Brooke] I think your bare
back pad’s a little loose. – [Woman] I think you need
to tighten it a little more. (Bryan laughing) – And now my hair’s out! – [Bryan] Your, Oh! She lost her weave! (cheering and laughing) – [Woman] She lost her hair! – [Bryan] She lost the hair! (laughs) You want me to take it, babe? – Ahh! Yeah, Here you go. (Bryan laughing) Screw this thing! – Her weave came out.
– You need to open it up. (Bryan screams) – [Bryan] Hey, babe, can you
not do that again, please? – Oh, I’m fine, guys. (Bryan laughing) Trust me, I’m a pro at falling off now. (Bryan laughs) – Huge thanks to Brooke
Allison photography for helping us do these shots. – Yeah, this was amazing.
– If you guys want to follow her Instagram, I’ll have it
linked below in the description, and I’m sure that she’ll
have lots of cute shots of Missy, my wife.
– Yeah and big shout out to Michelle for doing my hair. Of course, half of it’s out now, (Bryan laughing) and my make up!
– Yes! – And I’ll have her
Instagram linked down below. You can follow her and see
all of her beautiful pictures. – She looks gorgeous! – Thank you, Michelle and Brooke, for taking awesome pictures
and making me beautiful. (Missy laughs) – [Bryan] All right,
ride off into the sunset. – Off into the sunset, guys, let’s go! – Woo hoo!
– Bye! – [Bryan] Like, literally, she’s running off into
the sunset right now. We just got back from the shoot. (overlapping chatter) Salty decided to poo right here, and so look who’s cleaning it up. (laughs) – [Missy] Here, I’ll
just pick it up tomorrow. – [Bryan] You’re so funny, babe. Country girl, through and
through, right here, Brooke. – That’s a stinky one, Salty.
– Whoo-hoo! – All right, the shoot is
over, and that was so much fun. It was literally like my dream. The fact that I got to
do it with my horse, my baby, and it was just like, uh. It was so fun, and I was so excited about all the pictures, all the outfits. Yeah, we rode back just
in the nick of time. We missed the sun going down. It wasn’t like pitch dark,
so it was perfect timing. Funny story: I got back, and I was taking Nacho’s
flower necklace off, and I was kind of leaning down, and he jammed his head up, which made this bucket hit my face, and I have a huge, fat lip now. Look at this. Look at that… – [Bryan] That split it open. – Oh, yeah, it was instantly split, and its just like swelling. (sobs) But it’s OK (laughs). It’s not that big of a deal. It’s not that bad compared
to what can happen. (laughs) But, yeah, it was still such a fun time, and I’m just so thankful
to all my friends, like Maria for coming and helping. And Emma for coming and helping. And it was just such an awesome time. I hope you guys enjoyed this vlog. Make sure to give it a big thumbs up. If you love horses, give it a thumbs up, and let me know down in the comments what would be your dream photo shoot if you could do any photo
shoot that you would want. Anyways, we’ll see you
guys in our next video! Bye! (exciting electronic music)

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